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  1. Hillary

    Yum! Oh, how I adore chocolate. And hey, I know where you’re standing in that photo!

  2. Gabby @ the veggie nook

    I love that Alter Eco bar!

  3. Gary

    Loved the Kansas City devilwoman photo 🙂

  4. Lisa @ bakebikeblog

    ooooH I had that quinoa choc when in the States – was DELISH!

  5. Hotly Spiced

    I don’t think I’ve eaten much raw chocolate in my time. I do like the glossy look of the quinoa bar. I do eat quinoa but usually in salads – not in my chocolate. Would love to try this xx

  6. Camille

    Yay! I totally agree with you about that chocolate I sent you- not bad for raw chocolate, but as a friend of mine put it, “I think chocolate needs to be roasted.”. I’ve also had that quinoa one, and I live how it’s just like a nestle crunch bar, except all healthy and guilt-free, ’cause of the quinoa and the fair trade and stuff. 😉

    I also wanted to tell you that I bought that Trader Joe’s caramel and black salt bar, because I saw it on your blog, and I loved it, except for the part where the caramel oozed everywhere, making it a rather messy plane treat.

  7. JohannaGGG

    would that be a photo of the midnight crunch devil woman!!!

    chocolate sounds delicious – esp the midnight crunch – I think I have seen it for sale at oxfam

  8. Lorraine @ Not Quite Nigella

    So many combinations here-Christopher and Elbow and Quinoa and Knickers! Oh how you surprise me devilwoman! 😉

  9. Emma

    Ooh, you’ve visited Christopher Elbow. Ooh. Does that mean you’ve purchased some…. truffles? I know they’re not your thing, so maybe you stuck with the bars.

    Love the sound of the French raw chocolate, although do you think they could try and work ‘cru’ into the name in a few more places? That’d be great. Thanks.

    I would love a pair of quinoa knickers. Or knickers for my quinoa. Or DEVILWOMAN!

  10. Catherine

    Mmm, I love that quinoa crunch bar. Must go out and get some soon…

    (that photo is very cute)

  11. Catherine

    Love the devil woman shot. Also that Rrraw piece of information. So glad you are informing me about these delicious things. Craving for some now. Mmmm then grrrr

  12. Caitlin @ livelovenyc

    quinoa in chocolate? sounds bonkers!
    also, that first french bar is almost too pretty to eat 🙂

  13. Roscoe

    If you’re taste-testing Dark Chocolate Quinoa Midnight Crunch, does that make you a quinoa pig? A truly awful dad joke from the king of same…..

  14. M

    Have you tried Loving Earth’s Mylk Chocolate? Best raw vegan chocolate I have ever tasted (plus its local :))

  15. Heidi - Apples Under My Bed

    How many brands of chocolate are there in the world, Hannah? I feel you will know the answer. 17 billion? There is always a new block to discover, it seems. I’m amazed. I need to branch out of my lindt bubble.
    Heidi xo

  16. Kari @ bite-sized thoughts

    That quinoa chocolate is one of my favourites 🙂 I adore it. I love the whole brand actually and squealed when I discovered that they are now in a near-ish fancy supermarket in Perth instead of only the Oxfam shop, which is unhelpfully in the city centre.

    I love the look of the raw one too though!

  17. Heather @ Sweetly Raw

    Oh such deliciousness! I wish I could be a professional chocolate taster! haha. I’ve seen the Quinoa Choccie bar but never tried it – it sparked my interest… but always so many to try.

  18. Daisy@Nevertoosweet

    Ohhh raw chocolate? How does that work? I’ve never had it ~

    I’m finally on the quinoa band wagon and love the crunch it gives 🙂 YUM YUM YUM!

  19. Debi

    Sold. I want some of that Rrrraw!

  20. Louise

    The French may have made the best raw chocolate ever, but I don’t think I could go past all their delicious normal chocolate to try some raw. And really, reading between the lines here, I’m thinking, no, not for me. The quinoa one I would try. And Enjoy I think. One day I’ll get caught up on your travels. Glad that you’re having devilish fun.

  21. whisperinggums

    We found this chocolate – the Alter Eco Quinoa one I mean – in the Farrer IGA the other day so I bought it to take to yoga. Andy and I like it a lot. I was pretty sure you’d reviewed it here some time and so you have.