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  1. CheezyK

    Mmmm these definitely look scrumptious, and I love that your grandpa used that word! For some reason I now feel like making friands on the weekend … oooh and adding some white and dark choc chips … drat that the weekend is so far away.

    1. CheezyK

      Gah! ‘this definitely looks’, I can see it’s just one cake, really I can 🙂

  2. Sophie

    I agree with you completely – baking for the sheer hell of it is a necessity. That probably explains why I always end up with more cake than a human really needs.

    And I agree with your Grandpa too 🙂

  3. Erika - The Teenage Taste

    This cake looks delish, Hannah! I’ve never baked with almond meal before, but now I kinda want to!

  4. Lisa (bakebikeblog)

    looks pretty scrumptious to me too!

  5. Alayna @ Thyme Bombe

    Oh yes, the comfort of baking. The comfort of focusing on something practical, tangible, and measurable rather than the whirling world of worry. I’d be diabetic by now if I indulged in this distraction as often as I needed it.

  6. Mike

    You are so nice to your family Hannah. Your heart and soul deserve every respite you can dish up. Time well spent I reckon. Love reading your blog. 🙂

  7. Hotly Spiced

    Your poor old dog. How lovely that she was sold into a loving family who are taking the best care of her, even more so as she advances in years. I know how you feel! My two girls are nearly 13 and 11. Little Rosie, with the fractured pelvis, is the daughter of Ruby and I was the mid-wife when she was being born! It’s amazing how important these girls are to me so I can understand your love for your girl. This is a great looking cake. My mother is dairy-free and gluten-free and always on the look-out for great dessert recipes. I have emailed her your link. And I’m very much looking forward to making this myself xx

  8. Sarah

    I tasted a gluten free friend cake made with almond meal a couple of weeks ago and it was amazing. The texture and taste was way more exciting to me than ‘average’ cake. I’ve yet to bake one myself though but this may inspire me to do it:)

    Old dogs are beautiful. They are happy and full of a long and loved life.

  9. Lou

    I agree. baking is sometimes just NEEDED (oh and wanted, but more so needed) Cheaper than a shrink I say.

    Sounds lovely, almond meal is awesome in baked goods huh?

    I have the same problems as you, carpet cleaning wise, although the offender is usually a Misty. Man 🙂

  10. Kari @ bite-sized thoughts

    I can understand how this could take Best (home) Dessert of 2012 position 🙂 It sounds wonderful Hannah – but even more wonderful is that you got to make it. Those times of freedom in the kitchen are sometimes more important than anything. I’m sorry you reached the ‘necessity’ stage of baking but am glad that you did get the baking in! I hope you have some cake left to get you through the week xo

  11. Lexi

    I want that. Big cuddles for your doglet.x

  12. Choc Chip Uru

    Baking is the ultimate therapist without a doubt 😀
    This cake looks too super tasty!

    Choc Chip Uru

  13. Kath Lockett

    …I think I’ll make that for my daughter who is going through her stomach troubles again – possibly a flare up of the weird, antibiotic-resistant infection that saw her miss so much school last year.

    At the moment she’s not allowed to eat any dairy and is craving something sweet. I’ll have to substitute the raspberries for apples (she can eat apples with the peels removed) but I think it’ll cheer her up.

  14. Iron Chef Shellie

    mmmm what a delicious sounding combination! Perfect with a cuppa tea 🙂

  15. Gary

    Perfect for morning tea at work or afternoon tea on a weekend

  16. Catherine

    Gorgeous! I’m so huungreee. I think I am approaching Dragon Woman status

  17. Emma

    If only the kangaroos were still roo-ting about in the yard, they could have joined you and your dog for a spot of tea and some of this lovely cake.

    This looks really really good, Hannah. Am I only saying this because I haven’t had breakfast yet? I don’t think so. Butter’s my thing though, you know it is:)

    P.S. Working on the weekend is like a violation of nature. No wonder you needed to bake!

  18. Hannah

    Oh my, that is an adorable grandparent moment. Isn’t it incredible how a nod from them just makes life feel that little bit more amazing. One of the happiest moments of my life is when my grandfather walked out of a meeting that had been going for far too long, telling everyone there that he simply had to leave because I was visiting and I’d baked a port and Stilton pie for dinner. I was so stoked. So I reckon it’s not so much “good enough,” but bloody perfect 🙂

  19. Gmasydney

    Thanks for the recipe, Hannah, and, of course, for the cake which was scrumptious as Grandpa said. (PS You are also a great carpet cleaner – I would never have known.)

  20. Johanna GGG

    After my recent cake with almond meal and coconut I just know I would love this cake – so full of things I love. And food does feed us in so many ways – have you seen the marilyn keyes book saved by cake – I feel like that sometimes too.

  21. SarahKate (Mi Casa-Su Casa)

    Oh my good gracious, your grandfather sounds adorable / funny / kind. Lucky you. Not so lucky to be cleaning up after a dog, but that’s ok. Things happen and the ones we love (animal or human!) get messy sometimes. This cake sounds gorgeous.

  22. Rach

    Oh girl, that looks amazing! And I have some almond flour that I need to use up! 🙂

  23. Sig

    I have blueberries. And almond flour.

    Yep – I know what I’m doing this weekend.

  24. Margaret

    It’s exactly my type of cake, and I have all the ingredients at home.
    I appreciate the time and creativity you still put into your blog despite how busy you are. 🙂 xxxx

  25. Eleanor@eatinglikeahorse

    “There are times when baking is not only a pleasure but a necessity.”- I completely agree, and for the same reasons you state!
    I love that third paragraph, your writing’s always so beautiful, and the cake combines three of my favourite things, almonds, coconut and raspberries, so I think I could maybe be persuaded to try it… 🙂

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  27. Nic@diningwithastud

    Lol at the scribbled in a notebook. I do that all the time and then goget to bake it. Well done you for following through! Looks gorgeous Hannah

  28. Heidi - Apples Under My Bed

    hehe awe, grandma!! love this, the cake looks just gorgeous, Hannah! You’re swell.
    Heidi xo

  29. Errign

    Cake looks delicious and even better that you got to enjoy with your grandparents! My grandparents live an hour away, but I try to visit them on the regular to have dinner or help them out.

  30. Weekend Reading | Melbourne Maharani

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  31. Richa@HobbyandMore

    this cake looks deliciously gorgeous! almond and coconut! perfect!

  32. Hannah

    Totally digging that rich, moist crumb. It looks like the perfect thing for breakfast– I mean… Dessert. Of course.

  33. Whispering Gums

    I’ll be trying that one … Looks, well, scrumptious, and my sort of cake.

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  35. Karen

    I just had to tell you, that I have made this twice now, once for work as birthday cake and everyone loves it. Thank you so much.

  36. Linda

    Just made this for my gardener. She said it was amazing and so good she couldn’t stop eating it. Thanks for a great recipe!! I made mine in a 9 in. square pan that was lined in foil for easy removal. Beautiful with fresh raspberries from my own patch. Can’t beat that.

  37. Linda

    We are lucky in the Oregon area. We have berries from late spring to early fall. This is the first year I got such a harvest from my yard. I went out later to pick fresh blueberries to go with some fresh raspberries in another cake. Thanks for a great site for finding more recipes for my GF/DF People and fresh fruit for the season.

  38. Sanjana

    I’m not a baker, so please excuse if this question is a dumb one. Why should I grease the pan AND line it with baking paper?

  39. Sanjana

    As you can see, I’m noting down all the ingredients and steps carefully. I hope this turns out okay!

  40. Megan

    Wow! This cake is delicious, after eating this I feel the need for anything with wheat or dairy is officially gone : )

  41. Janet

    Just baked this – looks exactly like the picture; thanks for a terrific recipe. Can’t wait to taste it!

  42. BronwenMcCoy

    Your old dog might be helped by a trip to the vet. Ours is on hormone tablets to help the same problem:)

  43. Aimee

    Just wondering if there was anything else, such as oil, or another type of fat that can be substituted for the butter.

  44. Duncan

    I have made this three times now. Soooo good! And so easy. I just love this recipe. Especially nice with home grown raspberries.

  45. MJ

    Waaaaaaaaaaaay too much oil/butter! I made this and can hardly get it down for grease! 🙁

  46. Christie

    Thanks so much for this easy and tasty gluten-free recipe. Takes just like a ‘normal cake’! I just love baking and finding old, tested, hand-written recipes is just the best so I appreciate you sharing. I had the same problem with the buttery/moist taste and texture, then after checking the recipe realised in my excitement to make the cake that I had put 250g butter instead of 200g! I’m also fiddling with a new oven at the moment, so think the heat may have been a little high. As such, while lovely and golden and looking exactly like your picture, it may have needed a tad extra cooking on the inside. However, the cake was still gone in a couple of days! Thanks again

  47. Meriel

    Does it need a raising agent?

    MAny thanks, Meriel

  48. Terri

    OMG! This is so good! I have tried so many different GF and DF recipes and so far I disliked them all (I hate the powdery taste the GF flour gives). Never thought to use nuts. This is an amazing tasting cake. Light, fluffy and chewy at the edges. Perfect!
    Absolutely delicious, definetly does not need icing!
    Thanks for sharing =)

  49. Heidielka

    Just made this sans raspberries as a base for an iced vovo birthday cake. Looks, smells, and tastes amazing!

  50. Linda

    Making this one again while I have fresh raspberries available (yes, from my own little patch—going crazy at the moment with lots of raspberries!). I got such great reviews last year when I made it for two different groups for a GF/DF treat. I think anyone would love it regardless and I will have to try it with butter at least once to see how that is received (which I’ll bet will be good!). How can anything with almonds and fresh raspberries not be good. As soon as I saw I had lots of ripe raspberries this AM, I had to go pick a colander full and make that cake for a co-worker tonight. Simple but amazing recipe. Thanks again (2013 as well as 2012!!)

  51. debbie

    Hi, just wondering if this can be made into mini cakes and if so, what would the baking time be? I did it as a cake and it was a hit and was thinking of doing it as mini cakes for my son’s birthday party.

  52. Kate

    Hi, I just baked the cake. How much oil was I supposed to use in cup measurements. I used 3/4 cup coconut oil and that was way too much.


  53. Emma Harling

    Just this using 1/3 cup Natvia and a tablespoon raw honey. Tastes amazing!! Thank you!

  54. Jane Dodd

    Fantastic recipe….. Got it from a friend at work. I am having a quiet afternoon at home on a cold winters day in Melbourne, Australia. It was perfect!
    I found I did have to cook it for an extra 10-115 mins though.

  55. Tessa Rickard

    Just wondering if you could substitute Nuttalex with coconut oil instead? I don’t let my kids eat margarine and one of my son is dairy intolerant so sadly butter is a no go.

  56. EQ

    A friend emailed me your recipe about a year ago, and I’ve been making it ever since, and sharing it with friends who also make it regularly now! Many thanks, it’s truly delicious.

    I also make it as cupcakes for my children! Just cook for less time, about 35 minutes. They love them. I just wondered if adding cacao powder would work to turn it into a chocolate cake?? Thanks!

  57. Bernie

    I made this cake last week, went quick. My husband asked me to make it again already, that never happens. Thanks for the great recipe.

  58. Christie

    Hi! Just to provide a further update, I have now made this cake tons of times – it’s my stand-by cake loved by many. I have cut down the butter to 180g and the sugar to 3/4 cup and it tastes just as good. I also sprinkled flaked almonds on top last time I made it which made it look really pretty and festive. This cake is full-proof, you can do anything to it! I tried the nuttelex too once and it worked! Thanks again

  59. Nkechi Onyeabor

    Wow I love the look of this,so I decided to give it a try but for some unknown reason mine came out extremely hard,can anyone pls tell me what you think I may have done wrong pls advice will be much appreciated thank you guys.i even have a picture of it but I dnt think I can upload pictures here,or shall I say I dnt know how too.

  60. Katrina

    Has anyone worked out how many calories are in this cake? I have just made it but would like to know the nutritional side IV it.. Looks great and turned out just like the picture. Thanks for sharing

  61. Ruth

    Sweet divine mother of baking gods! This cake is just too good! The chewiness AND the moistness! Thank you so much for this! Yum, yum and yum!
    Love from Dublin, Ireland!

  62. Gary

    Hey Hannah, thanks for sharing this recipe. I made it as a birthday cake last week for a friend who has issues with gluten and dairy. Sensational success!

    I actually made a couple with slight variations in the recipes. Both were great but my favourite was your combo with a third less Nuttelex and triple the berries (half of these I worked into the mixture and half I dropped on the top as you did). Just thought I would share this in gratitude, and in case your grandfolk would like some variety in their diet.

  63. Elke

    This cake is unbelievable! And so easy. Thank you.

  64. Lorrie Hutton

    My daughter makes this cake for us all the time and it is always enjoyed. I now wish to make it for a friend who is also having problems with sugar and uses argave syrup instead. Would this work in this recipe. Has anyone else used sugar substitute?

  65. Emily Stevens

    This cake looks delicious! Do you think it’s best to make on the day or could I make it one day in advance? Thanks!

  66. Sarah

    I made this cake for a birthday at work & it was a HUGE success. I was pressed for time & needed to make it on the Sunday for the Tuesday & it was so easy & quick & absolutely delicious. I doubled everything ( tripled the raspberries!) & put it in a 25cm tin & it turned out perfectly. Thank you so much!

  67. Danielle Parker

    Hi Hannah

    I have also baked this cake twice, but I use oil instead – OMG amazing. I decorate with thin layers of white chocolate and more raspberries….such a great cake


    1. Terri Carlina

      How much oil did you put? Tia

      1. Lana Prince

        Yes I bake this recipe with 100 grams of(melted)coconut oil and halve the sugar. It’s brilliant.

  68. Terri Carlina

    Hi. Made this today and it was very yummy. But I have to say the butter content seems very high and therefore the cake came out quite greasy. Has anyone tried making this with only 100g of butter? Cheers

  69. Bernie

    i cook this cake with 100g of butter all the time. Works beautifully everytime.

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  71. Homesick No More - Hotly Spiced

    […] knew her other daughter was gluten-intolerant, I made some individual raspberry cakes as well from Hannah’s blog.  Annie was overjoyed and as a thank you, bought me a ticket to attend Gary’s book launch […]

  72. Vanessa

    Hi Hannah,
    I am having a birthday party for my daughter in a few days and a few of the guests are gluten intolerant. To make for easier serving (she’s turning 6), do you think the cake would work in muffin cases instead of as a whole cake (with a reduced cooking time of course)?
    I look forward to your reply.

  73. vanitha

    omg just made this with butter – tastes great for a gluten free cake. m always on the lookout for cake recipes that dont taste like cardboard.

  74. Lana Prince

    I made this cake yesterday but I changed a few things. It had way too much sugar and butter for us so I halved the sugar and I used 100grams of coconut oil instead of butter. I didn’t have fresh berries so I used tinned whole plumbs(seed removed). IT WAS BEAUTIFUL. very very moist. I took this cake to my friend’s place for afternoon tea and she said it was “to die for”. It was eaten before I could take a photo of it. I’ll bake another one tomorrow and post a pic 🙂

  75. Natalie

    Would this cake still work without coconut?

  76. Bronwyn Mills

    I made this cake for a work colleague who is gluten and lactose intolerant for her birthday. It was received with delight and the recipe then got circulated through the whole staff. I used fresh blueberries and teamed it with coconut milk yoghurt and it was delicious. Thanks so much for sharing this delightful recipe.

  77. Daniel

    Hi Hannah,my lovely, pregnant darling wife jokingly asked for a almond meal cake last night, so today I made one, she loves it and says the baby says thanks, so now I thank you for helping me get in the good books

  78. Daniel

    Hi Hannah,my lovely, pregnant darling wife jokingly asked for a almond meal cake last night, so today I made one, she loves it and says the baby says thanks, so now I thank you for helping me get in the good books

  79. Michelle

    This is the best recipe I have in my recipe file. Fantastic! I use 150g butter…

  80. Deidre

    Hi Hanna

    I made this cake yesterday as we had friends over. One needed gluten and dairy free and the other on FODMAP diet. Everyone, even the sceptical 16 year old teenager absolutely loved it! So easy and so delicious – thanks

  81. Aisha Hill

    My house smells incredible !!
    I’m currently attempting ur delicious recipe!
    Can’t wait to try this amazing looking cake!

  82. Emilie

    Ive started making this cake at the cafe i work at and ive made it at home twice sooo yummy!

  83. Michelle

    Hi Hannah,
    Not sure if you still check these comments, but thought I’d pose a question here in case. I have made this cake multiple times with universal success. On one occasion I even had to wrestle the bowl away from a friend who was this close to simply sailing into the batter with a spoon. 🙂 Thank you a hundred times over for sharing this recipe. The time has come, though, for me to make a modification.
    I’ve gone paleo of late and want to try and make this cake without refined sugar. What would you suggest as a substitute? Would coconut sugar be too coarse? And honey perhaps not coarse enough? 🙂 Maple syrup doesn’t seem right with this flavour combo somehow. Any suggestions you could share would be much appreciated.
    Thanks in advance and hope you’re well.

  84. Maria

    you are an incredible writer. I pictured and felt all your words. What an amazing talent you have. You are by far my favourite person to follow. Perhaps because I love my grandparents so much too, I could relate.

    Thank you for sharing your talent of word and (cooking) of course with us all. Amazing recipe too!

    Sending lots of love and wishes your way. xx

  85. Marie

    I melted the butter and poured it in slowly but the mixture curdled. Can you advise why this happened. The butter was not hot, just slowly melted.

  86. katie phillips

    I don’t understand why this is indexed as a dairy free recipe when the ingredients state eggs and butter???

  87. Rachel

    Hi Hannah

    This recipe is fantastic!! Thanks for sharing.
    I have made this cake numerous times and the only change I made to the recipe was I reduced the butter (as I saw this was done by many of the reviewers). This cake gets eaten so quickly that some people miss out!
    It’s probably the best gluten and dairy free cake I have ever tried and made.

    I really lenjoy reading your blog and hope to try many of your recipes in the near future.

    Thanks again 🙂