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  1. Alayna @ Thyme Bombe

    Jealous! Everything really does look very good and very authentic. I am also a Japanese pickle thief, they are so unusual and so yummy! And black sesame is my all time favorite dessert flavor and absolutely cannot be diminished by it’s phallic presentation.

    1. Chopinand @ ChopinandMysaucepan

      Dear Alayna,

      Speaking of phallic presentation, I had to make sure I wasn’t seeing the wrong thing when I first noticed your avatar 🙂

      1. Alayna @ Thyme Bombe

        Oh my…I have never seen it that way before but I surely will from now on. Been meaning to replace it anyway, now with some urgency though!

  2. Emma

    Hahahhah – phalluses (phalli??) for all ! ….errr. I would like to get my hands on an Assorted Tremendous Meal! ….ERRRR.

    Poor. sentence. placement.

    Even if you hate the photos, I know that this food is telling me it’s delicious. It still looks delicious. It’s Japanese, lands sakes alive, of course it’s delicious! Delicious delicious delicious. [This is where the ATM comment belongs]

    P.S. I always save my mushrooms for last:)

  3. Kath (My Funny Little Life)

    I seriously cannot express how much I love sashimi. Or shiitake mushrooms. Or Japanes flavors, overall. Mmmmmm.

    *But*, as you know, no dessert for me. May it be phallic or whatever.

  4. Amber Shea @Almost Vegan

    Yea. Definitely yea.

  5. Li

    To be honest, I haven’t been back to Iori since I saw you last time (and yay for honorable mention? :P). I think I need to invent an occasion so I can make Tim take me. Teehee…

    My favourite dish is the beef tataki for entree! Otherwise I’m fairly sure I tend to just get the sushi and sashimi platter, because I’m predictable like that 🙂 do you like Coo?

  6. Chopinand @ ChopinandMysaucepan

    Dear Hannah,

    Is that your dad, bro and you in that last photo?? Must have been a while ago. Phallic desserts are fine but it has to be enjoyed with the right company to get the most fun and laughter out of it 🙂

  7. Sig

    I woudn’t say no to a phallic dessert.

    In fact, I didn’t say no to drinking from a phallic straw on the weekend so I think I’d go there. No questions asked.

    I love Japanese food. Despite the photos, I think you have convinced me I need some Jap food in my life. Like NOW.

  8. Lisa @ Blithe Moments

    I love Iori, I was just complaining to S the other day that we haven’t had it in ages. I’ve also been meaning to try Iori’s sister restaurant Coo which is right next door, however I have discovered a new fav Japanese place. It is in Dickson right next to the big Italian place on the end of the main strip, just before the courtyard. Clearly I have no idea what it is called, and ordering there is always a challenge as English is most definitely the second language for everyone who works but by golly it is good.

    Oh and yes, give me a phallic dessert any day. I’ve never been able to look at a canoli the same way since my sister made some very inappropriate comments about them, but it hasn’t stopped me eating my favourite cream filled italian donuts!

  9. Margaret

    It was my mum’s birthday on Saturday! Happy day! 😛
    Perhaps I don’t have much of an imagination, but how else could the chef have arranged that dessert? I guess he could have stacked one ice-cream ball on top of the other, and stuck the wafer on top. I’d be concerned about the creation toppling over though. 😉

  10. Ashley

    As long as it was delicious….I wouldn’t say no!

    Gorgeous looking sashimi plate too. Omnomnom.

  11. Casey @ Insatiably Healthy

    Hahahaha you’re fabulous. I also think the dessert sound way more fun than the main course.
    Phalllic desserts? Considering the first thing that comes to mind is bananas foster. Sign me up 😀

  12. Kat

    Ahhhh my favourite! And you’ve reminded me that now mini-Kat has hatched, I can get back on the sushi train (though obviously not at sushi train itself).
    If you haven’t tried the Nasu Dengaku before you should! Or convince someone you’re with to order it, and steal a bit. It’s deep fried eggplant with miso-sesame sauce, so much more delicious than it sounds.

  13. leaf (the indolent cook)

    Lots of seafood love here, yum! Giggling at the dessert too, I’ve always found many Asian places to have questionable ice cream accompaniments but I don’t think I’ve had one so particularly formed…

  14. Nic@diningwithastud

    Lol YAY!! Sometimes you need a good giggle and Im immature like that 😉

  15. Lorraine @ Not Quite Nigella

    I’ll take one of everything please! Especially the ones that I would probably enjoy ordering out loud 😛 Did you manage to steal any pickles in the end?

  16. Catherine

    Oh phallic, oh yea ! Never been shy of a little foodie phallus draped over the plate. Ewww did I just write that?

    Gosh those soups look like very worthy characters also.

  17. Kari @ bite-sized thoughts

    Your last photo is brilliant 🙂

    I look to you, dear Hannah, for all manner of Japanese food instruction. You are proving your worth 😉

  18. Jenny @ Ichigo Shortcake

    The photos are not that bad!! At least it’s had me salivating 😀 Everything looks so tasty…it’s not good to entice me about this place since I don’t live in Canberra. 🙁 Wish I found out about it when I lived in Sydney!

  19. whisperinggums

    I like to consider myself a pretty adventurous eater but there there are certain places where I have my favourite dishes BUT different favourite dishes in different places so that’s OK I reckon! Great post Hannah.

  20. Fatbooo

    I must admit the dishes still looked (or sounded) appealing, poor or dark lighting conditions notwithstanding. I did not understand what u were thinking abt w the blk sesame dessert until much much later, lol slow me. 😀

  21. Kath Lockett

    All I can answer is: desserts, however rudely they are shaped, are always worth the embarrassment if they taste delicious.

  22. Lisa (bakebikeblog)

    oooh I havent been to Iori in years!

  23. Lou

    So I was cracking up at your ‘lactard’ comment, and hadn’t even read what you’d written about the dessert photo, and I was already thinking ‘ha, skinny penis and seedy black balls’ (!)

    There was a restaurant in Melbourne that served up a free dessert if it was your birthday… a deep fried banana and 2 scoops of deep fried ice cream…. it looked so realistic that they must have been doing it intentionally (?) Anyway, we would always suggest this restaurant to an unsuspecting male friend on their birthday and the proceed to make them eat deep fried cock and balls. Ha.

    I promise WHEN I make it to Canberra, I shall take YOU on a date to Iori…. Japanese is my all time FAV cuisine 🙂

  24. Sarah B @ Bake + Bike

    Haha as long as it tastes good, I don’t mind what suggestive formation it’s in!

    I would love to try “delightfully seared” mochi – what an odd description, but sounds tasty. Also black sesame ice cream is so good, and hard to find around these parts!

  25. Rach

    Mmm… it all looks tasty!

  26. hungryandfrozen

    “novelty factor”

    Tee to the HEE.

    Can’t believe there are “pre-blog” photos on here. Sometimes I look at photos of food I took before I started this blog and thought “what was I even doing with my life?” Hooray for the blogs.

    You more than ably reflect Iori’s deliciousness and kitsch adorableness, if I’m ever Perthing, I’ll be there for sure.

  27. Vien @ We Dare Food

    JAPANESE FOOD! 😀 makes me smile…
    I’d like to have that black sesame ice cream for breakfast now!!

  28. Heidi - Apples Under My Bed

    I say yay. At one of the many Vietnamese restaurants on victoria st, if you say it’s your birthday they bring out a penis shaped ice-cream cake. So yeah, I say YAY. I love that pic of your family 🙂 & the food looks so yummy! I love japanese, such a fun cuisine. SO different to what I grew up eating.
    Heidi xo

  29. Christine (Merf)

    I’m always so impressed with your food choices. I can’t imagine ever having the nerve to order a pot of oysters. I only ever eat oysters raw, and I can’t even imagine eating one in a soup?!?!!? But of course, reading this makes me want to.

  30. Libby

    This is not the only Japanese restaurant that plates ice cream with random wafer sticks – there is a Japanese restaurant in Hawthorn (can’t remember the name – Samurai something) that does exactly the same thing! Such weirdos!

  31. Johanna GGG

    I would go to that place just to read the menu! Fantastic! Though I also love the presentation – well maybe not the phallic one but now you have me puzzling over how to present it that is not phallic!

    BTW where is that last photo taken – looks like port arthur

  32. Tammy

    Well, not sure about the phallic desserts since I’m not much of a dessert person but the shitake, oyster soup now THAT is orgasmic.

  33. Daisy@Nevertoosweet

    I know how you feel! It’s so annoying when restaurants are badly lit lol i mean sure it creates a great atmosphere but so annoying for us bloggers to take half decent pictures hehe and I have a lot of pre-blog pictures that i’d like to use but am simply too embarrassed 😛

    This restaurant sure looks like a place Mr Bao would love to visit, he’s obsessed with Japanese food and it looks really authentic 🙂 But i think I’m more interested in the desserts especially the limited edition dessert platter SO exclusive 😀

  34. Hannah

    Haha, excellent question! I would have to say nay, in most cases, because if you’re with either parents or a first date, that could get kind of awkward…

  35. Hannah G

    oh my! I have always wanted to go to Iori, but in 6 years I never really made it. But this just confirms for me that I must go. Now that I’m on the permanent income bandwagon (as opposed to studying) again, I vote my next visit to Canberra coincides with an actual, face to face meeting of the Hannahs, in which we eat Japaenese food. Possibly here.

  36. Louise

    I’m always on the lookout for a restaurant recommendation- and particularly a Japanese restaurant recommendation. Sounds great. Particularly the sashimi. I remain decidedly in the not sure about black sesame and green tea column. I would love to try non-supermarket daifuku and mochi though.

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