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  1. Shannon

    Happy Holidays Hannah, can’t wait to see what you juice!

  2. Laura @ Sprint 2 the Table

    That heel click photo is awesome!

  3. Johanna GGG

    That heel click photo is even more hilarious than the vid. Sounds like a great christmas – it is so lovely to relax after a big meal.

    Just saw the above comment and was confused – I thought it a food processor but is it a juicer – I’ve never owned the latter so am not sure how they look.

  4. Kari @ bite-sized thoughts

    Teehee, whoever took that heel clicking photo did some magical photography capturing 😀

    It still sounds like a great day – in fact it is getting better and better – and whether that Breville box is a processor or a juicer (I thought it was the first, but Johanna above threw me!) I am delighted on your behalf and on mine, because I’m now looking forward to what you process / juice in 2012 😉

  5. Lou

    Love a good heel click, just love it.

    Nice mo too by the way, very fetching 😉

  6. Mike

    If you were a bloke Hannah (which thankfully you aren’t) you would be the life of any bachelor’s party.

  7. whisperinggums

    What I bought was a food processor … but, you know, it may have transmogrified into something else.

    It was indeed a lovely day in which everyone helped in a major way (cooking, moving furniture, clearing tables etc) to make it work so smoothly … though Boggle? I don’t remember no Boggle. I think Hannah’s dreaming (or had too much champagne)!

  8. Libby

    You? False and fickle? No way! I reckon you should throw that stupid fortune-telling fish away?

    So, shall we look forward to a recap of your New Years celebrations? :d

  9. Lorraine @ Not Quite Nigella

    Haha you captured the heel click! Perhaps that’s how you should end all of your posts for 2012! Something like:

    “Heel click,


    Ja? No?

  10. Catherine

    Fantastic heel click. I used to be quite good at them. Hope your twelve year old cousin doesn’t suffer in love and I’m quite jealous of your natter on the deck with your Mum! Best for you in 2012 Hannah!

  11. Tammy

    Ohhh, is that a breville juicer? My friend has that one and it is amazing – so easy to use and clean. Juice-envy!!!!!!

  12. Priyanka

    I am curious is that a juicer or a food processor? Cannot remember the last time I did the heel click..omg am I too old?! 🙂

  13. Amber Shea @Almost Vegan

    Heel click, eh? You’re just one pair of ruby slippers away from being in Kansas, darling. 😉

  14. Cristin

    So excited to find another Sondheim-loving food blogger! Into the Woods is one of my favorites, too … up there with Pacific Overtures and Company. I’m still working through Finishing The Hat. Happy 2012!

  15. Kath (My Funny Little Life)

    That’s the right attitude – just let the party go on! 😀

    Happy New Year to you and your family, Hannah!

  16. theresa

    Uh! Where do you get christmas crackers with mustaches inside?! I’ve only ever had them with shit jokes and paper crowns. I want a mustache!

    1. theresa

      Oh right, and: Happy New Year! Hope 2012 is beautiful for you and everyone you love 🙂

  17. Eleanor@eatinglikeahorse

    Hurrah for heel-clicking – a happy New Year heel-click is on its way to you! I hopw 2012 is a brilliant year full of nincompitude and blended (or is it juiced?) goodies 🙂

  18. Shannon (Healthiful Balance)

    Haha, loving your fake moustache and heel click! So awesome! 😀

  19. Emma

    Goodness, how could so many people be confused by a food processor? Scrolling through the comments, it was almost like watching a train wreck in progress:P

    I have long long long wanted a Tamagotchi. I never got one when young, and I’ve been waiting to make up for that for years. But alas, no one has bought me one. What a shocker.

    Your list of events and happenings is really precious – love the cat meowing of course:) My cat and I meow at each other every day, so I understand the desire for at least thirty minutes of inspired meowing.

  20. juniakk @ mis pensamientos

    i love breville! is that a blender or a juicer? i love getting giftcards and kitchenware for presents! 🙂 happy new year hannah! looking forward to more #chocolatelove posts from u!

  21. Lisa (bakebikeblog)

    Have I told you lately how awesome you are…well..because you are!! 🙂 Happy New Year my dear!

  22. Heidi - Apples Under My Bed

    I’m so jealous of your mixer!! What a fab present. & the jamming session sounds wonderful. I miss those 🙂 Love the festively coloured dress too. On purpose? Surely.
    Heidi xo

  23. Lisa @ Blithe Moments

    What an awesome day. And an awesome food processor. I received two different frying pans – I wonder what it says about our love of food?

    Brilliant heel click by the way. I attempted to do one at a similar time, however I now have a nice bruise on my knee to prove that I am not nearly coordinated enough to do such things.

  24. Louise

    An excellent day for sure. Kitchen gadgets are fun. I’m very intrigued at your pain d’epice truffles (I hope their post is coming soon). And somewhat astonished at such foresight in one so young. I had a similar sort of inspiration at Christmas time. I’ve got the ingredients in the cupboard, but haven’t got around to making them of course. Hopefully this week….. Just as a trial you know.