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  1. Lorraine @ Not Quite Nigella

    Hehe there is a lot I don’t remember (and thanks for having the faith in us but I may have to let you down here 😛 ).

  2. Christine (Merf)

    I can’t remember what it was I said I was going to do tonight, but I’m pretty sure it wasn’t spend the evening on the computer!

  3. Emma

    I don’t remember that Tesco always seemed to me a shop for old ladies pulling fold-up roll-y carts. But what I forgot to remember but then remembered that I’d forgot was that I was confusing ‘Tesco’ with some retailer in France of whom the name currently escapes me. What is the shop that plaid plastic tote-roll-ys are associated with?

    Am I crazy?

    I am forgetful.

    Oi. I found it. Tati!

    Tati. Not at all like Tesco, really. I had to google Montpellier, and then use the creeper view to move along the old bus line that I used to take, until I came across the store. You’re welcome for the most useless comment ever.

  4. Kari @ bite-sized thoughts

    Oh, this post has made me do some internal foot stamping of my own. I miss Tesco’s. I miss Sainsbury’s. I miss Marks and Spencer’s food hall. I definitely miss the Selfridge’s food hall. I even miss Waitrose, even though it is really too posh for me to shop at. At least this chocolate reassures me that the UK food world is still going strong 🙂 I’m glad you did find those photos and tasting notes!

  5. Three-Cookies

    Do you remember writing this post?
    I diagnose this situation as automatism – you buy, taste and review automatically/subconsciously. Maybe through advertisements or other methods the chocolate manufacturers have hypnotized you:)

  6. Lou

    I know that I’ve seen possibly ten billion films in my time, but I never remember that I’ve seen a film before, until I’m halfway through watching it for the second time, then I exclaim, ‘Oh! I’ve seen this _______ happens, and _____ dies and ______ live ____ ever after’ – ruining it for those who haven’t seen it. Fail.

    Yum sounding chocolate… I love nutty bits.

  7. Silvia

    I don’t remember reading many of the books I have in my bookshelf…. until I start to read them again, then after about the first third I do normally remember again… and then I finish it anway, because I want to be sure of the details.

  8. Winston

    LOL! I reaaaaaally like how you can remember exactly what you were thinking and doing at the time you were eating a food. I wish I could do that more too! More interesting to write about other than just food itself, methinks. Dad is a big kid when it comes to choco bars, will have to get this for him next time I’m in Tesco, wee! =D

  9. Emma

    I can’t remember why we were out of touch for so long, but I certainly CAN remember why it is that we were such good friends in the first place 🙂 i also remember wondering whether or not “Tesco’s Finest” was a sneaky way of chargin more for what used to be regular Tesco products…

    1. Emma

      that was a typo there by the way, not bogan slang for charging.

  10. Johanna GGG

    Blogging is all about helping us to remember – I sometimes look at blogging that i did years ago (scary that I have been blogging that long) and can barely remember making stuff – while other parts of the posts I remember so clearly – I find it frustrating when memories fade and you remember it so vaguely that sometimes it feels that you just remember how you felt when you remembered it rather than when you felt it! But I am glad you have at least remembered to blog about this chocolate – though it sounds like you need another taste to refresh your memories 🙂

  11. Laura @ Sprint 2 the Table

    This is awesome! I have the same problem sometimes… I blame old age. Alzheimer’s at 28. 🙂

  12. Ellie@fitforthesoul

    Hehe I love how you wrote this post, so clever!! And I can totally relate. While I have a grereeeeeeeeeeat memory with people, their names, where they live, etc., (and it’s creepy too) I cannot remember anything about what I watched in a movie, the scenes, the characters…Not even in Disney movies! lol 😛 ONCE in a while I’ll forget something like, what I did on so-and-so birthday.

    But as one commenter mentioned, blogging is a great way to remember stuff, so I’m so thankful for this! Btw, this sounds like a delicious chocolate! Do you share with others or are you able to finish absolutely everything by yourself? 🙂

  13. hungryandfrozen

    “What Can’t You Remember”? Ooh, that sounds like the title of a bestselling novel with several slightly mystical stories occurring in parallel over many time periods (including one in present-day and one in a medieval-esque setting) which all somehow intertwine at a crucial point.

    I actually have a brutally crisp memory for all kinds of things, especially those I’d like to forget – but it can be fun to be able to recount the outfit I wore to my first school dance in 1996, things like that, at the drop of a hat.

    Sounds like Tesco’s chocolate is a bit of alright – I love salted almonds more than I could ever love them plain, so putting them in chocolate makes total sense to me. And as always, I love your detailed notes on chocolate’s flavour, even when you don’t remember them!

  14. Andrew

    I don’t remember what the question was.

  15. Kate

    I literally have the worst memory ever, so I don’t remember anything! That’s one good thing about blogging- if I hadn’t blogged this year, I wouldn’t have remembered a thing I’ve done 🙂

  16. Mike

    Do you remember the first pyjama pool party you attended? And what you were wearing?

  17. Amy

    I know its a pretty common one but the other day I stood in the lift with the door closed for about 5 mins coz I had forgotten where I parked my car and then I just guessed a level.

  18. theresa

    Andy is (annoyingly) reading over my shoulder at the moment, and he saw your photo of the chocolate bar and read out loud “Caramelised Salted Onions”. I had to look twice before I registered that a chocolate bar with onions would probably not be so nice. In any case, not as crunchy.

  19. whisperinggums

    I’m devastated … you can’t remember what we gave you for your 11th birthday? That’s the last present we give you … and you can give that TV back !

  20. Vien @ We Dare Food

    HAHA love the way you ‘can’t remember’ eating and tasting the chocolate 😉
    I can’t remember what I was doing before reading your post!!

  21. Errign

    so much chocolatey deliciousness. I can’t remember birthday presents and driving directions, but I’m awesome with names, birthdays and songs.

  22. Lisa

    Mr BBB and I were only struggling yesterday to remember where we were 3 Christmas’ ago! WE cant remember at all!

  23. Louise

    So as a mother of a child who turned 11 yesterday, I could have saved myself a whole lot of maternal angst and not worried about what to get him for a present? (The discerning young man these days wishes for Dr Who cards specially bought from England, other Dr Who stuff, series 14 of the Simpsons, and a cheese tshirt). Glad the chocolate was nice if not memorable.

  24. Lisa @ Blithe Moments

    I have a pretty good memory but it is amazing what you forget. On the weekend I was doing some tidying and I came across my box of stuff from year 12. In it there was a letter I wrote to myself when school was over. I went on and on about how hot it was. How the heat had made exams awful and my car wouldn’t start etc, etc. I remember loads of that period, but I have no memory of this record breaking heat. Random isn’t it?

    That chocolate sounds good, but your failed memory of it makes me think that maybe my calories would be better spent elsewhere.

  25. Melanie @ Melanie Cooks

    This chocolate looks so fancy and gourmet! I’d love to have a bite!

  26. Eleanor@eatinglikeahorse

    I love that question! What can’t I remember, hmmm….!
    I can’t remember a lot to be honest; just getting myself to work with everything I need is a mission 🙂
    This chocolate looks right up my street – I love your tasting descriptions – as do the tuna croquettes in your last post – and cool that you got to do that interview, she sounds lovely!

  27. Catherine

    I almost can’t remember what I am supposed to be writing here. But forgetting. I am ashamed to say I’ve forgotten so many of my kid’s birthdays, I mean really. Okay they are big now and there are four of them and we moved around a lot, but I never really recorded much after a while and I have forgotten so much!!

  28. Ashley

    One thing I always bring up with Brad is that I can’t remember what we talked about when we met for our first coffee ever. Which really bothers me. Cause I do want to know what we talk about, because I still can’t figure out why we’re together sometimes. Haha!

    And CARAMELIZED SALTED almonds?! In Chocolate?! Sign me up please! 😀