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  1. Johanna GGG

    hope the funeral went well! No wonder you are feeling a bit low. Though it is good to see you are still full of laughter. Hope vicki didn’t just think you were trying to drown out her voice because she was talking too much 🙂

    As for cherry truffles – I love cherry (with plenty of coconut for me) but tried to buy sour dried cherries at the market yesterday – I asked for a taste before buying and they were sweet – when I protested I was told that no these are sour – so please tell me that when you say tart you actually mean that they taste that way rather than just being a label!

    1. Lexi

      Hi Johanna! Just thought I’d pipe in cause I got really tart dried sour cherries (with pips in) at the Vic a few months back. I think they’ve still got them – I can’t remember where the stall was, but I think the cherries were from Iran. Hope that helps!

  2. Emma

    Sour cola gummies or not, I bet you gave your grandmother a terrific farewell, and honored her memory fantasti(cami)cally. And I hope there was loads of love for that lady who lived such a full life:)

    Your tale makes me think of the Public Enemy but preferably Public Enemy& Anthrax song Bring the Noise. “Turn it up…… bring the noise [enter: police sirens, sirening]!” I know this isn’t the typical musical route that I discuss here, but I love it nonetheless.

  3. Eleanor@eatinglikeahorse

    I’m so glad I’m not the only one that’s done that! I also once got on my horse and reached down to turn the radio on – funnily enough, it wasn’t there… 🙂
    And if the word nincompoop is great, nincompitude is true genius, love it!
    Hope you’re ok after yesterday, although funerals are closure, you’re then just left at the simple “I miss her” place… really feel for you and hope you’re ok xx

  4. Alayna @ Thyme Bombe

    Oh yes, though I can’t think of an example, I know that I do silly things like that all the time. Well, at least your cherry date truffles have enough pizzaz for the both of you.

  5. Laura @ Sprint 2 the Table

    Sorry your pizzazz levels are low. Lots of hugs your way. 🙁

    Love the cherry truffles though – they look like perfect “uppers.”

  6. Camille

    I don’t know if you’ve ever watched the TV show Scrubs, but your mention of blood pizzazz levels made me think of the episode where a patient is brokenhearted over the recent passing of one of her loved ones. This leads to a brief fantasy sequence in which our protagonist imagines prescribing a box of kittens, stat. I mean, how can you not smile when faced with a box of kittens? So now, I am prescribing you a box of kittens. And chocolate and peanut butter, but you knew that already.

  7. Mike

    Ah Hannah – your blood’s worth bottling. Hope the tests go well for you. Take care.

  8. Melanie @ Melanie Cooks

    These truffles look great, and they are so easy to make!

  9. Leah

    These look scrumptious as always! I would love them with some dark choc bits thanks 😉

  10. Fiona

    Those are looking so simple but sooo yum

  11. Heidi - Apples Under My Bed

    Oh poor dear, I hope Friday was ok. Sending you loads of love and pizzazz. Sorry you’re feeling low on the pizzazz right now – totally expected. But you’re right, these babies are loaded with them and are bound to filter some through to you and your lovely heart. Hmmm have I done anything a bit silly lately…I’m sure of it, but can’t really recall off the top of my head. Nope, just stared our the window for a good 30 seconds trying to think of something. And then another 30 looking at my bookcase. Clearly I’m perfect 🙂 Or slightly dim. Lots of love.
    Heidi xo

  12. Winston

    Hi! Has anyone told you that you are the QUEEN of truffles?! Nice one! Haha…

  13. ck

    Hannah, where do you get the dried cherries from? The only ones I have found in the ‘berra cost a fortune for a tiny packet. These truffles look delicious and I would love to make them. I imagine the funeral, while very sad, was full of warmth and love. I wear my much loved Nanna’s ring (she was 96 when she died) and so every day I am reminded of her and I feel she is always with me. I seriously laughed at your radio efforts. At first I thought you meant you were turning up the volume to drown your friend out completely until it clicked what you were doing. Very funny. I think we all do whacky things like that – like holding your building access pass up to the button for the lift – which is extremely embarrassing if anyone happens to be watching! I hope your pizzazziness returns quickly. Warm wishes.

  14. Kari @ bite-sized thoughts

    Oh Hannah…many more hugs over to you and your family :/ I hope the funeral captured your memories and love for her and served as a celebration of the wonderful life I am sure she lived. These balls look like just the sort of food you should be inhaling to get those pizzazz levels back where they should be. I might suggest skipping the sour cola lollies though 😛

    (PS. I think I’ve been inadvertently following you around the blogosphere this afternoon 😛 I just commented on Lisa’s BBB and Johanna’s GGG blogs directly after you!)

  15. msihua

    You silly goose.. ahahahahahah.. actually that sounds like something that I may have done myself.. HEE HEE… GO ANGLE BABES!

  16. Lou

    mmm with cacao powder+ nibs it would be like a cherry ripe bar!

    wish my car radio volume would turn my partner’s blah blah blahhhhing down sometimes 🙂

    You make me laugh 🙂 Hang in there tiger, your Grandma will be so so proud of you x

  17. Lorraine @ Not Quite Nigella

    Oh darling Spay Lady my heart goes out to you -it is such a difficult time 🙁 xxx

    On the other hand, you remain adorable!

  18. Yasmeen @ Wandering Spice

    You kill me…. hilarious! You’re not alone though. In the world of nincompoops I promise you have an ally in me.

    Beautiful recipe, too. Looking for some good vegan treats to share with a colleague – I’m often baking stuff for the office and don’t want to leave her out. Talk about a pizzazz killer.

  19. Three-Cookies

    To hear your friend better you turned the volume up without connecting Vicky first to your audio system? I guess you just forgot, or you thought Vicky was bluetooth compatible:)

  20. Angela

    These look awesome and they’re totally the kind of thing I know I’ll make all the time once I try them. Bookmarked to try sometime in the next little while. Thanks!!

  21. Casey Lorraine

    Oh Hannah, I’m so sorry to hear about your grandmother. My thoughts and love are with you. I hope those yummy no bake treats gave you some joy in a hard hard time xoxo

  22. hungryandfrozen

    Your volume story is hilarious and yet quite logical. The brain does funny things when driving (well it does to me, I’m a fraidy cat behind the wheel.)

    Is there *nothing* that a combination of nuts and dried fruits can’t do? Love this new addition to your truffle portfolio so much that I’m tempted to throw caution to the wind one day, buy up in bulk on the aforementioned ingredients and then make Every. Single. Truffle. Recipe. You’ve. Ever. Blogged. Truffle Party! (note: this may never happen anywhere other than my mind.) Also there’s something about Cherry Date Truffle that makes it sound like the name of a cheeky but well-meaning fictional heroine from an early 50s novel about a girls’ boarding school. (Actually I think it’s just generally a good pseudonym, so if you’re ever checking into a hotel anonymously to hide from the paparazzi, remember this moment).

    Hope your pizzazz levels return to normal soon – however a low level is perfectly understandable given the circumstances.

  23. Lisa

    hmm kinda reminds me how I tried to start my car by pressing the door open buzzer.!!!!

  24. Richa@HobbyandMore

    super wow for the truffles.. i think i m gonna like mine with some ginger.. ginger and cinnamon.. theres nuthign that they cant make better!!
    of i;ve dont that too.. tried to reduce the volume of a heated argument between hubbs and a friend using the TV remote!:D
    Take care and have a good day!

  25. ASHLEA

    Oh I love little chewy treats like this. These look great. Have to try for sure!

  26. Lexi

    Glad to hear you got through the day, m’dear. You’re doing well to post at all, methinks. And sour cherries! YUm.x

  27. Lisa @ Blithe Moments

    I can always tell when I’m really tired because I get to the front door and try to unlock it with my car beeper. I’ve stood there “beeping” the door for ages before while trying to work out why it isn’t opening. As well as not opening, it of course means I need to go back and check the car to see if I have now inadvertently unlocked it.

    Hope your pizazz makes it way back to you soon, but in the meantime tasty treats do help.

  28. Kath (My Funny Little Life)


  29. Recipe: Decidedly Un-Roman Cherry, Date and Cacao Balls | Cate's Cates

    […] / cookie recipes which are really irresistible in this weather.  I looked at the ones made of dates and dried cherries and cashews and thought, I wonder what would happen if I used cacao beans instead of the […]

  30. Jordan Gray

    “It’s moments like these that remind me how happy I am to to have an arsenal of simple no-bake vegan treat recipes on hand, which can be whipped up at a moment’s notice to bring a little sweetness and pizzazz into life.”

    Meanwhile, those of us who don’t have you. 🙂 I’m planning to make these for a birthday gathering on a very rushed weekend, though I’m open to other recommendations if you have any!