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  1. Alayna @ Thyme Bombe

    That. Was. Awesome. The bubblegum ice cream kinda makes me wanna hurk though.

    When I see that empty room I get visions of you furiously writing throughout the night on your great masterpiece of a novel at that little desk. Then the camera pans inward and the viewer sees that you’ve just been writing “cookies cookies cookies cookies” for pages and pages. I think what I’m trying to say is that bubblegum ice cream might one go crazy….or do cartwheels….definitely one of those two things.

  2. Lisa (bakebikeblog)

    oh girl – you sure know how to make me smile!!! too funny 🙂

  3. Ricki

    You are just too funny! 😀

  4. Laura @ Sprint 2 the Table

    LOL! I literally did laughed out loud. There is something about open spaces that demands cartwheels.

  5. Errign

    Love this post, minus the bubblegum ice cream. Last giggle fit? I had a few small ones with my mum this weekend!

  6. whisperinggums

    I see you’ve been playing with your pile of DVDs … I guess that urge to reorganise ones interior just never goes away even when there’s almost nothing to reorganise.

  7. whisperinggums

    One’s house interior, I mean, not bodily interior though you did some of that too it sounds like!

  8. Margaret

    I’m sure you couldn’t possibly realise how utterly cute and adorable you are!!! I love the action shots.
    I didn’t know that bubblegum ice-cream exists. You are a naughty girl for eating things like that!! Bananas are finally coming down in price: $7.95 per kilo this week. Soon we can be making healthy banana soft serve in our Vitamix. 🙂

  9. Heidi - Apples Under My Bed

    This is hilarious. Actually, it’s far more than hilarious. I wish I could have conversations like this with my older brother. At least I can still with my younger brother. He’s suitably cooky. You guys are the best. That ice-cream looks well, rather scary. No wonder you felt compelled to to cartwheels and such. I hope you’re enjoying being a performance artist in your home. Hey, as long as your passionate about the art…
    Heidi xo

  10. K

    I used to love bubblegum ice cream, but I remember it being blue??? Maybe I should try to veganise it.

  11. Kari @ bite-sized thoughts

    When I see titles like these on your posts, I know to settle in and relax into what will surely be the highlight of my morning / afternoon / day. You most certainly didn’t disappoint – thank you 🙂

    I had a similar experience with my sister once, except somehow our laughter turned into hyena laughter. We genuinely were so hysterical that we sounded like demented hyenas, and of course that made us even more hysterial, until we were both crying with laughter. I can still make myself laugh by thinking of that, but I try to avoid doing so in public 😛

    When I was doing my PhD, I sometimes worked on the weekends and used the hallway off which my office came to do cartwheels (if no one else was around). I am *so* glad I’m not the only adult to find such things entertaining!

  12. chocolatesuze

    oh hannah you make me laugh you crazy girl! now im dying to do a cartwheel in the middle of my office

  13. Lisa @ Blithe Moments

    I have never been able to do a cartwheel. I’m not blessed with any kind of gymnastic skill, so I’m hugely impressed by someone who can actually do them.

    I loved this post, reminded me of conversations with my sister. Not often on the phone, but we email back and forth and it gets like that, only in writing, which is also hilarious.

    I have giggling fits all the time. S is well aware of that and will do various things to set me off, only problem is once I start, so does he and we end up in a kind of perpetual giggle cycle. Which is fine, unless we are in the middle of a dance class or something which makes our teacher mad.

  14. Louise

    The giggling I can see. The cartwheels. The handstands. The shhhhhhing. But what on earth possessed you to buy that homebrand bublegum icecream, with or without marshmallows? Your body is a temple young lady, not a disco.

    1. whisperinggums

      You tell her Louise!

      1. Louise

        You betcha

  15. Jamee

    How fun, Hannah! My brothers never call me. And even if they did (and oh, how I wish they would) surely we wouldn’t giggle together. 😉 I’ll have you know that in my head, you both have British accents, not Australian ones. Perhaps I need more Aussie friends to help my lack of imagination, eh? Oh, and my last giggle fit was yesterday at work; the older gentlemen with an office across the hall from me let out his third belch of the day, and I just couldn’t take it anymore. I yelled, “Kevin!!” And he mumbled something about being sorry and not knowing anyone was still at the office. I still don’t know exactly why, but I started giggling and couldn’t stop!! Good times…old people belching. Hehe! 😉

  16. hungryandfrozen

    BLESS YOUR SOCKS. That was hilarious. And heartwarming.

    And also deeply hurtful because I CAN’T CARTWHEEL SO GOOD. Just kidding, wasn’t hurtful at all. More inspirational than anything – our place is tiny but has a rooftop balcony and when the weather is right I may just try cartwheeling high above the city.

    Have had some particularly good giggling fits lately, had a little solo one today walking down the road when a child was having a big silly elaborate tantrum. Felt bad for the parent, but just couldn’t help giggling at the small child’s elaborate righteous anger at nothing in particular.

  17. Kath Lockett

    Hey good onyer for still being *able* to do cartwheels! I tried in the park a few years ago and got muddy, and sore arms and, well, rather humiliated.

    However, when I was living in a bedsit in London just off Baker Street, the room itself was tiny (referred to as ‘The Dog Box’) but the bathroom was enormous. The tub was the largest I’d ever sat in and the hot water was included in the rent and was never ending.

    I er …. *blush blush* …. tested the depth of the bath by turning a few underwater somersaults. Gawd help me if I’d got stuck and needed to call out to my neighbour for help!

  18. Fiona

    That chair is way cool.

  19. Lou

    Great chair. Bubblegum icecream = wrong, so wrong! I admit to loving that “rainbow” icecream though (what is the flavour of it, exactly? nobody knows. kinda like caramel?) I can’t do cartwheels 🙁

  20. Anna Johnston

    Yay, you’ve got your own digs now. How fantastic. When are we going to paint and bake to make it more homely?
    Had the giggles hardcore today, Granny who lives upstairs from my work broke out of her apartment and locked herself out. She came to the office and started barking orders to me in Italian, she doesn’t speak a word of English. I spent the next fifteen minutes saying all the Italian words I knew. All 4 of them. I must of hit something, she started saying No, No, No over and over and hitting her head. Then I started saying words in Japanese and French and a little Spanish too. No luck, she only seemed to get more frustrated with me. Wasn’t until I burst out laughing that she stopped in her tracks and started dancing. It was hysterical. 🙂

  21. Bryan

    Aahahah how the heck did you capture a pic of yourself doing cartwheels? so cute!

  22. Lorraine @ Not Quite Nigella

    LOL what a cute story! And you can do handstands? I so can’t! :O OK next time we do spay lady posing, you can do handstands then! 😉

    P.S. That bubblegum ice cream sounds truly disgusting! lol

  23. Johanna GGG

    one thing I have learnt in my time in share houses is that if someone owns the furniture don’t let them leave and if they do just head down to the nearest op shop! I regret to say that I don’t have enough room in this place to do cartwheels though on second thoughts maybe that is just as well! I too want to know who took the photo of the cartwheel!

  24. Emma

    I would like to think that maybe perhaps there is a wee slight nibbins of a chance that my newfound voracious appetite for doing handstands and backbends in my living room had a wee slight nibbins of an impact on your desire for such aforementioned Life Delights. I have not yet cartwheeled, as I would have to go about it quite strategically in my tiny stuff-filled space, but I’m sure that would be much simpler that trying to handstand in place (which I am finding mildly tricky).

    When I start my gymnastics-for-adults gym, you will have to come and be a principal member. You can wow everyone with your artistic routines, displayed against a backdrop of empty room-ness, with a pile of DVDs in the background for added effect. We can hide out in the foam pits and have endless rounds of giggle fits:)

  25. Jordan

    Oh wow, you really weren’t kidding!

    “Sssssh” might be my favourite thing to say when people point out inconvenient facts. The first time I ssshed my late boyfriend, he was mocking me about the unfairness of my squirrelling away all the nice chocolate and giving him the generic stuff. He ended up laughing so hard he literally couldn’t keep on talking, so apparently it works in person too!

  26. Jordan

    Incidentally, the two most amazing things about this blog might be:

    1. it doesn’t seem possible that you can eat most of the stuff you make and still have a stomach like that; and
    2. where on earth is the book deal? Your writing is almost as delicious as the food!

  27. Caitlin @ Vegetarian in the City

    that looks so fun! i loved the shhhhh game hahah.

    now i want ice cream.

  28. Three-Cookies

    Bubblegum ice cream – never heard of it but it sounds delicious, as long as the flavor and not texture is there:) You record phone conversations or was that from memory?

  29. Agnes

    1: I can’t cartwheel

    2: I have eaten bubble gum flavoured ice cream – GOODY GOODY GUM DROPS ahoy! It tastes better when there’s gum drops in the ice cream and you’re in NZ. 🙂

  30. Casey Lorraine

    I had a giggle fit on the weekend for my 30th birthday. It involved a line up of my best friends simultaneously throwing our heads back to catch our hair flipping at the same time and the crazy expressions on our faces. Fun 😉

  31. muppy

    i can’t believe you bought bubblegum icecream!
    you really make me smile 🙂
    and i think i must be due for a giggle fit, its been a while

  32. Yasmeen @ Wandering Spice

    Oh hi, you’re hilarious. Not that you don’t already know that though 🙂 I’ve been in your roommateless-thus-furnitureless situation. It’s like an old Western movie. Dustbunnies roll by. Or… people if you’re cartwheeling.

    Nice desk, by the way. We match!

  33. Ashley

    God the last time I tried to do cartwheels was dismal. :c I used to be much better as a kid…but I’ve turned into a bit of a brick from going to the gym rather than being soft and pliable…Haha!

    I’m not a fan of bubblegum flavoured ice-cream…although the new mcflurry flavour of that looks kinda enticing…

  34. Angela

    Oh my goodness, you’re hilarious! I was never able to do cartwheels as a kid, and I fear it would be too late to start now!

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  36. ella @ lifeologia

    You’re hilarious!!!! I cannot do cartwheels!!! Wish I could 😉

  37. msihua

    I could never do cartwheels even if I was tossed around 🙁 SO WHAT AN AMAZING SKILL!!!

    And I always have fits of giggles… I entertain myself so well.. so much so that A thinks he needs to send me to the psychiatric ward.. he just doesn’t get it 🙂

  38. Ian

    But what happened to the goldfish? I hope they didn’t get knocked over by your cartwheels.

  39. Camille

    Here’s another comment I’ve had saved up for quite a while:

    Last week, Nick and I were filmed for a documentary about love (and no, “love documentary” is not a euphemism for porn), and we were to be filmed while being driven about town, canoodling in front of various monuments. It was obviously kind of a silly situation, so we were giggling a bit, when the director told us “Il faut pas éclater de rire. Vous êtes amoureux!” I translated this as “No laughing. You’re in love!” Which, of course, only made us giggle more.

  40. Camille

    Oh! Also, I recently purchased something I was pretty sure would be disgusting, only to be foiled when the white truffle macaron was actually delicious. Never stop trying. 🙂

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