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  1. Emma

    Girrrrl, yo grammama can text! Hot buttons!

    Is it a cultural thing that eating bread crusts-first keeps your hair curly? Or is that a Hannah thing?

    I’d take you up on a game of cribbage if a big bowl of museli was placed between us. I would be busy distracting you by stealing up about the gemmy jewelley jewels, to disguise my poor cribbage skills:)

  2. Ashley

    Aww, that’s so sweet 🙂 My grandma used to just make me eat oats every morning before school…and drink like 3 cups of milk, which has given me a nice sturdy frame, so I guess it’s not all bad. 😉 I’m not very adventurous when it comes to granola + museli type things, but love the fruits in it, so bright and fresh!

  3. FoodFeud

    Ooh, that apricot/coconut combo sounds so great! Also, that’s a really cute story about eating the crusts first to keep your hair curly 🙂

  4. Leah

    Yey I’m so happy that your grandparents are home from the hospital!!

    Another awesome recipe Hannah 😀

  5. Laura @ Sprint 2 the Table

    What a beautiful story! I have so many breakfast memories with my dad – it was that quiet time of day where we could read the comics together and talk. I will certainly make this! I love that there’s sesame in it!

    P.S. It’s so cool that your Grandma texts! Does she read your blog?

  6. Bryan

    delicious looking muesli, i been eating weet bix, terrible me, maybe next batch I’ll follow this amazing recipe!

  7. hungryandfrozen

    AAaahh! Aaah! I’d forgotten completely about pulling toast into separate layers – the toasty under-layer with the soft insides revealed, and the prize of the buttery top layer. *runs to make toast*

    You’re lucky to have spent so many happy times with your grandparents, and they sound lucky to have you. This muesli sounds just wonderful, and like many of your recipes is inspiring me to finally buy another bottle of maple syrup!

  8. Kari @ bite-sized thoughts

    The kitchen is my favourite place to skip about and I think this would definitely prompt such activity, if not full blown dancing 🙂 I’m so impressed you recreated it without all the things you needed to avoid. Also, I’m so very happy for you and your family that your grandparents are both home! Great news 🙂

  9. Kaliesthoughts

    New reader here hope you dont mind that I just jump right in anyway, that looks so yummyGlad your grandparents are home!

  10. msihua

    Oh that is just so beautiful 🙂 YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL 🙂

    My grandpa used to make me toast as well.. and topped it with SUGAR!! SUGAR!! And we’d hurriedly eat it and hide crumbs from my grandma.. But I think she knew 🙂

  11. Lorraine @ Not Quite Nigella

    That’s so sweet remaking your grandma’s muesli so that she can enjoy it now! Beautiful post and it made me smile a lot 🙂

  12. Louise

    So glad your grandparents are all home again. How wonderful. And how very thoughtful of you to make them a treat. It looks good. I’ve been thinking I should make some muesli again soon. I’m planning a pumpkin pie one I think.

  13. Mandee

    What a lovely post, Hannah! I’ve never made my own muesli but now I want to give it a try because this looks gorgeous and worth waking up for !

  14. Alayna @ Thyme Bombe

    Ah! Someone else who likes the toast cut into squares! I was very adamant about that as a child. Lovely muesli. Dried fruits are so colorful, just like little jewels as you say.

  15. Rach

    Love reading your memories… so sweet 🙂

  16. foodie @ Tasting Spot

    i really like your food pictures and want to invite you to try out it’s for anyone that just wants another place to submit photos and share it will other foodies. It’s still in beta version, but would love for you to start adding some photos and help get it going.

  17. Amber Shea @Almost Vegan

    So glad both your grandparents are home from the hospital, love! <3

  18. Errign

    Sounds amazing!

    Funny isn’t it, the things we remember? My maternal grandmother always made me buttered toast, or macaroni & cheese with lots of black pepper, and cut up pears for watching TV with in the evenings.

  19. Barton

    Grandma’s food always tastes best but looks like you did her proud with difficult constraints. I make granola and someone screams no honey, another oil not butter, cooking for spoilt yachties isnt as fun as cooking for family and friends. You’ll eat what you are given!

  20. Emma

    This looks so so good. I love the idea of cooking it in coconut oil! I can imagine that would make it taste even more amazing. And dried cranberries are one of my favourite dried fruits. It’s just about time for me to start eating cold breakfasts again…I usually eat nothing but porridge during the colder months! My partner hates fruit in muesli though…oh well, more for me. She can have her oat brits (ew.)

    My grandma always made her own mixed cereal too. It always had stuff like cornflakes and rice bubbles and various puffed cereals (me and my sister would fight over the puffed bits!)

    You are such a caring person. I lvoe reading about the food you make as gifts 🙂

  21. Junia @ Mis Pensamientos

    awwww that’s the best feeling, to have your grandparents home! answered prayers! 🙂 and i love the memories your wrote about having your grandpa buttering your toast and cutting them into squares. ahhh those are the memories that make life sweet. the healthy muesli looks delicious 😀 i ate muesli bars a couple summers ago and i LOVED it. 😀

  22. Lou

    yummy! great combo of flavours…. I’m sure your grandma was tickled pink with the gesture 🙂

  23. Johanna GGG

    I am so glad to hear your grandparents are doing well and able to delight in your cooking at home. The muesli sounds grand – so many of my favourite flavours – and no boring sultanas or horrid milk powder! It reminds me that it is too long since I made muesli – I really should as I have been buying it again recently. I would even bookmark it if my bookmarks weren’t in such a mess!

  24. Maria

    Hi Hannah,

    My favourite kind of sweet food! Something that’s crunchy and has coconut in it 🙂 I would grudgingly leave out the cranberries because I seem to be allergic to them. Yummy recipe & photo’s!

  25. Ricki

    You are such a wonderful granddaughter, and that granola is sooo purty! Love the jeweled effect, and this is pretty much a recipe I can eat (whoo hoo!). And so glad that both grandparents are now home. Thanks for submitting this to both events–a great entry in both cases! 🙂

  26. Anna Johnston

    Yummy, love that you have such fantastic memories associated wiith your grandparents. Mine are few and far between. Sigh… Can’t wait to try the muesli. Such a fan. 🙂

  27. Lisa (bakebikeblog)

    what a lovely story – and a muesli with so many memories 🙂

  28. Shannon

    What a lucky gram you have! I am long overdue to make a big batch of granola… I love the dried apricots in this!

  29. Lisa @ Blithe Moments

    Yum-o Hannah! I’m going through a muesli phase, this may be next on my list when the current batch is finished.

    And yay that your grandparents are home, that is great news.

  30. Heidi

    Awe 🙂 this post brought a tear to my eye! I can totally picture, smell & taste the hot buttered toast. Love. & this granola looks divine. I love that your grandma texted you a reply – so cool, she is! Glad to hear they’re both home (& well nourished thanks to you!)
    Heidi xo

  31. ck

    I agree that it is very cool to have a Grandma that texts. It was very kind of you to make and adapt this for your Grandma. It looks delicious. Your Grandfather looks like a lovely man, judging by the photo. It’s great that they are home and very special that you can do lovely things for them.

  32. Agnes

    Awww. Glad both your grandparents are back home.

    However, not triangles?! EVERYONE knows that toast / sandwiches taste BEST when they’re cut in triangles.

  33. betty

    this looks delciious! love that its home made

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