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  1. Fatbooo

    Lol you so hilarious! I would soooo read your selp help book. 😀

  2. Emma

    Cheers to the irrelevant lizard!!

    And re: your kiddo picture. The color of the pieces of clothing could on their own each be considered various shades away from hideous. But together, they combine to create a superpowered worldwide color squadron of cool!

    Et aussi: I miss France!

  3. hungryandfrozen

    I hadn’t read your story of sudden child-acquisition in New York – what a pain, but what a good story!

    My mum always seems to call *after* 9.30pm (and quite often round 10-11pm) and even though I’ve become used to it, every single time I get all tense and think “what’s wrong? No-one calls at this hour unless something’s really wrong!”

  4. Ellie@fitforthesoul

    cute hilarious post! your dad should really give you a heads up in a more soothing way next time 😀 and yes to your Q on my blog! google reader is pretty much what I meant. have a beautiful day girl~

  5. Kari @ bite-sized thoughts

    I think I would have reacted just the same :p A text from a parent without an ‘x’ or ‘o’ at the end, requesting a phone call? Definitely not a good sign (normally)! I’m actually terrible for reading way too much in to just about anything at all…innocent comments, emails and/or texts are capable of triggering self-induced and irrational anxiety. I’ll await your self-help book!

  6. Lorraine @ Not Quite Nigella

    LOL I somehow felt like the irrelevent lizard was added solely for my amusement for some reason 😛 I know it’s sounds very meme but that just tickled my funny bone a great deal! 😉

  7. Camille

    For a minute there I thought you were standing barefoot in the snow, which would make me cry, too. Then I realized you just had cute pink boots on. And I laughed. Which is to say, I completely understand. 🙂

  8. Johanna GGG

    I’m looking forward to the self help book – will it be called Masterchef Manners!!!

    And fortunately I read camille’s comment so I realised that you weren’t barefoot in the snow – I thought that explained the look on your face

  9. Kayla @ Fitter Than Choc

    Oh yes, it does look like you were standing barefooted in the snow. It is certainly worrying when you receive such messages from your parents. I had a similar experience once. My mom suddenly messaged me and said ‘I have something important to tell you. Can we skype tonight?’ and that bothered me for the whole day. Thankfully, she just wanted to seek my opinion on some minor issues. I’d be looking forward to your book:)

  10. Errign

    I couldn’t help but laugh reading this post because you’re so hilarious, even though I knew you were genuinely freaking out!

  11. Monique

    oh my gosh this is INSANE haha. I like your changing mood through pictures 🙂 very cute. And yay for the iPad, they’re really addicting haha

  12. Xiaolu @ 6 Bittersweets

    LOL I’ve had similar reactions for example when I can’t reach my boyfriend. I’ve called him 30 times in 30 minutes before…glad it turned out to be nothing bad though 🙂

  13. Kath (My Funny Little Life)

    Hehehe. Loved this. Totally loved the irrelevant lizard.

  14. Priyanka

    You are hilarious lady! Ipad….such a lovely gift.

  15. Heidi - Apples Under My Bed

    I eagerly await your self-help book, Hannah. It would be glorious. Maybe you really should write one. Involving yummy recipes such as the blondies to cure heartbreak. Love the paris shot of you.
    Heidi xo
    p.s. Irrelevant lizard!

  16. msihua

    Oh my God.. I HATE lizards.. but the small gecko types, big lizards I can deal with.. what the?

    AND… I would have over reacted to this just the same.. hahahaha….

  17. Anna Johnston

    My God Girl…, that does sound like one epic 15 minutes – I’ll be looking forward to that self help book for sure 🙂

  18. Fiona

    Yes, i know how that gpoes.


  19. theresa

    I have a feeling Andy does to his mum what your parents inadvertently did to you – when he wants to ask his dad a question about the stock market, or a noise the car is making, or whatever, he sends a message along the lines of “I need you to call me asap – v. important”. Of course, it’s not that important and could wait, and we usually get a concerned phone call within minutes. He really should stop that.

  20. Kath Lockett

    Maybe they’re just paying you back for all the worrying they did for you growing up?

    I say that ‘irrelevant lizard’ become a regular guest! He’s adorable!

  21. leaf (the indolent cook)

    Aw, bless you. I can commiserate, I especially dread the Late Night Phone Call.

  22. Vaala ◪

    I’m totally buying that book so my (non-existent) diary is open and waiting the exact date so I can start the countdown (I’m serious…or at least partly). It will be the next most important thing in my diary after the Harry Potter movie in July (which for some reason feels like another self-help book , but in movie form…and that just made no sense when I actually think about it).

    But I have done the same thing. And then when there really was bad news I dropped the phone in shock (well, no one died…just my brother getting a divorce).

  23. Katherine: Unemployed

    I am in need of a self help book! calendar marked!

    I totally go worst-case and flip out when things happen; so glad to hear it turned out okay! 🙂

  24. Nuts about food

    Text messages are really bad that way: sometimes you write something in your head and it sounds one way and the person reading it interprets it in the opposite way, a way you had never even thought of!

  25. Susan

    Lol, I feel the same when my mum calls me during a show that we both watch, although she usually calls me during the ad breaks and finishes at the end of the ad break.