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  1. Louise

    I must admit to a vague sense of unease, and may I say, almost horror at the notion of a vegan chocolate pudding…….. It is not my natural inclination by any stretch. But you know, this doesn’t look too bad! Indeed I could even see myself making this. I have all the ingredients in the house, which is even more of an incentive. Although I would leave off the Reese’s pieces naturally. And I would never even consider trialling low fat soy milk. What an abomination. And sadly I would have to offend both you and your father and decline your offer of coffee, as I don’t touch the stuff. Ever.

  2. Johanna GGG

    It looks ever so elegant but is not quite what I think of as chocolate pudding – maybe because my dad made a bad attempt at making this pudding once when my mother was in hospital for the birth of a sibling – and my mum makes amazing baked chocolate pudding – but the reeses peanut butter cups is something my dad would never have thought of or maybe we would have told our mum not to bother coming home because dad was doing just fine.

    And please don’t ever ask me if you can make me a coffee – I will probably refuse and I wouldn’t want to offend!

    1. whisperinggums

      What would you think of as a chocolate pudding? Pudding is one of those confusing ambiguous words I think, isn’t it?

  3. Erica

    What a cute post 🙂 I just love it! That pudding treat sounds perfectly fabulous. Daddy/daughter relationships are the best!

  4. Teresa (Teresa Tastes & Travels)

    Oh Hannah, what a delightful post! Why is it so offensive when people turn down coffee? This one irks me, too. We put a lot of thought and time and care into the perfect cup – is there a better way to show one’s love?

    A side note: thank you for your thoughtful encouragement. 🙂

  5. Lisa (bakebikeblog)

    Seriously – this sounds delish!!!!

  6. Michelle @ On and Off My Plate

    So excited to see this post…we ae starting on our meatless journey (not vegan yet) and I was wondering if I could still indulge in chocolate treats! Now I know…yes, yes and yes and we don’t drink cow milk anymore so a bonus! I can use soy for this treat. Would it work with Chocolate soy milk?? Hummm…thoughts?

  7. Steve Swann

    I wonder if there are healthy-ish versions of Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups (my favorite candy “bar”). The instruction to avoid “big icky squoodgy lumps” is appreciated. Beautiful photos.

  8. Averie (LoveVeggiesAndYoga)

    the pudding looks wonderful!

    have you ever tried making what i call raw vegan chocolate mousse? just avocado (riper the better), cocoa powder, agave, vanilla…blend. It will fool even the most die hards, ratios on my site if you need them.

    You dont even have to boil anything. I am the queen of shortcuts when ever possible 🙂

  9. Toni

    This is such a nice post! Lovely! The pudding looks great! 🙂

  10. Maria @ Scandifoodie

    This looks so delicious! I’d love some right now 🙂

  11. Baking Serendipity

    Non-vegan toppings to vegan foods makes me smile 🙂 It’s so something I would do! Especially if it included Reese’s….serious weakness there!

  12. sophia

    Um, ew. Vegan chocolate pudding? Sorry, my dear. I can’t lie and say it sounds yummy to me.
    But give me a spoonful, and maybe I’ll change my mind. 😉 And an extra helping of the non-vegan topping, por favor.

    That said, such a sweet post about your dad! My dad always liked to say I’m 99.99% like him!

  13. Ellie@fitforthesoul

    haha Hannah I love your posts they always make me giggle 😀 Make me coffeeee as mucchhhh as you want!!!!

  14. Casey @ Insatiably Healthy

    This pudding sounds so yummy (and easy to boot!)

  15. Tori (@eat-tori)

    I always knew there was a gap in my recipe collection. Vegan chocolate pudding. There it is. Fixed. Now I can relax. Love it.

  16. Angela (the diet book junkie)

    you are hilarious. i smiled in appreciation with the computer remark. 😉 is your coffee really that good? what brand are you using?

  17. Vaala ◪

    Ooo, slaying fire-breathing dragons! I’m impressed! Your Dad earns awesome bonus points just from that comment alone…

    Hmmm, I fear I would offend you by saying no to coffee. You see, my brain shakes inside my skull from a smallest of sips. But I do like the smell so you could make it and I could smell it!! Would that work?

    Also, today while I was at home sick and feeling sorry for myself my flatmate was playing Korean pop music really loudly from her room. Then, out of the blue, on came ‘A Whole New World’ and I was suddenly up and singing!! It made me think of you and I’m sure you would have joined in!

  18. whisperinggums

    I’m almost sorry I was at yoga! Looks very nice and I’m so glad the glasses didn’t topple over in the fridge.

  19. Lorraine @ Not Quite Nigella

    Hehe and the next thing-you both sound utterly charming and hilarious! 😀

  20. leaf (the indolent cook)

    Curious as to the texture and taste! I like soy-based desserts so I think I’ll like it. 😀

  21. fatbooo

    “Slightly adapted from Kitchen Parade” hahaha I like the way you phrase it!! : )

  22. Peggy

    Speaking from a non-vegan perspective, this chocolate pudding sounds amazing and I love the dose of Reese’s cups that garnish it!

  23. hungryandfrozen

    I love the sound of this pudding – like one of those whipped up chocolate puddings of my childhood, only much better. Isn’t cornflour an amazing ingredient? Also, a thousand gazelles, hee. Also, I know all about the cautious, distant prodding of the computer. I’m getting slightly better at knowing my way around it when things go wrong though (aka turning it off and on again)

  24. theresa

    One time I went over to a friend’s house, and her husband offered me a cup of coffee. As I don’t drink coffee, I replied “No thanks, but I’ll have a cup of tea”, thinking that the offer was for a hot beverage. He was all, “That wasn’t what I was offering, but okay…” in a stroppy tone. (They’re separated now, which is unsurprising.)

    I hope you and your dad won’t react like that if you ever offer me a coffee!

    ps – choc pudding looks yum!

    1. whisperinggums

      Of course they wouldn’t. Rather, they’d say: Leaves or Bags? English breakfast? Green tea? Japanese tea with lime? Chamomile? Dusk? Rooibus? (Well, you get the drift. In fact we’d love people to drink up more of our tea and we are not drinking it fast enough!).

  25. Alisa Fleming

    Shoot, I better have you for a visit rather than heading to your house since I really don’t like coffee.

    Happy birthday to your dad!

  26. Julia @ Boredom Abounds

    Mmm, I just love chocolate pudding. Especially now that the cooler weather is here!

  27. Monique

    YUM!!!! My dad and I are eerily similar. We even look alike haha. Weird 🙂 Good to know you and yours are same in many ways and both enjoy delicious looking treats!

  28. Kayla @ Fitter Than Choc

    I love how you and your dad are so similar! I can feel the father-daughter love in this post. This chocolate pudding looks really awesome. I have been on a pudding craze lately. They are the easiest dessert to make. I am certainly saving this recipe!

  29. Susan

    I have never tried soy milk, although the sound of it isn’t too appealing. Plus I love plain milk too much and don’t think I would pay extra for soy. The pudding looks great, but I will keep my plain milk. Love the addition of reese’s too. So can’t wait for costco to open in canberra so I can get a giant bag of them!

  30. Ashley @ the fit academic

    haha – my & my dad’s relationships with computers are similar to you & your dad’s. I know NOTHING about them! My Dad, however, is an avid computer “geek” (affectionately called) who buys old computers to rebuild them for fun!

  31. Simply Life

    oh that pudding looks great!

  32. Kath (My Funny Little Life)

    That sounds like you have a very good relationship with your dad! I wish I had with my dad, but it’s rather complicated … We differ too much, and the things we have in common don’t make us get along well with each other, but rather collide. 🙁

    What’s RSI, btw? I feel that I’ve missed the essence of your post because I don’t know.

  33. Christine @ Merf In Progress

    ^^^ off to Google “demerara” sugar!!!

    (omg I love reese’s peanut butter cups!)

  34. Priyanka

    I love this, such a simple ingredient list and thankfully all of them are in the pantry.

    Thanks for the recipe Hannah!

  35. Anna Johnston

    Deeeelightful. Love the photos & the similarities, 🙂

  36. Heidi - Apples Under My Bed

    Awe what a sweet 😉 ode to your relationship with your dad. I love the look of this! & lol at your cross-stitch RSI.
    Heidi xo

    1. Hannah

      It’s no laughing matter, Heidi! Hurts like the dickens 😉