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  1. Victoria (District Chocoholic)

    HAHAHAHA. I know it wasn’t funny for you, but the photo progression is just awesome. You’re brilliant.

  2. Ellie@fitforthesoul

    omgooodness! I’m sorry~but this IS too cute and funny~good thing the raven stayed for a snapshot 😛

  3. Casey @ Insatiably Healthy

    I got a little scared from the photos too! At least it was a raven and not a possum!
    I’m a Baltimore Ravens football fan, so I think you should take this as a sign 😉

  4. Emily @ Perfection Isn't Happy

    I don’t like being home by myself at night because of that…I always hear weird noises and have to turn the TV on just to feel that I’m not alone!

  5. Sarah B @ Bake + Bike

    HAHAHHA my goodness, so funny in photos but that would scare the heck out of me too!!

  6. Simply Life

    oh my gosh, that is really scary!!! when I was a kid a bird got in our house once and I was home alone with a friend and remember hearing noises – we were so panicked that someone broke in that we walked around wait a bat!

  7. Simply Life

    oops – WITH a bat 🙂

  8. Ameena

    Holy cow – I think I would have shaved more than 2 minutes off my life. I must say that I love the progression though – very cool!

  9. Lexi

    My lord! This looks exactly like a scene from one of the films I’m writing on in my thesis. And yes, it’s a horror film…

  10. Ashley @ the fit academic

    omg, this is hilarious! I mean, minus the whole sheer-terror thing passes! How crazy!

  11. Kath Lockett

    Gawd those eyes! Those beady, yellow, soulless eyes! Good thing it only took two years off your life!

  12. Tash

    You are soo funny, love the way you write! Thanks so much for commenting on my blog yesterday, like you say, great to ‘meet’ more Aussie bloggers. Had a quick mooch around you blog and love it. xxx

  13. whisperinggums

    I’m gob-smacked. What was it doing there at that time of night? I think it was guarding you. What a nice friendly bird. I feel I don’t have to worry about you anymore.

  14. Louise

    I am sorry that your flat is trying to kill you. But still is this the Best Post Ever? Quite possibly. I love the eyes- thought it was going to be a cat though- rather surprised by the raven. I like your mother’s idea- I think it’s guarding you. Not every girl has their own specially trained attack raven do they?

  15. Lorraine @ Not Quite Nigella

    Haha he just wanted to hang out I’m sure! 😛 But seriously how freaky to see just one eye too!

  16. Johanna GGG

    but what were the two years you lost – were they ones just lingering in a nursing home because I would readily give those away but if they were the ones you would spend travelling and laughing and eating good food then maintain the rage!

  17. GirlonRaw

    I agree!!! Sorry that you are being taunted but seriously, this WAS THE BEST POST EVER! Gosh you make me laugh girl. 🙂

  18. Camille

    I’m amazed the bird stayed put for all those photos – and that you had the presence of mind, even while terrified, to document the experience. That’s got to be a marketable skill…

  19. kelli

    HA!!! that was great!

  20. Lisa (bakebikeblog)

    holy shite – my intense fear of birds would not have coped well in that situation – even seeing your photos give me goosebumps eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeek

  21. Lauren

    Hahaha, that’s so funny. It reminds me of this movie trailer where aliens lurk behind windows, but they look very much like owls — or is that not something you’d like to have in the back of your mind when it returns tonight?

  22. Alisa Fleming

    I have to agree, though it may not have been funny for you, this series is too cute Hannah!

  23. Kate (What Kate is Cooking)

    Haha, I had a heart attack just looking at the photos- I can only imagine seeing that in person!

  24. Ashley@TheHungryScholar

    That was scary. I almost peed my pants.

  25. Anna Johnston

    I know I shouldn’t thank that scary bird, I know, I know I know I shouldn’t….. but thankyou yellow eyed scary monster, you’ve given us all a hoot. Good thinking while Hannah is frozen with fear she manages to get pics….. I’m impressed 😉

  26. foodie and the chef

    This is hilarious, I used to scare myself silly with that poem when I was a kid. You poor thing – I get night terrors from the huge lizards that rustle around in the bushes outside my window.

  27. Libby


    Minus 0.000000005 though, because the bird did not have a Bart Simpson-like crown.

  28. Susan

    LOL, that would scare the hell out of me. I am a very jumpy person

  29. Amber Shea @Almost Vegan

    Holy crap, that would freak me out too!

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