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  1. Camille

    Oh, that nougat looks delightful. How is the toe these days, anyway? did the Ugg boots solve the problem?

  2. Simply Life

    oh what a beautiful place to see!

  3. Meesh

    Wow, this post made me miss Italy! I went to Italy about seven years ago, and miss it dearly. Love the pics!

  4. Lisa (bakebikeblog)

    my oh my – that pizza….I am lost for words 🙂

  5. GirlonRaw

    I am glad you didn’t forget to post this, even thought you almost forgot to. Siena was one place we missed when we visited Italy in 2009 and we were there at the time of the horse race too! We DID consider it, but Pat HAD to check out Rome (where he thinks in a former life he was a gladiator – too many ROME episodes perhaps?)

    Hey speaking of which, watching the series must have prompted this blog post no?

  6. Lexi

    Gorgeous! This post made me realise that I’m definitely was overdue for an o/s trip. Luckily, I *have* to go to a conference in New Orleans in March. Eating overseas is just the bomb – as that nougat proves!

  7. Kath Lockett

    I want that pizza for lunch with a hefty chunk of the nougat to follow. You can keep your toe though – my achilles is giving me enough grief right now.

    Oh and judging from the lion’s weary expression he’s saying to the – um, greyhound? – “Okay OKaaaay love – I’m taking out the rubbish!”

  8. Monique

    I like your traveling nougat 🙂 Nougat and Callisons were my favorite European treats!! Hey, when you get far more than needed to your European travel fund, do you want to add to mine too?!? 🙂 I’d loooooove to go back again when I have money to frivolously spend 🙂

  9. chocolatesuze

    hihihi thanks for delurking! lols dammit now i want some nougat!

  10. Johanna GGG

    now that I have recovered from my confusion – hannah is in sienna, wait a cotton-picking minute, she is in Canberra – I will have a large bar of nougat thanks very much

    must have been a brave moment to post your last glimpse of …. post but now you need to make more travel plans!

  11. theresa

    Great photos! My sister went to Siena University, in Upstate NY, and part of her degree as a classics minor was a trip to Siena, Italy. She didn’t mention any window-foxes.

  12. Libby

    Is that a living, breathing fox or a stuffed, dead one?!?!

    That nougat bar is seriously epic stuff.

  13. Lorraine @ Not Quite Nigella

    OK I’m going to admit something embarrassing and silly now. I thought that the nougat was an actual building and I thought “Hmm what an interesting building, it looks like a stick of nougat!” 😛

  14. The Food Mentalist

    Love it! That nougat looks great! By the way I just love that bung toe photo, its a classic! ( although I honestly hope your toe was ok 🙂

  15. Carrie (Moves 'N Munchies)

    these photos are gorgeous! ahh i want some of that nougat- ive never seen anything like that!

  16. Helen (grabyourfork)

    I travelled to Siena too but I missed out on torrone 🙁 I love your torrone tower photo though!

    1. Hannah

      Oh no, Helen! But the torrone is the best part! (Okay, okay, probably the other Italian food is just as good…) 😉

  17. Ameena

    Beautiful photos! I can’t wait to visit Italy one of these days…it is on my list of “to-dos.” Literally. 🙂 I hear that people like myself who are gluten-intolerant can actually eat wheat in Italy. I am already excited about that pizza!!

    Sorry if my compliment comes up twice – computer issues.

  18. Evan Thomas

    The trip looks beautiful! I’ve been to several cities in Italy but never Sienna. That’s one country I could never get tired of traveling to.

  19. Ashley @ the fit academic

    How amazing! Looks like a fabulous time! I’m so jealous! I’ve been to Europe once, but only for 3 weeks! I hope to go back sometime soon-ish!

  20. Alisa Fleming

    A pet fox, that is soooo cool! Definitely haven’t heard of that one.

  21. Amber Shea @Almost Vegan

    How bittersweet it is! It’s so sad that it’s the last of your European Glimpses series…but that does mean that in no time, your blog will be begging for new travels to showcase 🙂

  22. Vaala ◪

    Pop Quiz – definitely C…and probably more. And that pizza looks like you could swim in it!

  23. Vaala ◪

    Oh, and come to New Zealand for some more travel adventures 😛

  24. Anna Johnston

    Aaahhh the memories of traipzing around Italy…, the food, the wine and the pizzas. That’s one hellava bung toe girlfriend – glad to hear its finished with its carry on & resuming the rightful place on your foot. Nothing worse than a stand out toe that demands centre stage in the attention stakes 🙂

  25. penny aka jeroxie

    I wonder how long that pizza has been sitting there? 😛

  26. Susan

    That pizza looks delicious! I am sure it was quite cheap as well??

  27. Agnes

    Are you sure that’s a pizza and not a shield?

    PS: How long did it take you to eat that torrone? About 10 minutes? 😉

  28. whisperinggums

    I’m glad you finally put Siena up – it’s one of my favourite Italian cities (though I have to say I’ve only been to 7 or 8!). However, you did not mention my favourite Sienese artist – Simone Martini. Shame on you.

    1. Hannah

      Yeah, but at least you got this label in Liverpool! It’s not my fault my organised tour was more interested in fragments of thumb that female artists…

  29. Heidi - Apples Under My Bed

    *sigh*, aaahhh Siena. How i love thee!
    Heidi xo

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