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  1. Helen (grabyourfork)

    I could totally picture myself eating this with a spoon. I imagine you’ll be recreating this one in your fancypants blender soon!

    1. Hannah

      You’re imagining right! Though I’m sure I’ll play around with it a bit. After all, where’s the fun in making the exact same thing over and over again? 😉

  2. Kate (What Kate is Cooking)

    Oh man, I would grab a spoon and eat the whole thing! This looks amazing!!

  3. Lisa (bakebikeblog)

    oh my yummo!!! I need to start making my own nut butter again…it has been too long!!!

  4. GirlonRaw

    HOLY YUM! Are you kidding me, these ingredients are simple, and in my cupboard/freezer (I keep my nuts there) so I have to get on to this as soon as I get all my cleaning done. Glad you are getting use out of your VM 🙂

  5. Lizzi

    I need this in my life. More than you will ever know.

  6. theresa

    How appropriate that you’ve served up the prima ballerina of nut butters in that adorable star dish!

  7. Lexi

    Haha! Moist! That word is on our list of “banned words” here too!

    Also, there’s some crazy synchronicity-thing happening, because I too have always hated on coconut, but yesterday found myself caught in the tractor beam of a fresh coconut feature in this month’s Gourmet Traveller magazine. Am currently compiling a list of things to make post-cleanse and I’ve got THREE coconut recipes on there already and now I’m going to have to add another! This looks delicious. Have you put it on things other than a spoon?

  8. Johanna GGG

    some of my favourite ingredients – in fact I can’t help thinking that you just need to add some melted chocolate to make delicious truffles – but I am sure I would love it without chocolate too.

    I didn’t know you could buy sweetened coconut here – will have to look at the moist one when next in supermarket

  9. Priyanka

    I think coconut can make anything taste good, well mostly! This looks amazing!

  10. Lorraine @ Not Quite Nigella

    There are a limited amount of items that are worth eating by spoon for a) the taste and b) the calories consumed and I do believe that this would really make it on that list. Oh and the word moist is best said with a snakey Sssssss to emphasise it. Sure it makes people cringe but it’s funny 😛

  11. Louise

    This sounds fabulous! I must try a homemade nut butter sometime, I’m sure I’d love it.

  12. Heather Eats Almond Butter

    Haha – I hate the word moist as well, but sometimes, there is just no other word to use in its place. I cringe every time I type it.

    Your nut butter looks amazing, and I’m so glad you came around to walnuts and coconut – two of my favorites! 🙂

  13. leaf (the indolent cook)

    Oh I don’t know… it’s going to be really difficult to choose between this and the macadamia one!

  14. Monique

    OH DANG!!!!!! That looks like something I need in my life, soon! 🙂

  15. Victoria (District Chocoholic)

    I want to do this with macademia nuts.

  16. Evan Thomas

    This sounds SO good. I need to break my food processor out ASAP

  17. Alisa Fleming

    I think I just died and went to heaven. This is going on a rice cake in the morn.

  18. Libby

    This looks scrumptious!

    What other ways can you eat this concoction besides just eating it with a spoon, or perhaps spreading it on toast?

  19. Anna Johnston

    Heeehee, love Lorraines comment 🙂 This sounds amazing Hannah, I think I’d be the same as you, hard to stop till it was all gone 😉

  20. Matthew

    This looks great. I can imagine the butter melting over a freshly made waffle.



  21. penny aka jeroxie

    This will go down well with a roast chicken… nomz!

  22. whisperinggums

    Well, I’m glad to see my bowl made it into the limelight … looks good Hannah.

  23. Amber Shea @Almost Vegan

    Ohhh, lordy. Do I even need to tell you my reaction? I’d eat this stuff out of a sidewalk crack. ::droolness::

  24. jeremy


  25. Heidi - Apples Under My Bed

    um, Hannah, this is ridiculous! that is good, of course. i LOVE it! yum yum yum. you’re most definitely a genius.
    Heidi xo

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