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  1. Simply Life

    oh that just looks dreamy!

  2. Camille

    what a shame. Given a bar that listed those ingredients, I would have high hopes for deliciousness. A pox on Cadbury’s for screwing up something that could have been so delicious!

  3. Lisa (bakebikeblog)

    Confession – as much as I prefer dark chocolate – the good ol’ sweet Cadbury milk chocolate also has a place in my house (and tummy!)

  4. Louise

    YAY. A chocolate on which I too can have an opinion. And it’s the same as yours. I was quite disappointed with this. Conceptually, it seemed ok, even if a bit odd. Two nuts? Why bother? And then if you have two nuts, how can it taste less nutty than the bars they already make with one nut? I bought one block of it, but would reach over it to buy most anything else. I’d get just a plain dairy milk or top deck over this.

  5. L-Izzle

    What IS it with this bar!!? Everyone I know – including myself – has said the same thing (of both this and the strawberry shortcake one)… that it’s not that great – not bad, but certainly nothing special – yet they ate it all in one sitting. IT DEFINITELY HAS CRACK IN IT. I swear to god. It’s bizarre. I bought it once, devoured the whole thing, despite thinking it wasn’t great… yet convinced myself it MUST have been good, if I ate it all at once, so bought it again. And the same thing happened. And IT GENUINELY WASN’T THAT GREAT. BUT IT WAS ALL GONE. GONE!

    We appear to have unearthed a conspiracy. I’m on to you, Cadbury…

  6. Amber Shea @Almost Vegan

    ::claps hand over mouth upon reading nuts comment to obsequiously muffle self::
    See? I can hold it in! I’m even thinking of making a crack about “muffle”–>”muff,” but I won’t! And now I’m thinking about making a crack about “crack,” but I’m not gonna, no sir!

    Aw, sad chocolate…it seems the Cadburys don’t often please you, do they? And the aroma of praline must have been so promising 🙁

  7. Jess

    Bloody Cadbury, seriously. Chuck a bunch of stuff in your already overly sweet chocolate and market it as something ~whimsical~, brilliant! Actually, no, no it’s not brilliant.

    I loved Cadbury as a kid (they were miles better than Nestle and still are in most regards, but that’s not saying much). My opinion of Cadbury these days is summed up with this little story:

    A few years back, I bought Chris a place in a chocolate-tasting course (and one for myself too, of course, because, like, you know, he can’t, like, go alone). The course was amazing, taking us on a tour of roasted cacao beans, cocoa nibs, onto the Trinitario, Forastero and Criollo beans, then through a wide range of single-origin chocolates, finishing off with many beautiful handmade truffles from across Europe and elsewhere, and all the time educating us on how to appreciate the different aspects of chocolate from the myriad flavours even in just plain chocolate, to the ideal texture, glossiness, snap, etc. Now, back to the beginning, at the very very start of the course, to set the tone the instructor gave us a piece of Cadbury Dairy Milk. Chris and I were kind of like “Uhh, do we have to?” but the instructor wanted us to know what was wrong with chocolate before we learned what was right. However, as soon as the little squares of Cadbury were handed out in the little paper cups… several middle-aged women around the table immediately began to swoon and go into raptures. “Oh god I love Cadbury! This is divine!” “Me too! Oh I could eat kilos of this stuff!”. And then the most amazing comment ever: “My kids bought me a place in this course because they know how much of a chocoholic I am! Like, I go to Big W every day to get Dairy Milk, and if it’s on sale, I buy 10 blocks! I once got 10 blocks for $10 because they were past their expiry date! Isn’t that amazing? I just love chocolate so much!”.

    I don’t want to be condescending but… seriously? These women then proceeded to screw up their faces with unpleasant expressions whenever we tasted dark chocolate, and one of them at the end said that their favourite bit of chocolate that night, out of the dozens tasted, was the Dairy Milk. Le sigh. They were just not willing to even attempt to educate their palates, and their definition of being a chocolate lover was completely based on quantity (and getting a bargain) rather than quality. Oh well. To each their own, I guess, and to some, Cadbury.

    I love Michel Cluizel. Have you had the one with tiny caramel pieces and salt? It may be $14 for like 50g but it is absolutely mind-blowing.

  8. theresa

    Sorry about the chocolate experience. I’m glad Cadbury is Not Vegan and thus I will never be tempted by any of their creations.

    Health sociology is currently a sexy field, so I would continue making links between cadbury and diabetes, if I were you. There are about 6 jobs, in various research & teaching roles, for health sociologists at the moment. All you need to do is put this review into the Journal of Sociology and I reckon you’ll be eligible for them!

  9. chanel11

    I completely understand what you mean, I just recently ate a block of chocolate which, if you had blindfolded me, I probably wouldn’t have even known it was chocolate, just some sort of candy…

  10. Kath Lockett

    ….and yet…… you ate all 190 grams in one sitting…! So the self-disgust might also be related to the fact that you *did* eat it and were subconsciously enjoying it…? (thus endeth my first year psychological interpretation, circa 1986)

  11. Conor @ HoldtheBeef

    What a breath of fresh air this review is. Actually, a breath of insipidly sweet air, now that I come to think of it… insipidly sweet and yet I find myself breathing the whole lot in at once!

    I actually now find myself wanting more to try this chocolate than I did before, to see if I have the same reaction – I actually enjoy a block of Cadbury every now and then, it takes me back to a special place where I’m wearing bike pants and watching The Navigator with my parents – so it is entirely possible I could enjoy this. Time will tell if it makes friends with the rhubarb and yoghurt in my shopping trolley (seriously, it is almost embarrassing how much rhubarb and yoghurt I buy).

  12. Johanna GGG

    I think the moniker bar of plenty really means eat plenty of it and preferably all 190g in one sitting – I suspect some corporations really just want to sell the stuff and make money but do not really care about taste – and these days they don’t let you get bored of it (or disillusioned) but keep coming up with new ideas that we at least are tempted to try, even if we aren’t loyal followers!

  13. Iron Chef Shellie

    Oh well! I liked it! Not my first bar of choice though, Cadbury generally never is.

    Appreciate your honest opinion though!

  14. Soy @ honeyandsoy

    Oh noo! I sooo feel for you! I was in Melbourne an happened to look into an olden style candy shop…that was when I spotted “willy wonka’s” chocholate bars…you know the ones with “Wonka Bar Exceptionals – Scrumdiddlyumptious Bar ” and other yummalicious flavours, how could I resist!? I bought 2 bars and it cost me an absolute fortune! And the taste?! very disappointing….the most fun was the anticipation and the possibility of winning a golden ticket

    1. Hannah

      I reckon no one should be allowed to make Willy Wonka chocolate except Willy Wonka himself. (He totally exists. I bet he lives with Santa).

      That said, I am sad that the chocolate was so disappointing. How dare they call it Scrumdiddlyumptious when it isn’t? Hmph.

  15. Lorraine @ Not Quite Nigella

    I am always really eager to read what you think of bars like Cadbury. My friend likes them but I just can’t eat them. They’re way too sugary for me. Now Amedei Chuao, that’s a chocolate!

    1. Hannah

      Well, there’ll be about a billion (slight exaggeration) Cadbury reviews on this blog in coming weeks, so get used to being eager! 😀 Definitely far too sweet, as a rule. And yes, Amadei is pretty stellar, but personally I love Askinosie (I’ll have more reviews of *that* soon too!)

  16. Fiona

    Heh. Loving that your revew is nothing like the fawning promotions we got drowned in when the giveaways were on.

    I eat cadbury wiht macadamia. But then, I have issues 😉

    1. Fiona

      Heh oh and those women in an above comment would have made me soooo cranky.

    2. Hannah

      As you’ll see in coming weeks, I’ve had a fair bit of Cadbury lately, and it’s not all *as* awful as this one. Ergo, we all have issues 😉

      And thanks 😀 But maybe those people really did love the chocolate??

  17. Anna Johnston

    Wow, pretty interesting read here…., such passion demonstrated here. What a read huh!!!!

  18. Agnes

    Oh, I haven’t tried my blocks yet, though I have been eating the small round ones of milk chocolate. Which I think tastes better in those round pieces than a large block – why is that??

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