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  1. Jess

    I’ve seen Haigh’s when I’ve been in Sydney and Melbourne but I’ve strangely never gotten around to trying it. Next time, next time… if I can pull myself away from Koko Black. Which I probably can’t. Guhhhh, chocolate mousse martini. (It’s just chocolate mousse in a martini glass, but *slavers* sooo goooood).

    I don’t know, I reckon if there was an awesome officemate Olympics, mine would certainly be in with a chance of taking the gold medal from yours. Basically all the chocolate in my baked items for the past 2 months have been fancy dark chocolates that Dr Tash picked up for me when she was in the states, just because I’d happened to mention that I’d noticed a lot of people use this so-called Scharffen Berger chocolate in their fancy cooking (if not using Valrhona), so she took it upon herself to get me multiple bars with different cacao percentages, along with a massive package of cocoa nibs (precious, precious cocoa nibs). Plus she had a party at her house and made the hamburgers patties with butter and made potato bake with sweet potatoes, condensed milk and brown sugar. Amaaaazing.

    So I can say that she comes close to matching your officemate on points #2, #3 and #4, although she doesn’t have a double-barrelled surname — because she’s married but she kept her own name! I kinda wish I had a double-barrelled surname though. It’s just so… fancy. 🙂

  2. Kath Lockett

    Hannah….. you’ve reminded me that it’s high time I went back into Haigh’s…. been so diverted by all the other chocolat out there that I (almost) forgot how consistently good Haigh’s can be

    And may I send a comment to Jess? Sweetie darling sweetie, FORGET the over-priced preciousness of Koko black and go to Haigh’s instead. Trust me.

    1. Jess

      But Koko Black has shown me nothing but happiness and joy and deep, deep chocolatiness! (And the bottom of my empty wallet, yes.) Must I really abandon them as a spurned lover and fall into the chocolatey embrace of Haigh’s?

      I would go to Haigh’s right now, then, if the closest one wasn’t about 1000km away. 🙁

  3. Lisa (bakebikeblog)

    oooh I love Haighs!!!

  4. Hedda

    ooooooooh said officemate was rather glad the author wasn’t sitting next to her while she read this post as her face went quite pink (almost, you could say, to a shade of tomato) with pleasure/embarrassment at the lovely compliments 🙂

    Thus begins what I know will be a solid office relationship (dare I say friendship?) founded on mutual love of food, oh and maybe the occasional exchange about, errr something like a PhD or some such thing?

  5. Lorraine @ Not Quite Nigella

    Aww what a nice officemate! So why don’t all office mates bear gifts of chocolate? Now that is how to get along isn’t it!

  6. L-Izzle

    I have a lovely officemate/boss-lady, who I call my ‘Mother Hen’, despite only being 2 years older than me. She baked me cupcakes on my birthday (despite definitely NOT being a baker… so I was particularly appreciative of the gesture. And they turned out good, too!!), will randomly offer me mornings/afternoons/whole days off if she thinks I need it (like when she found out I was moving house, she did her best to tweak the system so I could get paid time off for when removalists/delivery/electricity/etc etc people were coming), and always gives me the most fun/interesting/creative jobs to do, because she knows I really enjoy them. Plus we’re trying to plan an Ikea road trip to Sydney, given I’ve just moved into my new place, and she and her boyfriend have just bought a house they’ll need to furnish. Wooooo! Road trip! Spring break! Four more years! Woooooo!

    … she’s yet to give me chocolate, though.

    I have such a soft spot for Haigh’s. When I was really little, my dad used to go on business trips to Adelaide. He’d always bring back their chocolates and fudge. I remember growing up with this sense of Adelaide as this mystical city where the chocolate came from. Even now, whenever I go to Melbourne or Sydney, I HAVE to buy some… it’s not even as though I’m crazy about their products themselves.. though don’t get me wrong – I certainly enjoy them! But there’s other stuff I probably prefer. I just get giddy when I walk into the stores…brings back near-hysterical childish glee at mysterious packages filled with all sorts of goodies from far away!

    1. L-Izzle

      I should add that I also have an officemate who is less fantastic, but I chose to accentuate the positive and all that 😉

      Also, I sincerely hope your officemate’s name is Spanner. That would rule.

  7. whisperinggums

    I’m very glad you have a great office-mate – I know all about great office-mates having shared an office with someone who’d been one of my closest friends before and remained so afterwards. One of life’s great experiences… Oh, and I am partial to chocolate and honeycomb but I bet you didn’t save any for me.

  8. Anna Johnston

    I think Officemate should be seriously rewarded & made an example for all to aspire too.

  9. hungryandfrozen

    Hands up and a high five for the awesome office mate! I’m lucky enough to sit next to a good ‘un too. I do love honeycomb, I like the ratio that this bar has going on. Cool to see that Haigh’s have been around so long and are still producing chocolate!

  10. Johanna GGG

    I am very partial to haigh’s – in fact I spent an afternoon watching them wrap chocolates at their factory after a work trip to Adelaide some years ago – we missed the tour but got to just watch them at work – the smell of the place was fantastic (and watching them work was more interesting than the one cadbury tour I have done over in Dunedin).

    Though I have to tell you my two office mates are ace and I am quite sad that we will be parting ways very soon – one is even a fellow food blogger!

  11. Simply Life

    that does sound like a pretty thoughtful person to be sharing your workday with! 🙂

  12. Amber Shea @Almost Vegan

    Any office mate you could possibly have beats ANY of my co-workers by default, I promise. There’s the lady who plays an imaginary piano by banging her fingers on her desk while she’s on hold…the chick who “sniffles” every few minutes, except she’s not sniffling, she’s snorting with all her might to drag copious amounts of phlegm down into her throat…the girl who talks all day long about almost nothing besides her periods and bowel movements…the guy who tells these couple other guys stories all day long about his World of Warcraft exploits, but only half the time does he talk in real words, as the rest of the time he describes using only monstrously loud sound effects…the woman who talks to her suicidal teenage daughter on the phone nearly all day every day…the girl who mentioned a couple weeks ago that she ate a “chicken seizure salad” for lunch…oh my crap, I could go on and ON, but that at least gives you a rough picture. Lucky you for having an awesome office mate!

    And honeycomb bits?! Yum!

  13. Fiona

    Oooh now I have another person to buy haighs for when in Melbs.

  14. Louise

    hhhhhhhhhhh (sharp intake of air). OMG. You hadn’t had Haigh’s? Wow. But you’ve done all that world travelling and eaten all that world chocolate (I’m still not over the Vestri pistachio incident you know), and you haven’t had Haigh’s? It’s like every Canadian tourist you meet in Australia who has never seen the Rockies. Not that I think Haigh’s is quite the Rockies, but well you know what I mean. I have been eating Haigh’s for more than 20 years on my frequent sojuourns to Melbourne, and now can in Sydney too. I don’t think I ever had a bar though, I’d normally buy their individual chocolates- or their Christmas puddings for my mother. Their chocolate is generally really quite sweet. My favourites have always been the passionfruit, rose and violet. Although last time I had them I found the rose and violet really a bit too sweet and cloying and overtly artificial flavoured, which is a great disappointment to me- I assume it’s me that’s changed not Haigh’s. They had a nice mango in milk chocolate which sounds a bit weird but was nice. I too have been drawn away from Haigh’s by Koko Black- their raspberry truffle is probably my faovurite, and quite divine. Oh, and I’m so glad that you’ve lucked out on the office mate lottery of life- she got pretty lucky too I’d say.

  15. Conor @ HoldtheBeef

    Whoa, your officemate is awesome. I have two officemates now after one recently left. He was lovely but I was secretly happy to see him go as he was a consta-sniffer and throat clearer and no amount of loveliness can rectify this, in my opinion. Not even a whole case of Haigh’s could fix this.

    I quite liked my other two officemates until I read this. I think some changes need to be made.

  16. Camille

    Bone-building calcium! Yes! How have I not considered this aspect of chocolate’s healthfulness before? (I have, though, considered it in respect to Kahlua and cream cocktails…) To quote a college friend of mine, “Women NEED calcium!)

  17. Camille

    That was supposed to be one of these: “

  18. Agnes

    I wish I had myself for an officemate, because I bring the baked goods to work almost every Monday. Teehee. (My officemates are fun though! They just don’t feed me.)