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  1. Louise

    Ah Hannah. Lovely post. Always nice to see more gelato. I think you were attracted to the American tourist because of her smurf costume, even before the smurf kitchen came into being! As one married to a wedding photographer I don’t think I’ve seen a more hideous pose than that poor couples. I just hope that shot isn’t adorning a wall somewhere. The costume gallery is beautiful. What you need is aforementioned professional photographer spouse. He can leave his camera artfully slung over shoulder, shoot from the hip and take subversive photos where he shouldn’t! And that poor ex-creature has me quite disturbed. I think it’s a lamb, or maybe veal. The neck is at the front there, and you have a forelimb of a tiny cloven hoofed beast.

  2. Amber Shea @Almost Vegan

    Nooo, it can’t be over! :'[ Well, we’ll get you a “Glimpses of Kansas City” post in due time ;D

    That dress on the right is the one that caught my eye too!
    Haha, oh goodness, the blue pantsuit…yes, so very American, I am ashamed to say.

  3. Jess

    I too cannot figure out what those butchers are hacking up, at first I thought it was a rabbit but it has a hoof so maybe a pigglet but then it doesnt really look like that either??
    Lol @ those weddings photos – classic

  4. Simply Life

    wow, what I would give to be there right now eating that gelato!

  5. Sadako

    Ahh! Those dresses are making me sigh with longing. SO NICE!

  6. Fiona

    Love the bridal shot… oh and the blue tracksuit.

  7. Lisa (bakebikeblog)

    haha where? where? where is the Amerian Tourist? Is it the girl with the green backpack 😉 hehe

  8. Lauren

    You know, I think that woman is rocking a very European type of tacky. If she were American, she’d be several sizes larger and with a worse haircut. I wouldn’t be surprised if she were a tacky Italian!

  9. Anna Johnston

    Aahhh, you know how to get a giggle out of the travel pics. And, of course g/f…, you do realise the PhD gets dumped if your running short of blog fodder right? It would be dreadful leaving us all hanging like that. Don’t tease us 🙁

  10. Kath Lockett

    Your photos are always so wonderfully witty but also do a brilliant job of taking us along for the ride.

  11. Lorraine @ Not Quite Nigella

    Hmm I wonder what animal that limb belonged to! It looks like a very skinny leg and tiny foot. Now I’m intrigued. And yes that statue is suggestive! 😛 LOL I never know what to say when people show me the wedding albums of them doing those shots. Inside I’m cringing!

  12. Ladybird

    Hahahha.. your photos are hilarious! I think the guy is looking into the heavens thinking “Why did I let her talk me into wearing this?!” Get a load of his shirt! baahhahahaha

  13. Jess

    “And then I’ll simply have to quit the PhD and go travelling again to procure more blog-fodder.”

    Starting a PhD has gotten me to do more travelling in one year than I’ve ever done before in my life! Do you get travel allowances/grants to attend overseas conferences and the like during your PhD?

    That wedding photo is simply amazing. I can’t look away. The drama! The facial expressions! THE GUY’S SHEER SLEEVES. I love it.

  14. hungryandfrozen

    LOL @ “Spot the American Tourist”. Those three old women are wonderful – I know it’s the wrong country but I immediately thought of the Triplets of Belleville.

  15. Conor @ HoldtheBeef

    I couldn’t believe the white pants. Until I saw the blue ones. Oh, the horror. I think we can all be truly, truly thankful that you weren’t close enough to capture any possible camel toe. Ugh.

    Those old ladies are totally carrying gold, frankincense and myrrh in their bags. This is confirmed by the Christmas colour socks.

  16. Camille

    I know! They’re ALL American tourists: Girl In Ratty White Jean Shorts, Couple Wearing Sneakers and Backpacks, and of course, Lady in Obnoxious Blue Tracksuit!

    And I also thought the lamp base was squatting to do its business. 🙂

  17. Monique@She's Going The Distance

    This post is fantastic! I’m all for dropping everything and traveling. Except, I haven’t actually done it (since the last time three years ago). I need to start doing more of that 🙂

  18. Ashley@thehungryscholar

    I love your posts. I wish I could travel more. Boo, boo.

  19. Agnes

    Haha. There’s a reason we didn’t do the whole “professional wedding photos” thing and that photo is a great example of why (tho to be honest, we didn’t do the traditional wedding either).

    Oh, and I saw pretty cows in Switzerland! They had bells and everything!

    1. Agnes

      Oh crap, I just realised the cows were talked about in a *different* post. But you know what I mean.

  20. Johanna GGG

    I thought those newly weds were street performers – you know the type that pose as statues! It is a very odd pose for newly weds but a good one for street performers!