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  1. Anna Johnston

    Desperate times deserves desperate actions my friend 🙂 I mean for goodness sake…., you’d just survived a near miss with the threat of another round of toe surgery, how upsetting would that have been 🙂

    1. Hannah

      Sadly I’m not out of the woods in that regard, so I might have to bake up a huge batch of meringues for panic-pavlova, just in case… 😉

  2. Jess

    there is nothing worse than a gammy toe, everytime you walk or stand you are reminded of it.

    1. Jess

      Why why my stupid gravatar work, jezzus!

    2. Hannah

      For over a year. Ugh.

  3. thirtyandhealthy

    Ouch! That toe sounds painful 🙁 Pavlova was deserved and the nutritional benefits of that yoghurt made it a completely healthy and worthwhile dinner in my opinion!

    1. Hannah

      Hurrah! It was a complete and balanced meal after all, ze internets say so! 😀

  4. Simply Life

    wow, I’m so impressed – what an experience!

    1. Hannah

      That’s one way of looking at it – thanks!

  5. whisperinggums

    I always knew it was internet-love!

    1. Hannah

      Sometimes you’re nice to talk to as well, though.

  6. gmasydney

    Oh no! not YBT still – I thought it was under control. I’m sure that 7 p.m. dinner must do it some good too just as the pavlova did your heart good.

    1. Hannah

      Nope, not yet – I hope YLT is treating you better! And yes, that’s a good way of looking at it – one dinner for the soul, another for the toe!

  7. Monique@She's Going The Distance

    that looks so dang good! 🙂

    1. Hannah

      Thanks, it tasted pretty fine too 🙂

  8. cleaneatingchelsey

    Ouch! I am sorry about your foot. The hubby had to have surgery on his a couple years back as he dropped a trailer on it. No fun!

    1. Hannah

      Gosh, that sounds terrible! Although I wish I’d done something as spectacular as dropping an entire trailer on my foot. That’s an awesome story, at the very least! 😛

  9. L-Izzle

    The final post in this series needs to combine all we’ve learnt so far…. “HOW TO EAT PAVLOVA LIKE A GERMAN.”

    1. Hannah

      But I’m all out of pavlova! OH NOES! Continuity fail!

      1. L-Izzle

        It’s okay, I can imagine how a German would eat pavlova…methodically and efficiently and humourlessly, with an eye to world domination. And also possibly while wearing lederhosen. That’s pretty much spot-on, right!?

  10. Lauren

    My version from earlier tonight is far less exciting:

    “How To Eat Korean Barbecue Like Lauren”:

    6:30 : Ask for (2) pork bellies and (1) bulgogi beef with vegetables.
    6:31 : Nod apologetically when waitress says, “No, no! Three more? Four more? Three is not enough! Seafood pancake? Kimchi chigae?”
    6:32 : Immediately order three more dishes just so the intimidating waitress will leave.

    1. Hannah

      I’m on the waitress’ side. How on earth could you go to a Korean restaurant and not order a kimchi dish? Sure, you get some free at the beginning, but we’re talking a whole dish revolving around kimchi. What were you thinking? 😛

  11. Simply Life

    P.S. I asked your question about OpenSky shipping internationally (great question) and they said they intend to do that but it might be several months (I think they said maybe 9 months). Thanks!

    1. Hannah

      Oooh, that’s exciting! I foresee brokeness in 9 months!

  12. Hannah

    L-Izzle: That’s so incredibly non-PC I’m actually speechless. Amazing. ((This German has quite a good sense of humour, actually, although there’s a slight chance I told him that, what with our current government situation, now might be a good time for Germany to invade. If they so chose.))

  13. Agnes

    Oh, and here I thought that you normally ate chocolate for dinner! :p

    1. Hannah

      You’re so close, BFF. I generally eat my chocolate about an hour before dinner, so my taste buds and appetite are on the ball 😉

  14. Conor @ HoldtheBeef

    Ugh. Marking. It does my head in. I seem to have somehow gotten out of tutoring any units this semester, and I’m hoping if I keep out of sight I won’t get roped into doing any marking for anyone. I’m quite good at slinking around, unless, say, a pavlova were to appear from somewhere. Then the jig would be up!

    1. Hannah

      Oooh, so I know how to flush you out if you ever decide to turn hermit. Pavlova! So far, this marking is less soul-destroying, as my own students seem to be more on the ball than the students from the other uni. However, it’s taking me a lot longer, because I’m spending more time on comments because I need to face these students afterwards!

  15. Amber Shea @Almost Vegan

    “Hollow inside with a chewy bottom” – hehe!

    I’m still looking forward to hearing more about the pavlova-eating German… ;]

    1. Hannah

      Yep, it’s a pretty soul-destroying self-description, isn’t it? And I’ll try to write soon – just pretty taken over with marking right now! 🙁

  16. Johanna GGG

    shame you didn’t have some crunchie rocks on hand – that would have been excellent! I did think that there was room enough for both choc chips and strawberries on the pav – kept waiting for the strawberries to appear and suddenly it was the end of the post – but am enthused at the idea of yoghurt on pav – have you tried king island honey and cinnamon yoghurt – or it that getting away from the token health gesture 🙂

    1. Hannah

      *laughs* You’re right, I probably could have added the strawberries too, but I’ve never liked the combination of strawberries and chocolate. The number of times I’ve tried choc-dipped strawbs and then regretted it… That King Island yogurt is fantastic, though I haven’t had it in ages! Might be a bit rich for this application, though. I needed something not-at-all sweet to counter the pavlova’s sweetness 🙂

  17. Vaala ◪

    Ah, that song…I love that song! And the music video is so cute and awesome! And I need sleep (sad because it is only just 8pm and I’ve been wanting to go to bed since about 1:30 this afternoon).

    1. Vaala ◪

      And Diver Dan? Sigh…

    2. Hannah

      My emotions are being torn at the moment. I’m halfway through season 1 (Diver Dan) with my mum, and halfway through season 3 (Max) at home. I don’t know how to feel or who to love more….

      1. Vaala ◪

        Hmmm, I’m definitely a Diver Dan girl all the way…

      2. Hannah

        But Max’s eyes… they’re like the window to MY soul….

  18. Fiona

    love the story telling of the saga

    1. Hannah