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  1. Fiona

    confession : I love the Teletubbies, to the horror of my colleagues. Laalaa was my idol through Highschool.

    Sometimes I think I should read your blog as it makes me want chocokate, which I eat and regret. Yes.

  2. Agnes

    Oh Hannah, you DIDN’T. I think you need a sponsor. Next time you feel the urge to eat cooking chocolate – stop, and call someone. GOODNESS.

    And in answer to your question: I ate brussel sprouts last night. I wish I hadn’t. 😉

  3. Louise

    Oh Hannah. Hannah. What were you thinking? Cooking chocolate isn’t edible, even when it’s a name brand not a home brand.I suspect you knew that, but I do realise that anything can happen late at night. I admire your honesty in blogging it. I must say that it isn’t going to make me pine like the Vestri post did (and still does). Even the woman on the wrapper looks embarrassed, or bemused at the very least at flogging the stuff. Oh and in the Sunday paper today I noticed a reference to the…….wait for it……Smurf Movie that is to be released next year!

  4. Kath Lockett

    Ah yes, I had an entanglement with this very same grey travesty a couple of years ago, long before ‘GoneChocco’. I commend you for your honesty and your bravery!

  5. L-Izzle

    Oh I have so many sub-standard chocolate regrets. Why did I waste my time, money, and possibly health for such unenjoyable products!!? Seriously, if I get diabetes from some of the bullshit I’ve eaten, I’m gonna be PISSED.
    (don’t really mind if it happens as a result of genuinely good items… that’s fair game)

    Today’s Sort-Of-But-Not-Really regret follows visiting Heidi/TCC at the markets. Upon seeing a few of the macaron flavours with only two left, I decided it’d be cruel to just leave one of each all on its ownsome. It’d be so lovely without its fellow-flavoured brothers and sisters!!
    So I asked for the remaining two of each of those flavours. But then I wanted to try some of the others… and I didn’t want to seem like I cared less about them by buying fewer – besides, what if they ended up being better?! and I’d only bought ONE!!? – so I got two of each of all the remaining flavours as well.

    End result? A lot of macarons. I would love to say that I’ll pace myself and daintily nibble on them over the coming days.. But honestly? I’m pretty sure they’ll all be demolished for dessert tonight.

    Like I said, I sort of regret this decision. But… um.. also not.

    1. L-Izzle

      *lonely…. but probably lovely, as well, come to think of it.

  6. croquecamille

    Yeah, those Teletubbies were frightening, weren’t they? Regrets… let’s see. I kinda wish I hadn’t finished that box of wine with three friends on Bastille Day. Oof.

  7. penny aka jeroxie

    It happens to me all the time. I am too impatient!

  8. Lorraine @ Not Quite Nigella

    Ahh we all get the urge to slum it on occasion! And sometimes it uncovers a gem. And hey if you were into non melting grey chocolate this might be it 😛

  9. Helen (grabyourfork)

    I applaud your selfless pursuit of chocolate egalitarianism. All chocolates are create equal! Forget about Anthony Bourdain being all macho about eating balut – Coles Dark Cooking Chocolate is gritty hard-core eating at its finest. lol. Seriously, I am in awe! Now we know why the woman on the front of the packet is looking so tense!

  10. Lisa (bakebikeblog)

    hahaha the telletubies are freakin’ strange arent they!!!

    oh my – I dont even cook with cooking chocolate hehe so I cant imagine eating it straight……

  11. Lauren

    Funny thing about Teletubbies — a long, long time ago, before Teletubbies had reached the U.S. market, my dad went on a business trip to London. He brought back this ridiculous yellow toy for my sister. We thought: Absurd! Those silly Brits! The toy was a joke we shared with every disbelieving visitor to our home. Then to our astonishment, a year or two later, Teletubbies saturated the U.S. market. I couldn’t believe Americans would embrace such a thing.

    Annd oh boy, good day to ask me about regrets. Nothing but a bubble tea and a zucchini muffin today, so I was STARVING on my way home tonight and picked up some sesame chicken and assorted Indian-ish food at a Wegmans buffet. Predictably, 30 minutes later: Blehh.

  12. Vaala ◪

    Is it sad that when I was a kid I used to love eating cooking chocolate? Perhaps this was because it was the only chocolate ever in the house but still…

    Yep, I seem to regularly do stuff I kinda wish I hadn’t…last night even. But we won’t go there.

  13. Niki

    Ewww, sounds and looks nasty!

  14. Hannah

    Fiona: Wow. There’s something I never would have expected to hear you say! You’re a woman of complexity, clearly.

    Agnes: I think you’re right. I notice, though, that you refrained from offering *your* mobile number to me in my hours of need…

    Louise: I only have one potential rebuttal to what you say, and that’s that I don’t think cooking chocolate *should* necessarily be awful! Surely if we’re supposed to eat it in baked form, it should taste okay normally too?! Also – yes, I’m interested in the Smurf movie 🙂 Not because I’ve ever like the Smurfs (don’t think I’ve even seen an episode) but it’s got Neil Patrick Harris in it, whom I’ve been in love with ever since Dr Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog.

    Kath: And it was just as grey when you had it? What a terrible Offical Masterchef Supermarket.

    L-Izzle: I’m often at my crankiest when I’ve wasted a meal’s worth of tummy space on a bad dish. I think that’s a contributing factor to my ambivalence about eating out – I *hate* wasting eating opportunities on something that doesn’t make me gleeful 😉 Also, that was such a lie of a regret: “oh, poor me, I have more macarons than everyone else around me, woe woe woe”. Hmph.

    Camille: Was that when you facebooked about playing Mariokart? How could that have been a bad thing? 😀

    Penny: Impatience can be a curse sometimes, can’t it? Like when it makes us burn our tongues trying to eat something yummy when it’s too hot… 😛

  15. Hannah

    Lorraine: Positive thinking, I like it! So the good thing is I now know to avoid grey UnMelting chocolate 🙂

    Helen: Teehee, I feel quite stupendous after your comment, like I just saved a puppy from a burning building or something 😀 Maybe I’m a Chocolate Superhero of some sort?

    Lisa: You’ve got the right idea, my dear! Horrific stuff!

    Lauren: Teehee. I can’t believe you actually thought you as Americans were superior to another culture in terms of pop culture 😉 Come on, lady…. you brought the world Jersey Shore. (And yes, I do remember that you watch that :D) Is the Wegman’s buffet really that bad? Should’ve stuck with the chocolate aisle…

    Vaala: I definitely still have a nostalgic spot in my heart for my primary school days spent stealing Nestle chocolate “bits/drops”, meant for cooking, for an afternoon snack. But they didn’t try to break my teeth, like this did. And ooh, now you *have* to tell about last night!

    Niki: Yep, it was pretty awful! I’m silly sometimes.

  16. croquecamille

    The MarioKarting started *before* the box of wine…

  17. hungryandfrozen

    LOL. We had terrible chocolate when I was growing up, cooking chocolate was the height of awesome. I guess you don’t know much better when the choice isn’t out there. Now I wouldn’t go near the stuff. No point making something with chocolate if it’s only going to taste un-chocolatey and awful at the end. Good on you for trying though, even if it was a grey product.

    I’m always doing or saying things and then regretting them. I’ve learned to talk and move very, veeeerrrry slowly, one frame at a time, so I’ve got time to think about unintended consequences.

  18. Agnes

    What do you think I am – craaaaaazy?

  19. Hannah

    Camille: I still wish I’d been there 😀

    HungryandFrozen: Sometimes ignorance isn’t bliss, then, in the case of chocolate? 😛 My main problem is overanalysing conversations I’ve had with people after I’ve had them, and suddenly deciding that *something* I said is clearly going to make them want to throw hellfire and brimstone at me. I’ve been working towards accepting that this is, nine times out of ten, probably not true.

    Agnes: Yes. Because you chose me as your BFF. 🙂

  20. goddessvaala

    Ah, I’m glad I’m not the only one who used to do that then!

    Hmmm, I’m not sure my story is blog-friendly!

  21. Hannah

    Vaala: Email-friendly? 😉

  22. Vaala ◪


  23. Agnes

    Hmm. Yes, there is that. 😉

  24. Conor @ HoldtheBeef

    Have they really quoted that wishy washy looking housewife as saying “I love to serve up delicious chocolate desserts”?? And why does the cake she’s holding look very unchocolatey? It’s all a bit suss..

  25. Hannah

    Conor: “I love to serve up delicious chocolate desserts… so can someone please tell me why I’m holding an overcooked sponge that looks and tastes like death?” (Still, at least it isn’t Curtis Stone spruiking it.)