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  1. Kath Lockett

    Sorry to hear that the toe isn’t behaving itself and reading this after just having dinner now makes me crave gelato so badly it hurts….

    …still, there’s always chocolate, I suppose!

  2. Johanna

    great to hear from real Hannah – I am sure real hannah doesn’t need a bowl when there is a tub of ice cream about – and I can appreciate that you love lemon flavour when I don’t but only one baguette in paris – that is criminal – they are heaven on a stick or should that be heaven in a stick!

  3. Chef Dennis

    Hi Hannah
    i too love gelato! on my last trip to Rome with my son, we had gelato 3 times a day……superfarket gelato has come a long way, but still not quite up to par in the states…..we do have a lot more gelato shops now in Philadelphia , and some are quite good.
    thanks for sharing your perspective on gelato!

  4. Lorraine @ Not Quite Nigella

    Best of luck with the toe Hannah! You poor thing! 🙁 And yes that is the exact way I feel about a well executed lemon dessert. That’s why i adore lemon meringue pie where the lemon is truly lemony but the meringue counters it.

    The reason I don’t like supermarket tub ice cream is because it’s essentially full of air (as they sell on volume). It sounds like it’s an International practice! And did you know that Margaret Thatcher used to be involved in trying to find ways to inject more air into ice cream (before being P.M.)? 😛

  5. Simply Life

    oh my gosh, I wish I could have all of those for breakfast right now! 🙂

  6. croquecamille

    1. Black and white photos are ALWAYS arty.

    2. I think you’re really going to like the frozen yogurt I’m working on. 😉

  7. Amber Shea @Almost Vegan

    I’d throw my vegan stance out a tenth story window and watch it get run over by a monster truck if it meant I could try a taste of that nutty caramello, aah!

    It’s almost impossible for me to run in Whole Foods, even for just one item, and be in there for any less than a half hour.

    Only ONE baguette in France?! Hannah! How COULD you?!? This is an outrage!

  8. Amber Shea @Almost Vegan

    Also, I am so sorry about your toe :[ There’s actually something I haven’t told you, and I think now’s the time, though this is probably not the place…well, delete this after reading if you wish, but here goes.

    I’m having a toe saga of my own =/ Nothing as bad as yours, but here’s the deal. I’m a marathon runner, as you know. On New Years Eve, my left big toe hurt a bit for a few hours, and that was that. Then it turned completely black. I assume years of repetitive running trauma did that. So, toenail is black as night, and its growth slows waaay down, AND it turns sort of…humpy. Like higher and more convex than it should be.

    Fast-forward 7 months to the Saturday before last. Matt and I are at our favorite local wine bar eating hummus and sipping champagne. I’m wearing some super-cute 5.5-inch (14cm) heeled sandals that Matt bought me in Chicago. I hook my left foot on the rung of the barstool beneath me. Foot slips. Toenail catches on rung. Toenail separates from nail bed. Toe bleeds all over floor of wine bar. Matt runs to get a towel and cleans up the best he can while I try and keep from crying. Embarrassed and in pain, I hobble out, with Matt’s help.

    The nail is currently hanging by a thread. I’m afraid to take it off, because I feel like the nail bed needs to be covered/protected. I’ve peroxided the crap out of it, and the tissue is, by now, totally dead and painless. I’ve been antibiotic-ointmenting and wrapping it in fresh gauze daily. I’m not sure what to do but bear with it. I haven’t been able to run, which sucks, but I need to let this heal right, even if it means missing the marathon this fall.

    ::Sigh:: There is my 7-months-long-so-far saga. So when I say I understand your frustration, even just to a point, now you can see that I’m not lying :]

  9. Lisa (bakebikeblog)

    Hope the toe is fixed soon!!
    Mmmmm gelato – it will always bring back so many fond memories of our trip to Italy….I think I ate my weight in gelato while I was there (oh that and pizza!)

  10. Hannah

    Kath: Thanks – I just hope that, one day, I’ll be able to put my foot in something besides a birkenstock. I hope your post-dinner chocolate was gelato-substitute worthy!

    Johanna: I know… I half expected someone to arrest me at the border to Italy and force multiple yeast + flour creations down my throat! And real Hannah definitely doesn’t need a bowl for ice cream 😀

    Chef Dennis: You’re welcome! From experience, though, the ice creams you can get in the States are superior to what we get here in Australia! I didn’t make it to Philadelphia in my recent visit – next time I’ll have to put it on the itinerary and ask your advice about gelato!

    Lorraine: *gasp* She really *was* pure evil! 😀 In general, I don’t tend to care much for ice cream, but I have to say Maggie Beer’s Burnt Fig and Caramel supermarket version was pretty good! And thanks – I’ll pass on your well-wishes to the toe…

    Simply Life: Nah, I think you should stick with your granola pancakes 🙂

    Camille: I know, right? 😉 And ohhhh, I will! You have no idea how painful it is for me to read about all the self-serve + myriad candy toppings frozen yogurt cafes in the States… so I know that a Camille-created version will be torturous!

    Amber: Well, to be fair, I was busy eating 66 macarons in Paris! Who needs bread when you have 66 macarons? 😀 But Amber, you poor thing! That’s awful, and yes, I think we completely understand each other… though in a perfect world we wouldn’t need to! *sigh* Have you been to see a doctor about it? Though it sounds like you’ve done all you can do. My mum also knocked her toenail almost off and has been trying to “keep it in place” until it falls off properly and the new one grows. Hopefully once this toe-trauma of yours has healed, then new toenail won’t have the same black issue as before. But I’m really, really, sorry sweetie – that sucks 🙁 (Most importantly, though, did the super cute shoes survive? Thank heavens you weren’t wearing those hot white boots!)

    Lisa: Thanks 🙂 And I don’t anyone can say they’ve truly been to Italy UNLESS they ate their weight in gelato there 🙂

  11. Lorraine @ Not Quite Nigella

    Oh Hannah I should clarify that I think the ice creams like Maggie Beer aren’t like that. I think they would make proper ice cream. I mean the tubs like Peters and Pauls and Streets have a lot of air into them 😉

  12. Conor @ HoldtheBeef

    Your toe is really starting to make me unhappy. If this continues any longer I may be forced to come over there and give it a stern talking to. Very stern. With finger waggling and a furrowed brow and everything 🙁

    I’d expect nothing less from you than polishing off the tubs in one sitting. I did exactly this one night in Montreal recently – it had been a very long day in the lab, and on my way home to my hotel I bought a massive tub of ice cream, knowing full well I didn’t have a freezer in my room and confident that this would not be a problem. It wasn’t.

    No ice cream in my house today though, and it’s all stormy and nasty outside so no moseying down to the shops! Wah!

  13. Amber Shea @Almost Vegan

    The shoes were just fine – PHEW! I hope your mom’s nail heals as does mine. And yours too! In the meantime, I suppose we’ll have to be travel-, peanut-butter-, poetry-, Little-House-On-The-Prairie-, cute-shoe-, AND toe-buddies-meant-to-be. :]

  14. Hannah

    Lorraine: Okay, so we can put Maggie Beer and Gundowring in the “acceptable” category, and ice creams of Streets’ ilk in the “horrible and tastes like frozen watery sugar” category 😀

    Conor: Thank you for your caringness – it truly is much appreciated 🙂 Particularly as I had to do an emergency return to the doctor today, for it seems 48 hours between appointments is too long for the toe – 24 hours is more it’s style. And it’ll be less than 24 hours when I’m back there tomorrow. Woot! Teehee, I shouldn’t admit how many times I had the “I have no freezer but I’m absolutely buying this whole tub of ice cream anyway” conversation with myself on my travels. And there’s more photo evidence too, if I decide to post about it 😛

    Amber: Amen, sister 🙂 Even reading that makes me happy. xo

  15. thehungryscholar


    They have this tiramisu gelato at our local coffee shop, which they rarely serve. It drives me crazy! I want it everyday.

  16. Monique@She's Going The Distance

    The B&W picture’s cute!! I mean, artsy 🙂 And gelato?!?! YUM! I’m ready for some now, wanna ship it over to me in a freezer bag?!? Haha. If not, I’ll allow you to eat it all I guess. Straight out of the carton 🙂

  17. Baking Serendipity

    I’m a little embarrassed to say I’ve never had gelato. Shocking I know! I’m just not that worldy I guess. Your pictures make it look delicious. Definitely moving it up on that list of foods that picky old me needs to try 🙂

  18. Melissa @ For the Love of Health

    mmmm gelato! I can’t even imagine how good the gelato is right in Italy!

  19. Hannah

    TheHungryScholar: Have you told them you want it more regularly? Pester pester pester! People power! You can do it! 😀

    Monique: I can’t even get it myself in Australia – Florence is a loooong way away! But thank you for so considerately allowing me to eat the hypothetical versions 🙂 (And for agreeing that the photo is artsy :P)

    Baking Serendipity: I wasn’t really that interested in it before I went to Italy! Maybe you should save your gelato-trying for a trip to Europe yourself 😀

    Melissa: I can tell you – pretty. darn. amazing. 😀

  20. penny aka jeroxie

    That lemony one looks So awesome. No bowl policy is the way to go. How could you when it looks that good.

  21. Hannah

    Penny aka jeroxie: Exactly! I think we should throw out all bowls and eat everything straight from the tub/saucepan/soup-pot… 😀

  22. Force Factor Nitric

    Aloha! I decided I might drop a short comment considering that I’ve spent the greater part of the past 30 minutes reading through your blog posts. I’m fascinated with the quality of writing you’ve got yourself here, and I will undoubtedly be back again to say hiya again later on. Well that is all I need to say! Thanks again and also nice to ‘meet’ you 🙂

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