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  1. L-izzle

    Lovely lovely lovely! I have nothing to contribute but those three (uhhhh…one?) words. And that is a good thing, as they were directed at the following, in order: this chocolate, your writing, you 🙂

  2. L-izzle

    Oh! And ALSOOO…poppy seed cake has a very special place in my heart, capable of causing huge tsunami-scale waves of nostalgia in me. For no reason at all, as i really don’t remember it featuring prominently in my childhood. But it’s just one of those ‘nostalgic’ foods (i LOVE the cook book ‘Cherry Cake and Ginger Beer’, which is a collection of recipes based on the foods eaten in classic children’s stories. Very much along those similarly nostalgic-feeling lines. Fabulous!). Anyway, i vote that when we finally have a big silly girly sleep-over, your mum comes too, and brings poppyseed cake, to accompany your lemon delicious pudding and my….erm….charm and good looks? Yeah. That’ll do.

  3. Fiona

    Hehe looks interesting 🙂

  4. Agnes

    Oooooh pretzels! Hey, when you were in America, did you come across any pretzel m&ms? I WANT.

  5. whisperinggums

    Now, the trouble with your moving out is that I don’t get to try some of these chocolates any more. Still, tonight I did have some nice (boring to you now) Lindt Chilli chocolate that a good fairy left here the other day.

  6. Simply Life

    wow! that is such a fun combination!

  7. Lorraine @ Not Quite Nigella

    I see you as a genius female and much better looking version of Willy Wonka Hannah! 😀

  8. thehungryscholar

    It is a really beautiful chocolate bar.

    Do you ever make your own chocolate bars?

  9. BitterSweet

    So at least the concept has potential… I bet you could do pretty amazing things by melting down good quality chocolate and tossing in your own ingredients. Not too hard to do, and it would make a great gift! 🙂

  10. croquecamille

    Did you happen to find the Chocolate Bar when you were in New York? I feel stupid now for not telling you about it before. Anyway, one time my former boss went on a trip to New York (actually, she was invited to cook at the Beard House!) and to thank me for holding down the fort while she was gone, she brought me a box of bars from there. The very first one I tried was the salty pretzel chocolate, which was marvelous. There was one each of milk and dark in the box, but now I can’t remember which I liked more.

  11. Amber Shea @Almost Vegan

    Another brilliant creation from the mind of Hannah! This one sounds particularly snack-worthy; I like it.

    It’s true, Cinnamon Toast Crunch cereal is barely cinnamon-y at all…we like to replace real flavors with sugar here in the U.S. :[

    “abstemiousness” – Word choice such as this, among other reasons, is why I love you :]

  12. Johanna

    sounds like more experimenting with customisation is in order – I like the idea of poppy seeds – wouldn’t think to have these in a chocolate but I too have a fondness for poppy seed cake so am looking forward to when you blog about your mum’s

  13. Tammy McLeod

    Chocomize. What a great concept! I like that you added pretzels – maybe like smiling monkeys instead of the nuclear sign. And did you really say “abstemiousness”?

  14. Hannah

    L-Izzle: Your charm and good looks are definitely fabulous enough to balance out a poppyseed cake and lemon delicious. I like your plan.

    Fiona: I shall take that as a compliment 😀

    Anges: No!! The little blighters were released after I left! *sob* I reckon my first-born can cover a couple packets of M&Ms for us too, though.

    Whisperinggums: Hand over heart, I promise to *sometimes* save you tastes of my new chocolates. 🙂

    Simply Life: Isn’t it just? The Chocomize concept is fabulous.

    TheHungryScholar: I never have, but it’s a bit of a dream. The whole “tempering” part scares the pants off me though!

    Bittersweet: You’re very right – such a creation may not have quite the crisp snap of a real chocolate bar, but I could make all kinds of chocolate-covered yummies… oooh, cogs in motion…

    Camille: Oh noes! It hurts my heart to know I missed out on amazing chocolate stores. Still, it’s good to know there are new (to me) places to return for!

    Amber: Aw, thank you! Perhaps we should start off our poem-sharing with me writing an acrostic about abstemiousness. 😛 Cinnamon Toast Crunch can hit the midnight-study-break-snack spot, though! Any chance you’ll create a raw version sometime? 😛

    Johanna: Teehee, now I have to blog about it, don’t I? Fabulous, this gives me another excuse to sneak back to the parents’ place to get the cookbook and soak up some free internet in the meantime 😛

    Tammy: It seems that I did! I didn’t even think about that word when writing it, so it makes me giggle that people have mentioned it. Plus, I really like looking at the pretzels as smiling monkies. 🙂

  15. Kath Lockett

    Oooh yes I can see how the salty crunch of pretzels would definitely work…

    Maybe combining all three key ingredients was too much but they’d all taste lovely on their own…?

    Sapph and I are keyed up to make your peanut butter tabasco cookies this coming week as a ‘school holiday culinary adventure’…. If all else fails, we’ll have morning tea at San Churro.

  16. Kristy

    I heart the combination of chocolate and pretzels, I really should try coating my gf pretzels with chocolate.

  17. Lisa @ bakebikeblog

    oh my – dark chocolate with pretzels … I am intrigued…I guess the salty and sweet would work well together though!!!

  18. Hannah

    Kath: Teehee, I love that you have a contingency plan. Though I don’t think anything I’ve envisioned could ever hold a candle to San Churro! Those Catanies are brilliant 🙂

    Kristy: I’ve actually considered that myself, though I’m not sure what pretzels here in Aus are any good. What GF ones do you like?

    Lisa: Salty + sweet is one of the best combinations out there, at least in my opinion. I guess that’s why there are about a squillion sea salt + chocolate bars reviewed on my blog already! 😀

  19. Baking Serendipity

    Delicious! I love the combination in these 🙂