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  1. Stacy (StacyGrowsHealthy)

    Oh my, I feel very undereducated in one of my favorite desserts! I need to read up and possibly sample some higher end chocolates.

  2. Johanna

    I want a pet giraffe – it will probably help me in my quest to know where the ankles are!!!

    that chocolate sounds wonderful – maybe some would help me lure my new pet giraffe to just follow me home rather than having to smuggle her out of the zoo under my jacket

  3. Tammy McLeod

    Great writing Hannah. I love the third person presentation of chocolate souffle.

  4. BitterSweet

    Oh, gnocchi, what a treat! I really do keep meaning to make them… Some time soon, for sure!

  5. Hannah

    Stacy: Oh, I would never want you to feel uneducated… but I definitely do want to encourage people to eat more (and better) chocolate! 😀

    Johanna: Oooh, a pet giraffe would be fantastic… though a little hard for me to house in my new tiny shared unit on the third floor! Whereas I’m sure the red panda would be hapy to just sleep on my bed and keep my toes warm at night. 🙂

    Tammy: Thanks Tammy! Sometimes I get bored with writing straight-up chocolate reviews 😛

    BitterSweet: And I’m sure they’ll be the best gnocchi in the world when you do 😀

  6. Kath Lockett

    I looked longingly at the smaller boxed Varlhona squares in DJs the other day but. just. couldn’t. pay. the. price they were asking for…. *sigh*

  7. Lorraine @ Not Quite Nigella

    Ooh they took the Valrhona name in vain it seems! Qu’elle horreur and of course we knew that if anyone could spot it, you would my dear girl 😉

  8. Simply Life

    oh that dish looks so good!

  9. Agnes

    Take that Boathouse By the Lake! You got owned!

    And it sounds like I need to get my hands on some of this Valrhona stuff.

  10. Hannah

    Kath: I haven’t even let myself enter places like DJs, upmarket delis, chocolate shops since returning from overseas (my tutoring job doesn’t start for another month, and I’m already paying rent). I’m not even allowed to go to Healthy Life tomorrow for their 20% off sale (sigh). So I feel your pain 😛

    Lorraine: No one gets away with trying to pull chocolate wool over MY eyes! 😀

    Simply Life: You’d have to ask my uncle whether it actually tasted good! 🙂

  11. Hannah

    Agnes: I believe a *snap* and a jaunty side-wiggle of the head is in order 😀 I hope you can find some – there used to be one store in Canberra that stocked Valrhona, but it, erm, burned down.

  12. Agnes

    “Uh HUH girlfriend, you got it going on!”

  13. hungryandfrozen

    Good as that gnocchi looks, it is indeed poor form to say something uses “X” in the hopes of basking in some of “X’s” reflected glory, when in fact there is no damned “X” present at all.

    I have to admit, I was a bit obsessed with Castle on a Cloud when I was five or so, it seemed very romantic and Cindella-ish at the time. And Cosette is a cool name. But agreed, in hindsight, there are songs on Les Mis that are, er, stronger.

  14. Hannah

    Agnes: Mmm-HMMM, I don’t take no smack from nobody.

    Laura: The only thing I can imagine is that they used Valrhona cocoa powder (I believe there’s such a thing) but in such a small amount as to be overwhelmed by egg. And I, too, liked Castle On A Cloud when I sang it in a vocal group during my single-digit years… but now I think Little People and Do You Hear The People Sing are far more fun 🙂

  15. croquecamille

    Yay! Speaking of Valrhona, have you gotten the little care package I sent? Not to spoil the surprise…

  16. Hannah

    Camille: *fluttering hands around chest like an 18th century lady* Oh my, oh my! I haven’t yet, but now I have even more reason to sit by the front window waiting for the postman (I also recently placed my first Book Depository order, you see). Speaking of, is your mailbox fixed yet? Your chocolate is still waiting to be posted!