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  1. Lorraine @ Not Quite Nigella

    OK you’re going to think I’m mad (and that’s ok BTW) but the chestnut cake reminds me of a Puli dog!

  2. Kath Lockett

    I am drooling, honestly drooling. THANK GOD it’s now official chocolate time (ie when I pretend it’s the first time I’ve had chocolate for the day) in the Lockett household!

  3. Amy

    it reminds me of “Hairy Maclary from Donaldson’s Dairy”

  4. Louise

    Hannah I believe your Mont Blanc is channeling Dougal from the Magic Roundabout. You perhaps are too young to know of it, although there is a newer incarnation. I’ve never had a Mont Blanc, but would like to give it a go sometime. I’m not certain that I like chestnut but well, I’m a brave soul. I agree that chocolate desert looks astounding. I’ll have to work out where Ble Sucre is and check it out soon.

  5. Simply Life

    wow, those are some great looking pastries!

  6. croquecamille

    Dear Hannah, thank you for playing hooky with me, and for reminding me what fun we had that afternoon! (I know the dog you’re talking about, but I have no idea what the breed might be named.) And for future reference, Pierre Hermé’s chocolate dome dessert is equally intriguing – there’s salt involved!

  7. shannon (the daily balance)

    oh my word.

    i die.

  8. whisperinggums

    I didn’t know you had a Mont Blanc there. Looks wonderful – even though like Louise I’m never fully convinced about chestnut. I want to love it but it so often disappoints.

    Love the Puli reference Lorraine.

  9. Vaala ◪

    Are you sure those desserts are actually real?! They look more like art (especially the glassy sphere one which looks like a fancy paper weight until you see the inside shot).

  10. theresa

    That is such a beautiful chocolate sphere. Though I agree with Vaala. It looks more like a fancy paperweight than a dessert. I wish we had a fancy, vegan patisserie in Townsville right now. I really feel like a fancy sweet.

  11. Hannah

    Lorraine: *grabs you and dances you around the room* Not mad! That’s EXACTLY the dog I was thinking of but couldn’t for the life of me remember the name of! (“Dog with ropey long hair” does not a good google search make.) 😀

    Kath: There are at the very least three separate Official Chocolate Times in the Hannah household. 1. Upon waking. 2. Mid-afternoon. 3. Last nibble before bed. I am glad to have led you to one of yours 😀

    Amy: Hercules Morse, as big as a horse!

    Louise: After a quick google… aww, cute! And this place is relatively near the Bastille and, if you time it right, the Bastille markets, so you can certainly coalesce sight-seeing and sight-eating!

    Simply Life: They tasted even better!

    Dear Camille, being too sick to go to work but not too sick to enjoy chocolatey amazingness is the best kind of malaise, I think! 😉 The dog I was thinking of was the puli, as Lorraine identified – was that what you were thinking of too?

    Shannon: Don’t do that! Although I’m sure this kind of treat could be found in heaven… 😀

    Whisperinggums: I think it’s just never done well, as a dessert, here in Aus. Lorraine has a chestnut cake on her blog that I dearly want to make – has rosemary, and isn’t too sweet. You and I should try it!

    Vaala: Oh, they were real. Soooooooo deliciously real. And that’s what you get in Paris’ patisseries… edible art 🙂

    Theresa: But you do! It’s called Theresa’s Kitchen, right? 😉 And this would never do for me as a paperweight – I’d never get anything written, as I’d be too busy eating…

  12. Lorraine @ Not Quite Nigella

    LOL I actually asked Mr NQN “what is that rope fur dog called?” and he gave me that look like “What on earth are you talking about?” (a look I’m very used to) 😛

  13. Hannah

    Lorraine: Teehee, love it! Life would be far simpler had someone chosen to name the breed Rope Fur in the first place 😉

  14. Johanna

    I would take the chocolate dessert over the mont blanc but I love the look of the latter – the chestnut strands look like pasta

    It is sad to say farewell to the paris posts but how lovely that you have them all here on your blog to visit when you need a little paris feeling

  15. Hannah

    Johanna: That’s a really lovely perspective – to use this blog as a pastry-lined memory box. Thanks Johanna 🙂

  16. Lauren

    I have seen similar-looking chocolate domes at shops around here. (Including certain Korean bakeries!) I have always overlooked the chocolate domes, assuming they were boring chocolate ganache all the way through. HOW WRONG I WAS. YUM.

  17. Amber Shea @Almost Vegan

    I too immediately thought “dog” upon seeing your Mont Blanc! Second thought: “Spaghetti!” I can barely even imagine what that tasted like…which only increases my jealousy!

    Jealousy at both of you…because wow, that is THE shiniest chocolate I have ever seen, and oh my god, WHAT is inside that beautiful bomb of lusciousness?!

  18. Hannah

    Lauren: SHILLA! I still doubt I’d choose a chocolate dome when there are crazier flavour options out there, but it’s good to know the basics needn’t disappoint 🙂 And you’ll start making things like this yourself soon, right? 😉

    Amber: Spaghetti dog! It was ridiculously shiny, but so soft and melty and chocolatey and moussey and mmmmm…. (excuse me a minute, raptures coming on).

  19. Amber Shea @Almost Vegan

    So last night, I was paging through other Hannah‘s cookbook My Sweet Vegan, looking for something to make (eventually settling on self-frosting peanut butter chocolate cupcakes), and I came upon her vegan Mont Blanc. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve flipped through that book and never stopped on that page. Now, someday, I must make that.

  20. Hannah

    Amber: Self-frosting peanut butter chocolate cupcakes and a Mont Blanc recipe? I think I’m going to have to check out Book Depository!

  21. Fiona

    I just love the shine on that last one

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