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  1. L-Izzle

    I am trying and failing to remember the significance of eyebrows in A Single Man. Except that Mr Young Hottie was in About A Boy, in which his eyebrows were plentiful and frightening.

    ….Gosh. I suck. I think it may have been during the flashbacky scene to him and Mr Dead Boyfriend sitting in that almost window-seat-esque thing reading their respective high-quality/trashy books. But I can’t for the life of me remember the situation……….help!?

    Also, those delicious-looking/sounding crispycrunchycrumblycrepey biscuits WANT TO BE CRUSHED BETWEEN MY FANGSSSSSSSSsss ohh so jealous!

    Oh, and please delight me with a description of those macarons. I’m squinting, trying to read the flavours, but poor eyesight paired with poor French is making things tough.

    While describing them, feel free to use as much flowery, drool-inducing language as you want. Thank you kindly.

  2. Conor @ HoldtheBeef

    I went and saw A Single Man a couple of weeks ago with my parents when they were in town. I loved it, my Mum loved it, my Dad sat there SIGHING AUDIBLY the entire time. If only I had some macarons to shut him up.

  3. Kristy

    I hope your toe has healed or close to healing. Is it amazing that no matter how old we are, calling mum always seems to help 🙂

    Can’t wait to hear more about the guy.

  4. Simply Life

    wow – i don’t think I’ve had anything with a seaweed flavor- interesting!

  5. OohLookBel

    What? A plane? He has a plane? Can’t wait to hear more about it.

  6. Lauren

    I like the dog in the Croque Tofou picture. If it is indeed a dog. I am known to see dogs where dogs are not, including out of the corner of my eye when I am pulling all-nighters in the library.

    And you know what? Upon looking further, it’s not a dog at all. It probably is for buoying boats or things. Shucks! Good picture nonetheless, but not as good as if it had been a dog.

  7. Vaala ◪

    Ooo, The Little Prince!! It might possibly be my favourite book ever…wish I could read French to see the original. And a friendly guy from Alabama with his own plane? Can’t wait to hear more (although hasn’t March 21st passed…or what date are we up to in your travel adventures? I’m so confused!).

  8. theresa

    I love love LOVE the croque tofu piccie with the adorable little dog running in the background. Tres magnifique!

  9. Hannah

    L-Izzle: I can’t quite remember either, but I think it was very early on. And there were eyebrows. And me crying. But that flashback scene? Pretty much all I want. So more crying. Macarons… Olive Oil and Vanilla, Apricot, Pistachio and Morello Cherry, and one other that I can’t remember. Except I didn’t actually eat any of them, so I can’t give you drool-worthy descriptions. Forgive me!

    Conor: *laughs* I wouldn’t be surprised if the exact same happened were I to see this with my parents! If only we had macarons to shut up everyone who failed to understand something about the world *cough Pauline Hanson cough*

    Kristy: Thank you! We’ll see how it goes over the next week. And yes, mums do have a certain power 🙂

    Simply Life: I loooooove seaweed. I’ve even heard of seaweed chocolates, but have never come across them myself!

    OohLookBel: Yep, that’s exactly what I sounded like! 😀

    Lauren: Dear heavens, you must be worn out from essays! I’ve been squinting at the photo for five minutes trying to work out how you managed to convince yourself it was a dog. Or maybe you convinced yourself it was dinner, what with your upcoming Summer adventures? 😉

    Vaala: Well, March 21 is in the past, but it’s next up in the travel-telling, if that makes sense? I should probably email him to see if he minds having a photo of himself put up here… One of my goals is to read Le Petit Prince in the original – I’m pretty good with written French, but I think it’ll still make the brain work pretty hard!

    Theresa: I’ve decided “food with a travel background” might be my invented niche 😛

  10. croquecamille

    Was it a Thursday? Wait, I have a calendar, I can check. Nope. Puzzling. (I ask because Thursday and Sunday are the market days up there, which might explain the bag o’ beans.)

  11. Lauren

    I am not alone!


    I love love LOVE the croque tofu piccie with the adorable little dog running in the background. Tres magnifique!

    It sooo looks like a little white dog with a smooshed face crouching down ready to jump for a frisbee. But mostly, finals are ruining my brain.

  12. whisperinggums

    I want some of those Crêpes Dentelle de Quimper – they sound just up my alley (except of course, not these days being wheat-free ‘n all). I’m not a huge biscuit/cookie eater but simple, crisp, dark sugary ones do get me in.

    Oh, and being called is a Mother’s lot, and pleasure (mostly!).

  13. L-Izzle

    PS. I totally thought the subject of this entry was some kind of joke – “A single man in possession of tofu……”

    bahahaha oh man. I’m so unitentionally great. And just wait til Other-Hannah tells you about Fried, With Prejudice, and our other clever/nerdy concoctions.

  14. Hannah

    Camille: Perhaps he bought them from Canal Bio, that wonderful place you pointed me to? Of perhaps they were FAKE broad beans filled with pods of crack.

    Lauren: Blow off finals! You’ve already been accepted by everywhere that matters! Come join me in doing-nothing-world 😀

    Whisperinggums: Oh no, you don’t want these. You want the ones I’m yet to review. They blew my mind, and I thought of you as soon as I tasted one 🙂

    L-Izzle: “… must be in want of a maple-miso glaze and a grill pan.” But Other Hannah hates Austen. Are these going to be mean puns?

  15. BitterSweet

    Ah, Paris, such a lovely place! I wish I could have spent more time there, and tried those tofu patties… They sound really good! I am especially fond of seaweed, after all.

  16. Hannah

    BitterSweet: I was so excited when I discovered Paris’ plethora of tofu/seitan/etc yummies – I’m still a bit sad I ran out of time before trying everything I wanted to!

  17. Louise

    Oh, Hannah have I missed the post refering to Blowing My Mind Biscuits? I need to know What, When and Where! And how did your mere like P&P in French? Fantastic gift idea BTW. So obvious once you mentioned it. And is the toe finally better now?

  18. Hannah

    Louise: Never fear, I’ve got your back! I’ll make sure to post about the blow-your-mind cookies before you leave (which is when, exactly?) Thank you for your positive reaction to my present for the mother – I started second-guessing myself after buying it, but I think she liked it! (Want to chime in here, the mother?)

  19. Louise

    Oh, much excitement out here in blog reading world. I’ll be eagerly awaiting the Blowing Ones Mind Biscuits post then. I leave 6/6! Only 20 shifts left at work, but that may give the impression that I am somehow counting down…. I’m sure Mrs Gums is too busy brushing up on translating “It is a truth universally acknowledged” back into the English from the French to be commenting on blogs. I wonder if it ends up like that English-Japanese-English song translation game on Spicks and Specks?

    1. whisperinggums

      LOL I have dipped into it and am surprised at how much I can make out – whether though I’d get all the wit and irony is another thing. Whether the translator has managed to capture the wit and irony is an interesting question too.

      I do look forward to your blog posts from OS, Louise.

  20. Hannah

    Louise: I’d be concerned if you weren’t counting down! I do enjoy that game on Spicks and Specks, although I think this week Juno on Channel 10 might win out over Spicks and SPecks on the ABC… And following on from what WhisperingGums said – you better give us lots of Paris posts of your own! 🙂

  21. Amber Shea @Almost Vegan

    Ahh…Paris, tofu burgers, cookies, and boys. You know, that may be all I really need in life.

  22. Hannah

    Amber: Amen, sister. How would your boy feel about moving to Paris? 😛

  23. Amber Shea @Almost Vegan

    Oh, he would do so in a heartbeat.

    So, action items:
    1) Win lottery.
    2) Express-mail Hannah a Vitamix along with a 1-way plane ticket to Paris and a key to the fabulous apartment in le Quartier Latin we can share.
    Easy! I’m on it ;]

  24. Hannah

    Amber: You are the wind beneath my wings.