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  1. Vaala

    Cool! Not just free chocolate, but amazing-sounding free chocolate right from it’s maker! Yeah, I’m jealous!! Plus you’ve gone to Whole Foods! Everything I read about the place (and hear from my brother in the US) makes it sound like the home of the gods!

  2. Lorraine @ Not Quite Nigella

    I’m sure he was more than delighted to talk to a pretty girl with an interest in chocolate! 😉

  3. whisperinggums

    Meanwhile, dog and mother were enjoying the peace of another day in Canberra …

  4. L-Izzle

    We are both doing so well at befriending chocolatiers. Go us!

  5. Simply Life

    Oh I love all the fun things you bought there – what is it about WF that makes it so fun to just walk through the aisles?!

  6. Hannah

    Vaala: You have a brother in the US? Get thee there! 😛 I do like Whole Foods but probably like the smaller gourmet/health food/deli stores even better. Like Garden of Eden in New York, or Integral Yoga in Charlottesville. Hours of wandering and poking around and emptying bank account fun!

    Lorraine: Awww! *blushes*

    Whisperinggums: I bet you were doing that when I was in hospital too 😛

    L-Izzle: Soon, we will take over the chocolate world.

    Simply Life: I think because it’s like heaven on earth? 😛

  7. Fiona

    I want a whole foods!

  8. Conor @ HoldtheBeef

    I’ve been there, rambling on to some poor salesperson because I’m in a rambly mood for whatever reason, realising full well that I’m rambling but seemingly unable to stop myself. Don’t think I’ve done it at Radio Shack, but there’s plenty of time for that in the future.

    So, plans to become the Australian Madécasse distributor? Eh? Or would that be too dangerous a turn of events…? 🙂

  9. Hannah

    Fiona: So say we all! Sigh.

    Conor: Teehee, I even apologised to the guy while I was rambling for rambling…. then kept rambling. My only comfort is I think my babbliness entertained him. Or he was just happily thinking about buying a meatball sub for dinner or something.

    That idea was floated by Tim and me… however, I would have no idea where to start, and I think I’d end up eating all the imports before I got them to any stores.

  10. Johanna

    want pumpkin pie donut (also want more energy to write more)

  11. Hannah

    Johanna: Short ‘n’ sweet gets the message across just fine 🙂

  12. Louise

    Again with the chia seeds. I’ll have to go on the great chia seed hunt of 2010. They’re just snacking things that you eat as is? And the pumpkin donut was awful? How fantastic though to meet the chocolatier. Sounds like a very interesting 45 minutes well spent.

  13. Hannah

    Louise: I answered about the chia seeds after you asked about them in the other post 🙂 They’re a bit too tiny to snack on as is – they’re probably about a third the size of quinoa? The pumpkin donut wasn’t awful, it was just more like dense cake than a donut. I wasn’t complaining! 🙂

  14. Amber Shea @Almost Vegan

    You got White Chocolate Wonderful PB?! EXCELLENT choice!

    And what a delightful chocolate-celeb meeting 😛

    PS—I’m still so very behind in reading your posts, but I WILL catch up post-haste!

  15. Hannah

    Amber: I miss you! 😉 White Chocolate Wonderful and Dark Chocolate Dreams (both of which I’ve had before), the Cinnamon Raisin one (new to me), Barney Butter (again, new), and PB Loco’s Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Peanut Butter (swoon). What’s that you say about restraint? 😛

  16. Amber Shea @Almost Vegan

    Oh man, you picked my two favorites ever—the white choc, and CHOCOLATE CHIP COOKIE DOUGH! I recently heard that PB Loco went out of business (::cry of anguish::) so you may have gotten one of the last jars!

  17. Hannah

    Amber: For some strange reason, I’m not surprised I picked your favourites 😀 But oh noes!! Out of business? That’s terrible! But I’m not that shocked, as they were almost impossible to find. In all my quite-extensive travelling around the States, I only ever found them at The Peanut Shop in Savannah. They needed wider distribution!