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  1. Conor @ HoldtheBeef

    Oh god my stomach did that gross somersaulty thing in sympathy for you. Can’t believe you got it back, that warms my cockles, truly they are warmed through.

    A couple of years ago I found a wallet in a supermarket (obviously put down while the owner scooped some nuts out of the bulk nut scoopy section) and there was noone around so I picked it up and walked around trying to figure out who to hand it in to. A guy rushed by looking stricken, then noticed what I was holding, gave me the biggest smile ever and then grabbed me in a hug! It was the coolest thing (he was a nice young guy not a stinky old man, I feel I should add here) being able to reunite someone with their seemingly lost belonging, so your relieved face has probably been a favourite image of the Trader Joe’s salesgirl too 😀

    Yeesh, long comment, sorry!

  2. theresa

    Oh no, what a terrible feeling. I’m so happy that you got it back. I lost my wallet once, in undergrad, and it took me 3 years before it felt like my new wallet was whole again.

    PS – life without a microwave is surprisingly pleasant. Andy and I didn’t have one when we first moved into our own place, and I was certain we would buy one ASAP. However, we’ve been nuke-less for more than three years now. It’s surprising how (1) easy it is to heat things on the stove or in the oven, and (2) pleasant cold leftovers are.

  3. Lorraine @NotQuiteNigella

    Oh thanks god it was there! What a nice girl, it’s little gestures like that that really make one feel like they’re glad to be part of the human race! 😀

    Good luck with the housesitting and being without the internet too! 😀

  4. Vaala

    I’m glad the wallet story had a happy ending…was feeling a tad anxious about it at one point! Seriously, I have no life!

    Um, are we going to see these chocolate covered sunflower seeds at some point ’cause this isn’t the first time you’ve mentioned them? Or have I missed it? I am impatient though…

    We don’t have a microwave at our flat either…you get used to it!

    Oh yeah, and I love friendly, chatty sales assistants when you’re traveling alone. Sometimes I just go shopping so I can talk to someone.

  5. Hannah

    Conor: Aww, sympathy stomach-churning, thank you! I actually would have loved to see my face when I got it back, and I can tell you with utter certainty that in your supermarket moment, that guy loved you deeply. And bring on long comments! I always go on and on in yours 😛

    Theresa: I feel like I’m going through your bad experiences a few years later – sick on plane, losing wallet (kinda)… maybe I’m due to find a fiance sometime soon then? 😀 I’m actually less fussed post-travel about the microwave than I would have been before. I’m very used to cold foods now!

    Lorraine: I need that luck! But I’ll be popping by the National Library most days, I think, for its wireless, and intend to buy mobile broadband soon. Until then – reading and Masterchef Australia! 🙂

    Vaala: That’s not a sign of no life, that’s a sign of being a wonderful caring lady 😀 Must admit, I was a bit anxious myself! Just for you, I’ll make sure to showcase the sunflower sesame seeds. And maybe the peanut butter chips and vegan carob chips too, if you’re lucky 😛 AAAAAND if you like chatting with friendly salespeople, you might really like the upcoming Whole Foods part of the story/day!

  6. Astra Libris

    I just discovered your amazing blog via Johanna’s Green Gourmet Giraffe, and I’m so glad I did! Your Edward Cullin comment on Johanna’s post made me smile and giggle… and your NYC posts made my smile and laugh lots more! 🙂 You’re a truly amazing writer!

    (I’m SO happy to read that your wallet was found – that’s the scariest feeling ever!)

  7. Tammy McLeod

    Glad you got your wallet back! and yeah for the girl in TJ’s.

  8. Lauren

    The only thing that got me through the first half of this post was the overall positive tone, thus convincing me that you must have found the wallet was in the end. Otherwise, PANIC!

    And I am so tickled by the wallaby reference, because if it were an American writing, it would’ve been a goat, or something.

  9. Agnes

    No internet?! Never mind almost losing your wallet – no internet!! How will you survive? 😉

    (Seriously, I was relieved to hear that you got your wallet back. PHEW!)

  10. Simply Life

    don’t you love it when people are nice in stores?!

    What is a Vitamix?!

  11. Hannah

    Astra Libris: Thank you so much! You’ve made me gloriously happy – I hope you come back! I think the only thing worse than losing my wallet would have been losing my passport… ugh!

    Tammy: Me too! Yep, I’m glad she didn’t pocket it 😛

    Lauren: Yes, you probably would have heard earlier on Facebook or something if I had indeed lost it! You have goat petting zoos?! 😀

    Agnes: Don’t joke – it’s really hard! It’s terrible that it is, but it is… I’m currently at the National Library for 5 hours to get at least some internet mojo back 😛 but am worried because I may not be able to get on at all tomorrow…

    Simply Life: Isn’t it some crazy-powerful American blender thing? I’m sure you’ll get one free soon 😛

  12. Louise

    Woah there nellie….11 comments and noone has mentioned jeggings! Maybe the rest of the world is totally up on jeggings, and already over them, but they haven’t even scratched te surface of notoriety in small town Oz. Not that we don’t have leggings (usually worn without anything over of course, leading to quite marked ocular pain). Is that piles of jeggings in front of the sign there? Am I to take it that these are actually leggings specially designed to look like jeans? Oh please god never let them be let loose on the unsuspecting Australian populace.

    I too am so pleased that you had a good luck story with your wallet. Things like that always give you such a high when travelling.

    And I’m also eagerly awaiting the actual pictures of chocolate covered sunflower seeds. They sound dreadfully exotic.

    Cute squirrel.

  13. Hannah

    Louise: I’m hoping everyone else reading decided that the jeggings were too horrific to acknowledge. They are, indeed, leggings made to look like jeans, and ought to be burnt en masse. Wowee, I didn’t realise the chocolate covered sunflower seeds would have such a following! But I have so many chocolates to catch up on, it may take a while for them to reach the blog-light of day… 😛

  14. Amber Shea @Almost Vegan

    Oh my god! I can completely imagine the heart-stopping, stomach-dropping sensation you must have felt, as well as the dizzying, almost intoxicating wave of relief. (Leaving Italy for Greece, I realized I’d “lost” a full 2GB photo memory stick containing all my pics from England, France and Spain. I had no choice but to ignore the sickening panic I felt and try to continue enjoying my trip. I can’t tell you the joy, and stupidity, I felt when, upon leaving Greece to return to Italy, I “found” the memory stick where I’d hidden it—stashed in my little sachet of tampons. Jeezus!)

    PS—The chocolate flavor of that coconut milk yogurt is divine! I had to try it, as I’d never had chocolate yogurt before, and it was good in the strangest way—the flavor of chocolate + the distinct tang of yogurt.

  15. Hannah

    Amber: I was so petrified about losing my photos – I had them all on memory cards as well as folders on my computer, just in case! Also, that’s pretty much the best hiding place ever. If I ever get given a memory card with government secrets on it, I’m going to hide it amongst female sanitary products.

    I didn’t try any of the coconut milk yogurts, sadly! I did have a mocha yoghurt from Trader Joe’s that had that same chocolate + tang flavour, but I liked Joe’s Matcha yogurt even better 🙂

  16. croquecamille

    How traumatic! So glad it all turned out ok in the end. And that you got TJ’s peanut butter pretzels. Nick always brings those back when he goes to the states without me. Now I want some. When’s his next conference…? 😉

  17. Hannah

    Camille: Too bad I didn’t know you loved these; I could have sent some to you along with the precious! 🙂