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  1. Johanna GGG

    bon voyage – hope there is a special bar of chocolate waiting for you at the end of the journey after all the crap airplane and airport food.

    I was waiting to hear that you had shrimp in the plane meal but it is probably fortunate that you didn’t – in our family we had various insults like helmet head, jason the basin and coconut heat tossed around.

    And as for the pigram brothers – I saw them at port fairy folk festival years ago – they were great – Aboriginal band from up north – and saw them on tv just recently on a current affairs story about a priest who worked in Broome Aboriginal community

  2. Fiona

    I’m one of those people who loves to see airplane food. What airline was it?

  3. Hannah

    Johanna: There will be if we count opening my suitcase as “the end of the journey”. I do hope it arrives home in one piece! Now, I get helmet head, but coconut heat? That’s beyond the scope of my imagination!

    Thank you for the info about the Pigram Brothers. Now that I’ve had two people recommend them, I’ll definitely look them up once I’m home (and in a fit state to do so). I have a feeling they’ll be right up my mother’s alley, too.

    Fiona: Swiss European (I think that was the name), codesharing with US Airways (I think…). I’m kinda fascinated by airplane food too – though get quite upset when people post about business class meals! Is it not enough that people in business class can actually, you know, move more than 7.2 milimetres in any direction?!

  4. Louise

    It always astounds me how Awful airline food looks. That buttered pretzel looks astoundingly horrible, but then every pretzel looks horrible IMHO.

  5. Ash

    Precisely what noise do you imagine prawns make? 😛

  6. Conor @ HoldtheBeef

    Good lord you were travelling with the budget version of the Kardashians.

    My mum once woke me up in the morning saying “Wake up conehead!” but this is more a bastardisation of my name than a description of my appearance. Honestly.

    The Pigram Brothers are sweet 🙂

  7. Hannah

    Louise: Just as well you’re travelling to Paris, not Germany, then! Or New York’s street corners, for that matter…

    Ash: Shwiffy-ooglue-pop.

    Conor: Except more clothed, thank heavens. My mother once woke me up by pulling all the sheets off my bed, so “conehead” sounds positively infused-with-love in comparison.
    Three ticks for Pigram now!

  8. Amber Shea (Almost Vegan)

    Yayyy, someone else besides me posting plane food!

    You met someone who works on Top Chef? That is utter awesomeness!

    PS—I’m monstrously behind on reading posts, but I’ll catch up, promise!

  9. Hannah

    Amber: I know, right? I did ask him if he needed an intern who’d happily work for free, but I think he thought I was joking… And I love hearing from you whenever you pop up – plus, my internet access may be dodgy for the next month, so I might not be as quick to read yours either :S