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  1. Emily

    Hmm frozen macarons – I’ve never heard of that.

    Loved the blow by blow description of the macarons (can’t be enough macaron detail in my opinion). But tell me, how was the McDonalds one???

  2. Amber Shea (Almost Vegan)

    I am sad to say I have NEVER had a macaron, so I can only imagine what these taste like…must find and try one soon!

  3. Iron Chef Shellie

    I would have also gone macaron crazy. Maybe I can beat your record when I eventually get over there again 😛

  4. Fiona

    Oh My God.

  5. L-Engineer

    So now, courtesy of Wikipedia, I know that a macaron and a macaroon are two different things! Now, I want a macaron!!!

  6. Lorraine @ Not Quite Nigella

    hehe first of all I love the word obfuscate too! I want to sign off some post or emails as “Obfuscately Yours” (except that’s not a word really) 😛 Secondly thankyou for the shoutout! yes I do love a Tesco’s bannoffee pie (please try one, please! ) . And thirdly and most importantly, 66 macarons? Bravo! I’m sure that contributed to you getting better so quickly too and yes you’re right, that would have cost a pretty penny buying them from a patisserie. I also love the simple flavours-my favourites were apricot and also jasmine! 😀

  7. Conor @ HoldtheBeef

    I had no idea they could be found in the freezer section. This is very handy knowledge for when I visit that part of the world. You do realise you’re potentially responsible for a spate of sudden onset type 2 diabetes across the globe as we all try to outdo your 66 though right?

  8. croquecamille

    Your problem with the Fruits Rouges macaron is the same as my problems with most macarons. Sadly, they just don’t do it for me. And yet, I sometimes feel an urge to make them. I haven’t yet, but who knows when I’ll give in?

  9. Hannah

    Emily: It does sound more like something you’d find in America, not France, doesn’t it? 😛 I must say I didn’t stoop to the Macca’s ones. Something about the stench of old oil made me uninterested…

    Amber: Nor had I until this trip, although I’ve watched them take the blogworld by storm this past year! They do contain eggwhite, but maybe they could fit into one of your non-stressy-not-quite-vegan meals?

    Shellie: Do it! That’ll give me an excuse to rush back to Paris and try and beat *your* record. 😀

    Fiona: Is that about the macarons, or the fact I ate 66 as well as all the fondant cakes, cheeses, and patisserie treats?

    L-Engineer: Yep, they aren’t those coconut haystacks of yore! I’d offer to make some when I’m home, but apparently they’re hell-beasts to bake…

    Lorraine: If you ever email me, I expect it to be signed off in that way 🙂 I actually did have a Tesco’s banoffee thing in London, but it was more mousse/ice-cream-like… it was good though! And if you like apricot, make sure you stay tuned for Part Two!

    Conor: Then I’ll be able to die safe in the knowledge of having made a difference in the world 😛 (Actually, it’s funny you say that – a family friend who trained as a doctor has told me to get myself checked for diabetes, because of the toe issue…)

    Camille: I have to say, I never really felt whizz-banged by the macarons, which is why I didn’t bother with fancy patisserie versions! It was more a novelty-while-in-France-and-hey-new-flavours-and-pleasantly-sweet thing. Somehow, I do think you’ll succumb eventually to creating your own little feet-ed biscuits 😉

  10. Nazarina A

    This experience was like stumbling upon macaron heaven! I was magnetically drawn to all those macaron photos!I especially loved the chocolate ones which reminded you of a brownie!
    Nice to make your acquaintance!

  11. Hannah

    Nazarina: Thank you for stopping by! I’m glad you liked the photos, particularly as the lighting was so terrible. I think the photos in the next lot will be better, if you come back at some point… 😛 And the chocolate one was surprisingly good!

  12. Amber Shea (Almost Vegan)

    Egg white schmegg white. A little bit of baby chicken placenta never hurt anyone 😛
    I’m probably the meanest vegan ever…

  13. Pat Churchill

    Macarons are on my to-do list… But I have to be in the mood for baking.

  14. Hannah

    Amber: Oh, you make me giggle. And simultaneously say “ew”… placenta?!

    Pat: And for a baking endeavour that takes ages to complete, what with the mixing, resting, baking, cooling, filling… you’ll be a better woman than I when you get around to it 😛

  15. chrisjexchiqita

    You made my mouth water! I’m getting my own macarons fresh from Paris tomorrow – I can’t wait!!

  16. Hannah

    Chrisjexchiqita: And you’ve reminded me I need to write the second part to this! I bet your fresh macarons will be more stupendous than my supermarket ones… I hope they’re deliciously, spectacularly wonderful for you!

  17. chrisjexchiqita

    Thank you. I will be waiting for that 2nd part!

  18. Hannah

    I’ll do my best to get it up in the next few days then 🙂

  19. b

    66, in 2 weeks. You think that’s a big deal??
    I eat more than that in 2 days when I visit Paris. Last fall I brought home 50 licorice macarons from LaDuree and ate about 30 of them in 2 hours — I couldn’t stop.
    Not bad for someone very slim with only 9% body fat.

  20. Hannah

    B: Wow, I bow to the macaron master 😀 I didn’t get around to trying Laduree’s macarons, but I’m definitely a fan of the licorice flavour 🙂

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