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  1. whisperinggums

    Now that looks amazing …

  2. L-Izzle

    Oh pistachio cake. Ohhhh dear lord pistachio cake. Get in my mouth immediately. Oh god I cannot bear this Hannah.

  3. Vaala

    Wow! That cake looks incredible! Oh man, I love how you write. Makes me laugh even on dreary days! Especially that post where you talked about some of the art you saw…it’s actually making me laugh just thinking about it!

  4. Lauren

    Mmmm. I <3 pistachio (and that Bailey's bar from the other day, yummm).

    I spent a day in Bruges on a whirlwind 12-day trip to France in high school. I remember going truffle crazy — unfortunately you're not into truffles, because they're EVERYWHERE — and talking to a waiter who said he hated living in Bruges.

  5. Lorraine @NotQuiteNigella

    Mmm I love the way you made us feel like we had a bite of this along with you! Food porn at it’s truest state Hannah! 😉

  6. Louise

    Hannah, you surprised me, I had picked the chocolate extravagance in the middle of your picture as more your style. But your selection looks amazing. I don’t know that I could have attempted it because of the startling green. Maybe I will be braver in Paris because of your valour in Belgium?

  7. Simply Life

    I love the festive green desserts!

  8. Helen (grabyourfork)

    Oh my, such deliciousness. I love that there were so many aspects of flavour and texture. A winner indeed! And much more intricate and lovely than the measly description proferred! lol

  9. croquecamille

    That looks and sounds fantastic! I do need to get to Bruges. And I do need to bring you a cake…

  10. Hannah

    Whisperinggums: It was okay, I guess 😛

    L-Izzle: Well, you’re in cahoots with The Curious Chocolatier, so maybe we’re even? (Not really, because I’ve got more deliciousness like this coming up :D)

    Vaala: Oh gosh, if I’m able to brighten a bad day, that’s just mind-boggling and makes me, in turn, so happy! I have to say that writing this can often be a great distraction from my own dreary days.

    Lauren: Yes, for all the hype about Belgium and chocolate, I didn’t really go in for any of it. It all looked so touristy… but I have had some lovely truffles here in Paris. P.S. Hope you’re surviving mid-terms okay!

    Lorraine: Really? Oh, that’s fantastic to hear! I wish you could taste it!

    Louise: That’s the contradiction of me: I actually am not interested at all in chocolate desserts! And each time I try, I’m reminded why. And yes, be adventurous in Paris!

    Simply Life: Me too!

    Helen: For once, the language barrier made things ultimately better! 😀

    Camille: Yes! For one day, two days max 😛 And I definitely wouldn’t say no… in fact, I’ve been meaning to pop by and ask you which you’d recommend 🙂

  11. Ash

    Love your use of “kapowed” there 😉

  12. Hannah

    Ash: If only I could have worked that one into my thesis! 😀

  13. BitterSweet

    Oh, such gorgeous pastries! One of my favorite things to do while traveling is poke in to all of the fancy patisseries and see what’s in their cases. It does kinda suck that these lovelies are never vegan, but I can still appreciate them as one might enjoy an art exhibit. 🙂

  14. Hannah

    Bittersweet: Sometimes they really can be like artworks! And I can spend far longer wandering around patisseries and grocery stores than I can at actual museums… 😛 I have just discovered some amazing flavoured tofus here in Paris though, which is wonderful! Now, if only my hostel had a kitchen.

  15. Elizabeth

    Oh wow! that is one of the most beautiful and mouth watering things ive ever seen! And its green – but not putting me off at all. you are so lucky to have eaten that! Im surprised you remembered to take pics!

  16. Hannah

    Elizabeth: Sometimes it seems more like I have to remember to eat the food after taking all the pictures 😀 And green is the colour of vegetables, so green foods are good for us. Obviously.

  17. Rizka

    oh my…. that cake looks sooooooo heavenly! very mouth watering!!

  18. Hannah

    Rizka: And luckily, it tasted just as good!

  19. Amber Shea @Almost Vegan

    Wow! What a feast for the senses. That entire spread of pastries is mouthwatering. I would probably have never chose what you did, and look what I’d have missed! Much more than meets the eye.
    So you’re a pistachio fan, eh? I’m told the best way to judge a gelato shop is by its pistachio flavor, incidentally.

    An atheist attending mass is a beautiful thing—you must have brought the IQ of the room up by at least 20 points 😛 (Ouch! I hope no one religious reads that and gets super-offended…)

    Oh, and who WOULDN’T be attracted to a young lady with pastry adorning her lower half?!

  20. Hannah

    Amber: My guess is whatever you’d chosen would have been at the least *almost* as good! I wish you’d been with me – we could have gone halvsies!

    Talking of gelato… was the place you raved about in Florence called Grom? Two girls just recommended it to me.

    *laughs* snap! Oh, I do feel you and I shall be great friends 😛 Though the IQ thing is questionable, seeing as I speak no other languages!

    And clearly, this is why I’m still single. I haven’t been wearing dresses made of croissants and tarte tatins nearly enough.

  21. croquecamille

    I third the GROM recommendation. There’s one in Paris, but it costs twice as much as in Italy. 🙂

  22. Hungrytowner

    Hannah, I didn’t know you were so funny! The “Oh, look at the sky… what shall I have for lunch today? Doo-de-doo…” made me laugh out loud. Just the photos of all your about-to-be-consumed meals are funny.

    And your turn-any-phrase-into-an-adjective-with-the-magic-of-hyphens sentences are usually hilarious, not to mention grammatically “correct”.

    I loved “Run Lola Run” too, and think of it every time I see Franka Potente in the first Bourne movie yet again. Strange choice for your family’s first video though!

  23. Hannah

    David: Thank you so much – please inform me if I ever do start messing up my grammar! 🙂 It was an odd choice, but I believe Dad had a small selection to choose from at the place he bought the DVD player from, and he lived in Germany and speaks German, so there’s the explanation! I probably would have chosen a Gene Kelly musical or a Disney movie 😛

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