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  1. theresa

    I love pastries and will go to the Louvre, meet you there in a jiffy!

  2. Iron Chef Shellie

    Never seen “EXTREME” chocolate… should I be eating it whilst bungie jumping? 😉

    1. L-Izzle

      No, no, nonono, no. You’re meant to set your hair on fire, THEN eat it.

  3. Kath Lockett

    I’ve had the ‘endangered species’ blocks before, but never the 88 per cent.

    Note to self – must find it at local delicatessen. Last time I walked past there Julia Gillard was at one of the outdoor tables sipping coffee!

    Enjoy Paris….. Last time I was there was way, waaaaay back in 1991, on my own. I swore at the time that I’d return someday with the guy I married. Still on the ‘to do’ list. Paris, not the guy.

  4. croquecamille

    What impresses me about the Theo 91% is how smooth and non-tongue-smackingly astringent/bitter it is. I kind of expect that from extremely high-percentage chocolates, but this one is just pure rich chocolate intensity, like you said.

    How about Monday for some Paris exploring?

  5. Hannah

    Theresa: Turns out it might be easier for us to meet back in Australia – I may not be here in Europe much longer!

    Iron Chef Shellie and L-Izzle: And put scorpions down your pants. Don’t forget the scorpions.

    Kath: I’ve never seen the 88% available in Aus – only the raspberry and blueberry ones, I think. Let me know if you find a wider range somewhere!

    Camille: Yes, it’s wonderful how it isn’t at all chalky or dry! Monday sounds wonderful – though we may have to take it a bit slowly. I might just do a bit of an update post now.

  6. Fiona

    Those pics a so porny 🙂

  7. Hannah

    Fiona: Not as porny as they have been, but that makes sense, as I took these photos ages back!

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