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  1. Erica @ Fashion meets Food

    Heyy!! Just found your blog and I absolutely love it!!!

    Have a fabulous weekend!!

  2. CarryingOn

    I feel the reason you cannot write about this play is that the brilliance of Alan Bennett speaks for itself. It is needless to add more (though I think its just swell that you did mention it). I have been declaiming his awesome for years and will continue to do so until there is no-one left in the world to listen to me. Probably one of my top 30 at least London moments. Seeing as my only real agenda item in arriving in the UK was to see this play (and possibly crash tackle Richard Griffiths and drag him onto the stage if we were surprised by any cast changes) I feel it guaranteed my travels would be a success. Totally worth getting up early for. And staying out past 4. wouldn’t you say?

  3. croquecamille

    Sounds great!

  4. Lorraine @ Not Quite Nigella

    Hurray for Hannahs and Happy Birthday to her! Sounds like the plays were very thought provoking indeed 🙂

  5. Simply Life

    sounds like a fun experience!

  6. whisperinggums

    Wish I could write about something I found hard to write about as cleverly as you do! Oh, and we’ve just returned from our wonderful Diana Krall concert. ‘Twas a 2 hour drive each way, and what did we listen to but BBC-4’s gorgeous dramatisation of of Alan Bennett’s witty and clever The lady in the van. Its cast includes Adrian (someone) playing Alan Bennett, and Alan Bennett playing Alan Bennett. He clearly likes playing with concepts of reality and fiction, art and reality, and much in between. I am looking forward to reading this book when it arrives in the door (which it should any day now)

  7. Gabriela (froyolover)

    Wow – delicious eats!
    I´m sure that was quite an experience!
    I´ve just found your blog, and I´m loving it, so far 😉
    Have an amazing Sunday, girl!
    Brazilian XOXO´s,

  8. Hannah

    Erica: Thank you so much! This was a pretty heavy-going post to start off with, too 😛

    CarryingOn: I agree with you on all matters, as is our norm. But I must add that I would pay ridiculous amounts of good money to see your try and crash tackle Richard Griffiths.

    Camille: It certainly was a day of fun!

    Lorraine: It’s always great when shows make you laugh *and* think in new ways. And hopefully my fellow Hannah has received your message by now 🙂

    Simply Life: It was rather wonderful!

    Whisperinggums: How amazingly fitting, because guess what? Adrian Scarborough was in The Habit of Art too! (He looked really familiar to me, so my guess is he’s been in a lot of British shows?) Can I read The Lady in the Van when I get home?

    Gabriela: Thank you! I hope you find more to enjoy here too 😀 And have a wonderful Sunday yourself!

    1. whisperinggums

      Yes you may. L-Engineer was sure the voice was someone else, but it was certainly a voice he recognised. Scarborough was also in Gosford Park, Elizabeth the Golden Age, to name a few other films besides the one CarryingOn mentioned.

  9. CarryingOn

    Adrian Scarborough has appeared in a few of his plays I think and was also in the film of the Madness of King George. Definitely one of English televisions finest character actors so you are bound to have seen him in something. And I could totally (try to) crash tackle Richard Griffiths. I think I am going to hunt down copies of Pie in the Sky and become a complete fan girl. Its years since I saw that show.

    Oh Whispering Gums – Diana Krall – how was it? I quite like her though it constantly surprises me she is married to Elvis Costello. If they ever toured together (which I doubt would happen) I would be there in a shot because I would just want to see what their reasonably diverse music styles would blend into. I feel it could be rather awesome.

    1. whisperinggums

      It was great … I will probably write a brief blog, though not a proper review on it later today. With some, not great quality pics! You are welcome to check it out.

  10. Hannah

    CarryingOn: I told you I tried to get my Year 10 yearbook photo to be of Richard Griffiths in Pie in the Sky, right? I’m still cranky that they wouldn’t let me, even though other people got to put celebrity faces as their own image. And now I’ll open the floor to Whisperinggums…

  11. Vaala

    Ooo, I love live theatre. Sounds like the play was pretty good. Feeling nostalgic now ’cause I haven’t been to the theatre in ages. The closest I’ve got in recent times was seeing a stage show of Nation that had been filmed to be seen at the movies. Hmm, that was harder to describe that I expected!

  12. Hannah

    Vaala: That’s another crazy coincidence; did you know that Nation was playing, and filmed for your live showing, at the National Theatre where we saw The Habit of Art? If I’d stayed in London for another week, I would have tried to see it too. Did you enjoy it?