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  1. Kelly

    I just read your comment on Tina’s blog and I can’t believe the Starbucks are gone from Australia. Back when I was studying abroad there I visited several of them! I think I would’ve cried if I couldn’t have my vanilla lattes for that whole six months. I’m sorry you are living without them now!

  2. L-Engineer

    Have you got so much chocolate in that suitcase of yours, that you can’t remember where it all came from???!!!!!!

  3. L-Izzle

    Sigh. When nibs disappoint? It breaks my achy-breaky heart. They are absolutely useless if not show-stopping. Humph.

  4. Toby

    wow. I need one now.

  5. Hannah

    Kelly: To be fair, we do have Gloria Jeans, which I believe serves similar drinks! Where in Australia did you study? I guess I’ll just have to buy some coffee syrups and make my own 😛

    L-Engineer: More that there have been so many chocolates in between that the memory is not always immediately precise… In reality, I’m almost out of suitcase chocolate. The horror!

    L-Izzle: It does make for a sad day. But luckily, there have also been nib-tacular show-stoppers in recent months 🙂

    Toby: I wish I could send you one!!

  6. Simply Life

    gosh, you make my crave chocolate even at 8am 🙂

  7. Hannah

    Simply Life: Don’t worry! It’s 2pm here, so you’re completely fine with craving (and eating) chocolate now! 🙂

  8. croquecamille


    It’s amazing how different nibs can taste – back in the States, a food blogger organized a nib tasting at the bakery where I worked. We tasted the nibs, and then bars made from said nibs, and other bars from the same regions. It was fascinating, and played a big role in my chocolate education. I did feel a bit ill for most of the afternoon, though. 🙂

  9. Hannah

    Camille: There may be a search on your blog for “tomacco”… I suddenly freaked myself out that I’d only imagined the reference and went on a searching-to-justify-my-comment hunt 😛 Hmm, that was tautological, wasn’t it?

    Onto more important matters – nib party?! That is entirely heaven. Better than just a chocolate tasting, by far!

  10. Lorraine @NotQuiteNigella

    Oooh hubby would love this one! He loves slightly bitter tastes. Nice packaging too! 😀

  11. Emily

    Yes this looks awesome. I just grabbed some chocolate out of my desk and hoed in, not great for mid-morning.

    BTW @ croquecamille – on chocolate tastings – I did a tasting a while ago at Monsieur Truffe in Collingwood, Vic. We tried some nibs as well as a range of single origin chocolates. I absolutely love them and find it so interesting how different different chocolates from different regions taste. I just ate some 74% from the Dominican Republic which (according to the tasting notes) has hints of black tea and mild tobacco with orange flavours and a long lasting finish. I’m not sure my palate can quite pick out all those flavours though!!

  12. Hannah

    Lorraine: Hopefully one day he’ll try it! But I think a few of the other nib bars I plan to review could be even better for him, if he likes the slightly bitter… 🙂

    Emily: As a sociologist (well, someone who’s written a thesis in Sociology…), I can say with certainty that mealtimes are socially constructed and that one can, and should, eat chocolate at any moment of the day! 😛 (I certainly do. Chocolate is great for kickstarting the day!)

    And it is amazing when you discover that cacao tastes differently depending on origin, isn’t it? I’ve come to figure out that I usually don’t much like chocolate from Madagascar (too tangy/fruity for me), but love those from Ghana (wonderfully earthy). But I’m still envious of you people doing nib tastings!

  13. Jill - veganbackpacker

    You’re giving me chocolate cravings I can’t satisfy while visiting small towns in northern Argentina. It’s fabulous to read reviews from the perspective of someone who is so infatuated with chocolate. I can’t wait to read more 🙂

  14. BitterSweet

    It is surprisingly difficult to find a really good chocolate that incorporates whole cocoa nibs. I don’t know why- You’d think that it would necessarily mean higher quality ingredients… Ah well, this still sounds pretty darn good!

  15. Hannah

    Jill: I’m sorry that you can’t satisfy the cravings right now, but I’m super glad my blog can make you want chocolate 🙂 It’s so nice to have people like my chocolate obsession, not just think I’m crazy 😛

    BitterSweet: The chocolate was good enough to make up for the lacking nibs! I think the best nibs + chocolate bars I’ve had are by Askinosie, though I’ve had another few great ones that I intend to review eventually!