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  1. theresa

    I have never heard of tonka beans, but I’m not surprised that it is banned in the US — it wouldn’t be the first time random food products are considered poison there, while they are completely acceptable elsewhere. Case in point, stevia. In that instance, there is a theory it is to protect the US sugar industry. I wonder what industry the tonka ban is trying to protect???

  2. L-Izzle

    Sighhhh. I love the sound of both of these. Pistachio – when treated properly and respectfully – is one of my favouriteeee things (ie. good pistachio gelato? oh lord yes. bad, neon green pistachio gelato? a tragedy).

  3. L-Izzle

    ps. I would very much like to know if there’s a “bad way” something can remind you of melted butter on toast. In my experience, melted butter on toast is fail-safely delicious and wonderful, always always alwaysssss! And so the moment something reminds me of it, I am happy as a clam. And clam with very high cholesterol 🙂

  4. Lorraine @NotQuiteNigella

    The Academy of Chocolate? Is there a cooler place to learn at than this? 😛 I should think that you would qualify for a position as a judge Hannah! 😀 This does sound divine I have to say and pistachios are one of my favourite nuts!

  5. Lauren

    I love pistachios! I love milk chocolate! GET ME TO LONDON IMMEDIATELY! As my Chinese teacher once said in an email about buffalo wings, “It makes me salivate.”

    First looks good, too, but since je suis americaine and all …

  6. Johanna GGG

    how exciting that you are in UK – wish I had your dedication and could recommend some chocolate – the only one I remember from my recent visit was one I got in sainsburies with figs in it which was good – but reading through all your posts makes me need to eat chocolate and it is just the right temp here for it to be gooey and warm to eat – good temp for chocolate but not for humans!

    Wasn’t it masterchef that made shops sell out of tonka beans in Australia – I know someone gave them a little bit of publicity and everyone went nuts over them – I didn’t but I do find your review intriguing

  7. croquecamille

    Yay! It was good! I was interested in trying that Tonka bean one – I’ve spent many years building up an immunity to iocane popwder – until you mentioned cinnamon. It’s the one flavor I simply can’t enjoy with chocolate. (Well, there are probably others, but of the flavors commonly paired with it…)

  8. Simply Life

    wow those pictures make me want chocolate NOW! =)

  9. Hannah

    Theresa: I’m pretty sure Stevia is available in the US now, at least? And maybe it’s the vanilla bean industry? Although that would be protecting places like Magagascar, wouldn’t it…

    L-Izzle: Aong with whiskers on kittens? Also, cholesterol, schmolesterol. We can worry about that when we’re 80.

    Lorraine: Why thank you! If you ever come across such a job listing, do let me know! 😛

    Lauren: I didn’t know buffalo could fly. Also, I would eat all the tonka bean chocolate in the world to keep you safe.

    Johanna: I’ve been keeping an eye out for the vegetarian haggis you mentioned, to no avail (though I do recognise that Scotland is not, in fact, England). Mmm, gooey chocolate… do it!! I’d forgotten that about masterchef and tonka beans! Was it an Adriano challenge?

    Camille: OMG PRINCESS BRIDE I LOVE YOU. “We’ll never survive!” / ” Nonsense. You’re only saying that because no one ever has.”

    Simply Life: And if all my blog does for this world is make people want/eat chocolate, then I’m a happy girl.

  10. Louise

    I don’t know quite what’s wrong with you people. I’m sure it’s the extreme vagaries of youth, but one can’t think of tonka without toys. I’ve not heard of any other use for Tonka besides toys. I’m intrigued now of course having checked out Tonka beans on wiki, and learn that they are a natural source of warfarin. I do love how you can learn random useful facts (I’ll use this one day) almost anywhere. BTW I had a reasonably unsuccessful trip to Belconnen Markets the other day. Although I did buy a chocolate with nibs because (shocked sharp intake of breath) I’ve never had any nibs before!

  11. Hannah

    Louise: Tonka trucks! I must say I never had one myself, for despite not being a huge girly-girl I still tended towards Barbies. (At least there were no Bratz dolls in my day.) Also, I do hope your nib adventure is a pleasant one! What company made it? And are you planning more chocolate-scavenger hunts before you leave Canberra?

  12. Louise

    The nib bar is Cocoa Camino White with Nibs. I’m sure you’ve had it. I haven’t eaten any of the Canberra haul as yet. I’ll be interested to hear your thoughts, on them. I’ll let you know when I do photos- and eat some, I haven’t even eaten any yet! I was disappointed though not to find any that you’d blogged about here.

  13. Hannah

    Louise: I actually haven’t, but I know the one you’re talking about because I always intended to try it! Unfortunately most of what I review here are chocolates I’m buying overseas… but maybe I’ll dig through my photo archives and do some reviews of chocolate we *can* find in Australia! Can’t wait to see your reviews 🙂

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