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  1. Theresa

    Shame about the chilli chocolate, though the balsamic sounds good. I make a mexican chocolate cake with balsamic and cinnamon, and it doesn’t taste like balsamic. It does, however, have a certain sumthin’ sumthin’ that white vinegar does not impart.

  2. L-Izzle

    I’ve tried the Thorton’s chilli one too, and completely agree – perfectly nice dark chocolate. And if they had marketed it as “Perfectly Nice Dark Chocolate” I would have been completely fine with the situation. But they didn’t. They told me there would be Chilli. And I could not detect even the slightest trace (and I have a reaaaallly good imagination). It actually made me feel like I was perhaps going insane. And that is not how chocolate is supposed to make you feel!!
    (unless it’s insane with PLEASURE AND JOY!!!)

    Anyway, if you’re missing your artisan chocolate bars, definitely try to get yourself in to some health foods/organics/wank stores in the UK. That’s where I tended to find the best/most interesting chocolates, rather than in supermarkets or even smaller independent grocery stores. Oh and delis proved very useful too. I wish I could remember the names of some of the bars/brands I ate while I was there, but alas, I was too busy digesting to take notes.

  3. Iron Chef Shellie

    Balsamic? Well that IS different! What will be next? Sesame oil? hehe

  4. Lauren

    Sounds like balsamic vinegar consumed under the influence of MAGIC BERRIES!

  5. tasteofbeirut

    I am usually a purist when it comes to chocolate but the one I adore above all others is the Lindt Chili Chocolate. Have you tried it? definitely some heat and so much smoothness.

  6. Lauren

    Upon further review, “miracle fruit” is the generally accepted term.

  7. Lorraine @NotQuiteNigella

    Oh no, how disappointing! 😮 I always get upset when I don’t get the flavour that I want. One really common flavour that places screw up is pistachio which they usually flavour with almonds 🙁

  8. Hannah

    Theresa: Hmm, maybe that’s balsamic’s skill, then? Just imparting a little more depth and roundness? Love the sound of the cake, too!

    L-Izzle: I don’t know whether to be relieved or sad that I didn’t just get a dud bar! I’ve popped into a few health food stores but haven’t found much (one great thing)… perhaps Oxford will bring me more luck?

    Shellie: THAT IS BRILLIANT! I’m so hoping to find a sesame oil chocolate now, I think that would be delicious!

    Tasteofbeirut: Ahhh, I think we would get along splendidly! I got my Mum hooked on Lindt Chilli, so we always have several bars of that in the cupboard at home! It definitely has some nice heat and butteriness!

    Lauren: I’d forgotten you’d tried those things! Still envious!

    Lorraine: So you’re pretty much psychic right now 😛 But you’ll just have to wait… (And at least there’s that Vestri post to look at, in the meantime :P)

  9. croquecamille

    Maybe they are, in fact, using really good balsamic… the really good stuff can have all those flavors you described: port, nuts, cherry, etc. Sounds really good.

    Does that last comment mean you tried the “lightly salted pistachio and milk chocolate,” and that it wasn’t good? I hope that’s not the case! 🙁

  10. Hannah

    Camille: Perhaps! I think my experience with balsamic has mostly been the mid-level variety – not horribly cheap and acidic, but not your centuries old Modena, either!

    And shhh…. all will be revealed. (Sooner rather than later, I suppose, now that at least two of you have displayed interest in pistachios!)

  11. Kristy

    I love the sound of the balsamic one!

    Btw, we posted a list of reviews for cafes etc in London that may or not be useful here:

  12. Hannah

    Kristy: The more I think about it, the more I like it! And fiddlesticks, I remember reading that post of yours, and I completely forgot to hunt for those places! I might be back in London for a day or so before flying to Europe (currently in Oxford), so will have to try and hit Pogo, at the very least. That knickerbocker glory looks o-mazing!!

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