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  1. Iron Chef Shellie

    I love how they divided the chocolate. I would be hogging all the bigger pieces 😉

  2. whisperinggums

    The divisions seem a bit unfair to me. Do two of the top left squares equal the second down from the right do you reckon? Hmm, maybe closer to the third down from the left is closer (and fairer!). Way too stressful. Stylish looking though.

  3. Lorraine @NotQuiteNigella

    I think we can get this here so I’m going to try it if I can! It’s got to be one of the prettiest bars unwrapped! 😛

  4. Brenda Van Niekerk

    looks divine, must just make sure that I get one of the bigger blocks!

  5. Ash

    Is it physically possible to break this bar as divided, or does the prettiness end up with less-pretty broken bits?

  6. Louise

    What a gorgeous looking thing. I don’t think I’d like it but I would love to try it. I love the divisions and pattern. Clearly not designed for use by children, too much squabbling about who has the biggest piece.

  7. Hannah

    Shellie: Not if I got to them first! 😀

    Whisperinggums: You know I stopped doing maths in year 11. You’re hurting my head.

    Lorraine: It is gorgeous! Might I recommend the Guanaja, though, if you’re going to splurge on one of these? It’s widely considered one of Valrhona’s best, and even I would probably opt for that one over this, in a pinch!

    Brenda: Good approach! 🙂

    Ash: From memory, I’m pretty sure it broke along the lines fairly well, but I think I had to concentrate on doing that a little bit 🙂

    Louise: Yes, I think my brother would have taken the bigger pieces, thereby leading me to squeal out that wonderful five syllable “Muu-uu-uu-uu-uum” noise that children do so well!

  8. croquecamille

    Valrhona is always good. My personal favorite of the Grands Crus might be the Caraïbe 66%… Not sure if I’ve tried the Abinao yet!

  9. Hannah

    Camille: I had great trouble tracking down the Caraïbe in the US, so sadly haven’t had it yet. Would definitely love to compare it to the Abinao and the Guanaja though!

  10. BlackLab Puppies

    I stumbled onto your blog and read a few post. I like your style of writing.

  11. Reg

    Hi! I recently also had this bar and posted a review on a non-public FB album.

    Just like to say I used your first photo and linked the credit to your blog. 🙂

    1. Hannah

      Thanks for the credit, Reg! It’s awesome that you did the polite/proper thing 🙂