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  1. theresa

    lulz, I love the caption on the vampire wine. DC looks like it was fun… I was born there, but didn’t spend nearly enough time in that city while I lived in the US.

  2. whisperinggums

    Great photos, great captions … love the poodles. Never seen a such a terrier-looking poodle in my life before but it sure is cute.

  3. Simply Life

    Looks like a great market!

  4. Stef @ moretolifethanlettuce

    so many things i love: DC, crepes, and markets! lucky girl!

  5. Hannah

    Theresa: It was lots of fun, particularly as this time (weeks after my earlier photos) I was with someone from Ashburn who knows DC well! But wait a second, what are you saying… are you not one of the legions of ladies with an RPattz shrine hidden in your house? 😛

    Whisperinggums: Thanks. I know of a cuter poodle though 😉

    Simply Life: It is – and there’s jewellery, groceries, a flea market and all kinds of knick-knacks there too!

    Stef: It’s the DC trifecta! 😀 Definitely a fun experience!

  6. Lauren

    Hey, remember, you were the DC Insider *and* the Parking Lot Insider! We would have never found the car without you.

    And for more fun, check out the popular DC Interns blog, where fellow interns like Ms. “It’s-where-all-the-DC-insiders-hang-out!” made regular appearances:

    Note: All Capitol Hill interns wear bright flashy red badges, which they display proudly (and with a gross sense of self-importance) at inappropriate moments.

  7. Lorraine @NotQuiteNigella

    LOL at that “women’s business” sign. I do love a good crepe, do you know what that mystery sauce was?

  8. Hannah

    Lauren: Ah yes, my Washington Insider status! Also, I shall never forget being the one with the innate sense of where we parked. It has never happened before, and I fear it never shall again.

    P.S. That “shotgun” post is hilarious.

    Lorraine: I lied, Lorraine, I lied! It wasn’t a squirty sauce of savouriness at all! It was maple syrup! *hides face in shame* So, do you think you’d love a ham, apple, muenster cheese and maple syrup crepe? (Personally, I think the crazy Japanese crepes with ice cream, fruit, cream, cheesecake, and fruit all in one are more intriguing :P)

  9. L-Izzle

    That establishment could only be improved by being named “CREPES AT THE MARKET!” with capital letters and an exclamation mark. Or, even better, “Crepes! At the Market!”
    Or “Crepes? At the market.”
    Or “Crepes – At the Market??”

    …wow…so many possibilities. I love punctuation so much :'(

  10. Hannah

    L-Izzle: Don’t we all. Now I’m regretting not putting up one of my other crepe stand photos. I shall transcribe, in exact detail, the sign that made me want to post it in the first place:

    HOT !!!!

    I particularly like the liberal use of exclamation marks at the beginning and the lack of them at the end. It’s almost like the crepe people are leaving the choice of what to “grab” to their customers.

  11. Theresa

    What can I say, I don’t go for poorly written and thinly veiled religious novels featuring angsty teens — vampires or not. Though I did see the first movie on a flight between QLD and England, and thought it was pretty ordinary…

    To be honest, I’m surprised the vampire wine isn’t a red.

  12. Hannah

    Theresa: *laughs* Touché! I laughed throughout the entire movie, particularly the part where Bella’s hair wafts in the breeze from the fan and Edward pulls the most ridiculous face.

    Oh dear no. No no no. I took that photo and wrote that caption as a complete joke off the top of my head, but look at this:

    I feel dirty.

  13. Theresa

    Well naturally. The white is maybe for vegetarian vamps.

  14. Hannah

    Or the under-age ones?

  15. Amber Shea (Almost Vegan)

    I’ve bought that wine! The Merlot, though. And though I bought it at Halloween time for the novelty of the name/label, I ended up really liking it. I’d drink it again.

  16. Hannah

    Amber: Oh golly. I can hardly blame you – I probably would have bought it as a joke if I’d had an opportunity to use it. Am saddened that it was good, though. 😛 (And yet I’d buy Butterbeer in a heartbeat, if I could.)