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  1. theresa

    For my birthday in November Andy got me a raw chocolate bar with lime and cayenne. It was really yummy, but I could only handle it in little bits because the cayenne was so spicy. Would be a delicious enchilada sauce though, too…

  2. L-Izzle

    It’s so….pretty! Aw! I just want to look at it forever!

    Looking at their website, I love the sound of the passionfruit & tangerine bar. And I definitely support your purchase of their salted bar (is it the Prairie Dog?? Or the other one? Both sound wonderful), despite your currently-overdosed state. They sound fabulousssss.

    And oh, how I understand your feelings — it brings me such joy to know I have dragged down poor innocents into my web of gluttony. It’s so nice to have company on treks around markets/grocery stores/delis/whatever. And then to have somebody to rant and rave at! (ie. you)


  3. Ash

    Oooh, pretty. I thank you for reviewing this chocolate, as I don’t think salted chocolates are for me (although maybe they could be…?), but I think this one definitely is!

    Some progress made on “Anna Karenina”, by the way. I’m now at a stage when I want to know what happens next, other than “Must. Keep. Reading.”

  4. croquecamille

    Love a good chile chocolate, and the lime sounds like an interesting counterpoint. Maybe I should try to convince them I should make this ganache at work. Ha! That was a hilarious joke, if you know how ultra safe-and-boring French they are.

    Pudding sounds good, though…

  5. Hannah

    Theresa: What did you think of the raw chocolate itself (and what brand was it)? I’ve had a few raw chocolates, and have had mixed feelings. Would love to try something that has the Theresa-tick-of-approval!

    And I shall await the enchilada recipe with anticipation 😉

    L-Izzle: That’s what you say every morning into the mirror, right? 🙂 Funny that you’d choose the only bar I wouldn’t! I’d be interested in the passionfruit part, but I’m not a tangerine/orange-esque fan. Also, L-Izzle, this is me we’re talking about – I got the dark chocolate Salty Dog version, not the milk chocolate Prairie one!

    Ash: You really would like the salted flavour, I’m sure. Most of the time, the salt is just a subtle element that heightens the flavours of the chocolate – think of how most chocolate brownie/cake recipes have “a pinch of salt” in the ingredients; it’s about bringing out the flavours that are already there. End didacticism. 😛 I’m glad I”ve found something up your alley, though!

    And hurrah for enjoying Anna Karenina! Once you get your head around the multiple names for the same people, it’s wonderful. Though brace yourself for the farming passages towards the end.

    Croque Camille: Perhaps you could just accidently spill some chili flakes and lime juice into the ganache, and then blow your unsuspecting boss’ mind? I mean, the French are huge with adding salt to sweets, so chili isn’t too far a stretch, surely… I have faith in you! 😀

  6. Lorraine @ Not Quite Nigella

    Chilli and lime is a very interesting sounding combo I have to say. We tend to get chilli by itself in chocolate. And hypertension. Is it bad that that has never crossed my mind? 😛

  7. Rilsta @ My Food Trail

    Wow, what an interesting flavour combination! I tried the chocolate/chilli combo but can’t say I like it! Nice looking chocolate though!

  8. Hannah

    Lorraine: Yes, I’ve yet to come across a “chilli and…” chocolate in Australia. If only I had chocolate tempering skills, I’d consider starting my own chilli and salt chocolate franchise. Alas! I fear I’d eat it all before being able to badger stores to stock it.

    Hypertension is just one of those old wives’ tales anyway, like how you’ll get gangrene if you cut your hand between your thumb and pointer finger, or that you should put bicarb in the water when cooking greens to keep them “fresh-looking”…

    Rilsta: It definitely was interesting! I must say, there are definitely some chili chocolates I prefer over others… the Lindt Excellence is quite a good one to start off with, as the chocolate itself is very sweet. And in the US, there are lots that come with the addition of cinnamon, which ups the delciousness quotient! P.S. Thanks for stopping by!

  9. theresa

    The raw choc I had was RAWganic, and I think it’s good, but it’s no silky dark chocolate. It is rich and bitter and very tasty, but the texture is a bit less creamy than non-raw. But it’s softer, which is good for Townsville since we have to keep choc in the fridge here!

  10. Hannah

    Rich and bitter and tasty are all winners in my book. I’m going to keep an eye out for those when I get home – the hibiscus and lucuma one looks fun!

  11. croquecamille

    Thanks for the vote of confidence! 🙂

    Actually, the thing about bicarb is true… kind of. Adding a base (all good pastry chefs are chemistry nerds at heart) to the cooking water will keep greens greener (and black beans blacker – I do this one) but they can easily go an unappetizing blue-green and turn mushy and slimy. So I don’t advise it.

  12. Hannah

    Croque Camille: I do pep talks too 😀 Also, if only that worked both ways, and all chemistry nerds were also pastry chefs…

    I’m actually interested in what you’ve said there, as I’d heard both sides – that it makes the greens stay green, but also that it turns them to mush. Is it just a matter of judging the cooking time correctly?

  13. croquecamille

    I think it’s a matter of how much base you add. It does something chemically, breaks down the cell walls or something, which releases the chlorophyll (?), keeping it green, but also causing the mushiness. Anyway, if you keep the cooking time short enough, the greens will stay green no matter what! 🙂

  14. Hannah

    Thanks Camille! But yes, I think I’ll stick to cooking my veggies just to “crisp-tender”, or whatever the chef terminology is! I just don’t have the science in me to mess around with cell walls 😀

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