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  1. L.Methysta

    Yay! OMG! I actually made it in an entire post! Whoo hoo! 😀
    Yes, yes, I know, it’s so hard to be able to talk as much as I do. 😛 Phew! Really, I give myself a work out for sure! LOL!

    LOL! “bereft of Biltmore” Oh, you’re so clever. 😉 But, yeah… sorry, no Biltmore… :”> Another time perhaps. 🙂

    Haha! Yeah, yeah, no catching guys’ eyes in Asheville. They’re only distractions, heehee. 😉

    I still enjoyed our foray into organic supermarketing! That was fun and interesting! 😀 AND we went to a spa together and watched Avatar together! Yay!! 😀

    But yes, I had an absolutely wonderful time as well and can’t wait to create more memories at a later date! Whee! 😀

  2. L-Izzle

    May I just say that your curls are looking particularly exquisite in this post.

  3. Theresa

    Funny, I just (literally 40 minutes ago) had a conversation in the tea room about how Aussies don’t talk as much as the rest of the world… so maybe her talkativeness was particularly noticeable to you, a quiet Australian?

  4. whisperinggums

    Oh, I love the pretty horses… but do want to know about the cocktail and the rum. I know there’s white and dark rum but would love to know what this cocktail was and why it was wrong. Looks like it was being enjoyed nonetheless!

  5. Helen (Grab Your Fork)

    I remember I couldn’t help but titter as I entered Harris Teeter but then I’m sad like that. haha.

    The Slave Museum sounds very sobering. I still remember the episode of the Amazing Race where they stood in tribute under an archway in Senegal – very moving.

  6. Lorraine @NotQuiteNigella

    Charleston looks lovely and the Slave Museum I have heard is a must visit. And Mr Bottom? Do tell! I guess that’s tomorrow’s story 🙂

  7. Hannah

    L.Methysta: You realise that you just proved everything I said about you, right? 😀 And I’m always happy to show another person the wonders of organic supermarketing. ‘Tis bliss.

    L-Izzle: Thank you ever so. Your comment is balm to my heart, as my hair has been distinctly non-cooperative lately and seems to think that “fluffy” is the way to go. Sigh.

    Theresa: That may have something to do with it, though I would never have thought of Aussies as being less talkative! Then again, I haven’t really lived anywhere (besides the US) long enough to tell. However, I do think L.Methysta is particularly awe-inspiring with her vocal abilities!

    Whisperinggums: I think if we’re being honest, it was less a “bad” rum than something L.Methysta had had a bit too much of at one point and subsequently isn’t as enamoured of now… 😛

    Helen: I always feel my heart puff up with happy when I enter new grocery stores – or, indeed, when I return to old favourites. I may or may not have jumped up and down in the aisle of Integral Yoga Natural Foods yesterday upon re-finding one of my favourite local tofus from the Charlottesville area 🙂

    Lorraine: Charleston was lovely – I adore the architecture of Southern homes. Glad to hear I have one eager listener for the Mr Bottom story (though now I fear being anti-climactic!), but I do believe it’s time for a chocolate post next!

  8. L.Methysta

    Haha! Of course I did! I’m all about proving people right! 😀 Or something. 😉

    Don’t worry Theresa, it’s not just Hannah. I have a long running reputation for being talkative. It’s my hallmark trait, whether that’s a good or bad thing… :”>

    Oh yeah! No, no, it wasn’t the rum at all! LOL! (which was Coconut Malibu by the way. Which is one of the light rums 😉 ) It was the tequila!!! LOL! And yes, that was a bad trip, but it was Sauza anyway (Blech), which is one of the cheapest and worst tasting of the tequilas in my opinion (I’ve been spoiled by tequila from Mexico, so that also might have something to do with it too, lol.).

  9. Iron Chef Shellie

    Looks like you are having fun!
    I’ve never heard of rooibos tea, but just wiki-ed it and it sounds yum!

  10. Hannah

    L.Methysta: Thanks for clearing that up. I really don’t know my hard liquors at all!

    Iron Chef Shellie: I’m having a wonderful time, though already panicking about being almost done with the American part of my travels!

    You should definitely try to find some rooibos tea – it’s caffeine free but has a delicious nutty, woodsy and sweet taste. I think I first tried it because it’s what the main character in Alexander McCall Smith’s Ladies Detective Agency series drinks! 😛

  11. L-Izzle

    Oh Hannah….OHHHH HANNAHHHHhh. Your Ladies Detective Agency fandom has made me love you even more. MORE THAN I THOUGHT POSSIBLE!

  12. Hannah

    L-Izzle: Can I be expecting a big sparkly non-blood diamond upon my return? Perhaps dropped into a glass of bubbly?