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  1. Carrying On

    fantastic shots. I hope you are up for a repeat “cultural experience” in the UK. I love Churches. You know what, I was hungry but your salt n vinegar crick-ettes have spoiled it. Are they really crickets??

  2. Carrying On

    Oh P to the S – nice change of home page art. Loving the personal touch.

  3. L-Izzle

    oh oh, hannah(s)! you wouldve loved my UK trip. 90% of it was spent in churches and grocery stores. it was fantastic.
    (oh, and being chased and almost gang-raped by a herd of bulls. but whatevz)

  4. Carrying On

    Kind of a new meaning to being at one with nature.

  5. Lorraine @NotQuiteNigella

    Ooh Moon Pie! I had one once at the Rattlesnake Grill in Sydney and it was so good that my friends and I vowed to try and make it again one day. We haven’t but thanks for reminding me!

  6. Hannah

    Carrying On: Absolutely up for more churches – churches, theatre, supermarkets, literary haunts – our fourfecta.

    And yes, real crickets. I picked up and put down the salt and vinegar ones four times before chickening out. I think I might have tried them had I had somewhere there to do it with! (They were sold in a candy store. Crazy.)

    And thank you for noticing the change of banner! I hope it’s okay…

    L-Izzle: Your magnetism knows no bounds, obviously. Old men, young men, bulls… I’m almost scared to be around you myself.

    Lorraine: I was mighty tempted by the peanut butter flavour (of course), but they also had banana, strawberry, and a few others… If I hadn’t just eated rather a lot of praline samples at the candy store down the road, I would have bought a box. Ilrook forward to seeing a Not Quite Nigella version on yoru blog soon! 😀 (Along with cucumber water… brilliant juxtaposition, surely!)