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  1. L-Izzle

    I would SO, without a doubt, eat that Kid Cuisine. And probably love it.
    (this is what I meant when I told you my tastes seesaw between absurdly high-brow and TRASSSSSSSH)

  2. Johanna

    great squirrel pic – v v cute and snowy

    I think the wallaby yoghurt must be made out of authentically Australian wallaby milk – ha ha

    And sadly the kid cuisine is probably magical to kids – trash made me excited as a kid which only depresses me more as an adult – why didn’t broccoli excite me!!!

  3. Lorraine @NotQuiteNigella

    LOL I love your squirrel photo! And what a great award that is, I think everyone would wnt to win that award! 😛

  4. Lithe lianas

    Maybe they use ‘Downunder’ to differentiate between ‘Ausrtalia’ and Austria’. I understand there appears to be some confusion still between the two nations.
    Anyhow loves all your pics.

  5. Hannah

    L-Izzle: I believe you would. I’d be tempted, for blog purposes… but then again, I really don’t understand how microwaving a jello/mousse/pudding concoction could possibly work.

    Johanna: I know what you mean – I probably would have fallen for the “color changing sprinkles” as a little’un! I do, though, remember liking brussel sprouts, at least until my Mum stopped letting me eat them leaf by leaf with my fingers. Love them again now, of course 🙂

    Oh golly, I wish that were the reason for the name! I’ve had some delicious, thick goat’s milk yoghurt here, but I think wallaby milk might be a bit of a stretch for mainstream America!

    Lorraine: Isn’t it just? I’m so honoured to have won! 😀 I also have a photo of this fellow after he dug around underneath the snow and popped up with dirt all over his face 😛

    Lithe Lianas: Although I’ve heard that that confusion may still exist, I’ve yet to come across it myself. But I cannot count on my fingers the amount of times people have asked if I’m from England. Wrong hemisphere!

  6. Jonathan Fisher

    Haha. Hannah, yours is just about the first travel blog I’ve read that is consistently funny and interesting.

    Keep it up, sister, ‘cos you’re an inspiration to the rest of us! 😛

  7. Hannah

    Jonathan: Thank you!! Really 🙂 For the next 24 hours, you shall be known in my head as Mr.MakeMyDay.

  8. whisperinggums

    After what Jonathan has said, what more can I say except keep them coming.

  9. Charlotte

    That Christmas tree is beautiful!

  10. Louise

    Oh ho. Excellent food for thought here Hannah. Am intrigued about the Wallaby Yoghurt, especially in the very non-Oz Dulche De Leche. I googled the company and seems the owners were impressed by our yoghurts. Which makes sense I’m usually disappointed in the yoghurts when I travel, even NZ with traditionally very good dairy products has Terrible yoghurts.

    The kid cuisine looks truly tragic but is a reason that I head straight into supermarkets whenever I travel. Such profound differences in the everyday (more on that peanut butter stuff in another post)

    I think the Austria/Australia confusion is the only reason for the Down Under section in the wine store.

    And congrats on worlds best squirrel photo.

  11. Hannah

    Louise: Yes, I thought the Australian name + American company + South American Flavour = a wonderful juxtaposition of cultures. Also, it’s wonderful to have someone do my research for me 😀 I’m pleased to hear Australia has good yogurts – there are certainly some that I enjoy, but we do have our fair share of the icky liquidy kind too! And we do fall far behind the US in terms of flavour range. (Although I was pleased to find a company that sold Rhubarb + Apple, Fig, and Prune yogurts, particularly as they didn’t capitulate to the current trend of calling prunes “dried plums”.)

    Supermarkets are my favourite thing to explore while travelling! Other people can keep their museums and statues – drop me off in a supermarket and I’ll be happy for hours. I love how, as you say, they give you insight into how people live.

    I’m thinking I should make myself a medal, as well as an award, for that photo… 😀

    1. whisperinggums

      Mr Gums and I also love visiting supermarkets when we travel…we still haven’t forgotten seeing Frozen Rattlesnake in a Supermarket Gourmet section in Virginia, way back when. And, of course, the supermarkets and convenience stores in Japan are an endless source of fascination.

      1. Hannah

        Oh, Japanese convenience stores. Love. I want a Mont Blanc right this second.

  12. Hannah

    Charlotte: Isn’t it? I’m just sorry that my exhausted state prevented me from getting a clearer photo!

  13. croquecamille

    Color changing sprinkles? Yikes. I think kids could be excited about real food if we stopped trying to feed them cartoons.

  14. Hannah

    croquecamille: I really think so. I don’t remember ever having a problem with vegetables (or “real food” for that matter) growing up, and I’m pretty sure it’s because my parents never made a big deal about them – they were just something else on the plate, and we all ate the same thing every night.

    Also, supporting your idea, in Australia we just don’t have anything quite like this, nor the plethora of sugary cereals that are advertised so strongly here! (I still always reached for the Coco Pops on vacations, though – the one time we were allowed them :))

    1. whisperinggums

      Just to clarify … I think Wayfaring Chocolate means everyone in the family ate the same meal (ie not different meals for different people) NOT that every night’s meal was the same as every other night’s! I’m just saying ….

  15. croquecamille

    We usually had “real” food, too, and the whole family would sit down to dinner every night. Of course we had junky food every now and then, but generally it was something wholesome and from scratch.

    1. whisperinggums

      But of course … there must be a little junk food in everyone’s lives. How else do we know what isn’t!

    2. Hannah

      I do think, though, you’re right about marketing and advertising aimed at kids having a lot to answer for!

  16. Ash

    LOVE the squirrel photo! But am devastated that my own travels have me far behind in keeping up with your blog. (Why is it that you have better access to the internet while overseas than me while I’m in Tasmania? Oh, wait, Tasmania. I get it. *:P to all Tasmanians, and lovers of Tasmania*. I actually think it’s a lovely place.) Will catch up soon, I promise 🙂

  17. Hannah

    Hurrah, I’ll be looking forward to comments from you then 😀

    But I don’t think you should *really* blame the Tasmanians… 😛 I think it’s more that free wifi is all but ubiquitous in America in a way it isn’t in Australia. Every hotel I’ve stayed at has had it, coffee shops have it, Borders has it… makes it easy!