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Glimpses of Washington, DC, Part One

Logan Circle Park, Washington DC

Snow pretty. Snow also scary and dangerous when walking on iced-over footpaths wearing summer-appropriate sandals. (Oh, and this is Logan Park Circle.)

Gospel Concert at the Kennedy Center

Bad photo; nice memory. Free gospel concert by Isaiah Thomas and the Elements of Praise at the Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts.

Dolls at the National Museum of Natural History

None of my childhood dolls were ever quite as cool as these. Not even Sleepover Barbie, though to be fair I did mess up the ice-water gimmick and got her eyes stuck halfway between open and closed. Which was creepy.

Diamond necklace at National Museum of Natural History

She must have been very good at her job. (Hall of Geology, Gems and Minerals at the National Museum of Natural History)

Grind your own chocolate peanut butter? Yes please.

Run for your lives! Or the winning photo, by David F. Bezold, in the Zoos and Aquariums category of the Nature's Best Photography Awards, on display at the National Museum of Natural History.

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  1. whisperinggums

    Great shots … though must admit almost none of it accords with our pictures of DC!

  2. Lorraine @NotQuiteNigella

    I love the idea of griding your own poeanut butter but when you add chocolate to it, well it becomes a must do then! 😛 Great pics!

  3. Hannah

    Absolutely, Lorraine! Though honestly, I don’t think anything will ever beat the Peanut Butter with Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough, by PB Loco, that I found in Savannah and ate in a matter of days…

    Whisperinggums: I guess we all have different priorities when travelling, but I can’t really blame you for not coming face-to-face with a mountain lion 😛

  4. L-Izzle

    You have no idea how much I want my own personal peanut butter grinder in my kitchen. And one in my living room. And one in my bedroom. And another in my car.

    And wow, I really need to reconsider my career options…I could definitely handle some of that hooker bling!

  5. E.TeacherLord

    I have also had a few run ins with iced over footpaths. We can trade war stories sometime.

    Also, I’m too lazy to grind my own chocolate peanut butter. You can do it for me.

  6. Hannah

    I think we should brainstorm a Wallace and Gromit-style through-the-house contraption for optimum chocolate peanut butter delivery and enjoyment. Who’s with me?

    L-Izzle, are you suggesting receptionist bling isn’t everything I’ve heard it was?

  7. L-Izzle

    Did you hear it’s constructed out of paper clips and staples? If so, you’re spot on.

    And yes, definitely with you. I’m actually just about to head out on a peanut butter purchasing expedition.. if only I could acquire peanut butter from the comfort of my own home!

  8. Hannah

    But my dear, you can! It’s called “the internet shopping”, and it’s a dangerous beast.

    (But someone has a jar of PB Loco flying towards them right now, doesn’t she? :P)

  9. L-Izzle


  10. whisperinggums

    Lunching at Calibre yesterday – as you (or we, anyhow) do – I noticed that I was being watched by The 3rd Eye! ( ) I immediately thought of you – but no, it was only their video surveillance. What a shame!