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  1. L-Izzle

    bahaha..old ladies love me too. well. hmm. some love me. the ones who love me REALLLLYYYY love me. and the ones who don’t? uh, they really don’t. kind of like in high school…people’s parents either ADORED me, wanted me to move in, or despised me and cursed daily my existence and role in their child’s life. i don’t know why i bring out people’s inner bipolar lunatics.

    (old men, on the other hand, are consistently fond of me. and for that i thank them)

    your life is so great. frozen peanut butter dairy treats do not feature highly enough in my life. sighhhhh.

  2. LEngineer

    Now is that crocodile hunter Steve Irwin, or is it Paul Hogan of Linda Kozlowski and Crocodile Dundee fame, that’s the question!

  3. Hannah

    Definitely Steve Irwin – I confirmed. Plus, I’m yet to come across anyone who is referring to Paul Hogan, for which I am grateful.

    Maybe, L-Izzle, the people who love us are also giddy snack-lovers who pick up on the vibe? And it’s not just old men who love you – need I remind you of your recent formal date with a 15-year-old?

    P.S. The ice-cream was non-dairy, in fact, but utterly delicious regardless.