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  1. jessiet1

    Have you thought of a career as a chocolate reviewer? You could then move on to wine reviews (as long as you didn’t drink two bottles a day.)
    Love your blogs.

  2. L-Izzle

    Chocolate malt milkshakes! Hooray! That excites me far more than it should.

    PS. today i bought some interestingly-flavoured handmade truffles at the Bus Depot Markets. I thought of you, and all the fun we could have in a little tasting party, and felt a little bit sad. But then I realised that, given a small bag of them cost me $20, I’m pretty glad I don’t have to share 😀

  3. whisperinggums

    Knew you were tricking us but a trick like that didn’t even cross my mind…hope the void goes through and you don’t have to traipse back to the shop and waste precious Savannah viewing time. Cute ring but!

  4. whisperinggums

    NB, you might want to check your SCAD link – it didn’t work for me.

  5. Hannah

    Link is fixed – thanks for letting me know.

    I should have guessed a chocolate review would bring you out of the woodwork, L-Izzle. I shall endeavour to do more, so that I can hear more from you 🙂 I wish you were here; I have so much chocolate that I really wouldn’t mind someone’s help getting through it all… who were the truffles made by?

    Chocolate reviewer is pretty much my dream job – however, I feel I may bore people if I turn this into a purely chocolate-focused blog!

  6. L-Izzle

    haha gosh I’m predictable. I really have been reading all along….it’s just that I mostly feel that I have nothing particularly useful to contribute. not that “YAYAYSYYAYAYAY OH MY YUMMYYyyyYYY YAY!!!” is particularly useful. but ya know.

    and truffles =

  7. L-Izzle

    replying here ’cause he’ll see it if i post on facebook….. i decided to give angus the truffles as part of his christmas present. he enjoys wacky chocolate as much as i do, so i thought i’d let him be the guinea pig. i got him a bag that has one of each flavour (both of the traditional and weird range), so if he deems them worth the money, i’ll get myself some to try out!

  8. Hannah

    I resent your implication that the entire world doesn’t read my blog. 😛 I too shall look forward to hearing if they’re worth it, although I’m really not a truffle person myself – I’m all about the bars.