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  1. Amy

    Tash and I had a good giggle upon reading this and you were worried about you toe slowing you down

  2. E. Fashionista

    sounds like you have a fan…. 🙂

  3. E.TeacherLord

    I can’t believe you just tricked me into watching poker face again. You will be getting nothing but a lump of coal from me for Christmas this year.

  4. Hannah

    Amy and Tash: Yes and no – sadly I was grounded today because of a flare-up (which also, combined with constant rain, forced me to miss that jazz tour you went on and that I’d already paid for…) Funny, I just emailed Tash the link to the blog, but I forgot you might tell her at work!

    E.Fashionista: Why didn’t I think of that? I bet he’s right now composing a personal ad reading “New Yorker Seeks Antipodean Power Walker”.

    E.TeacherLord: Be careful what you say, otherwise I’ll be keeping your gift myself instead of posting it.

  5. jessiet1

    Well your toe hasn’t slowed you down has it -even in socks and sandals (hope the socks are warm ones.) Have only just caught up with your blogs and we both enjoyed them – even if we did get a bit lost over eight pages that didn’t have a blog per page. So much to talk about I’ll email you. Whisperinggums and Mr Gums seem to be surviving. XXOO

  6. whisperinggums

    What a nice boy waiting for his Mom at the grocery store! You must have stood out – was it the purple sandals and socks?? – for him to notice you.

  7. Hannah

    I’d say it was the way the purple sandals and socks matched the purple fuzzy beanie with the flower on it. After all, New York is the city of style.