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Countdown to Departure: 2 Days to Go

I should be packing. Or compiling a list of the last-minute purchases to be made tomorrow. I should probably not be watching Glee and the special features of Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog. (As an aside, you should go and watch that right now. It’s online, for free, at that link. Do it.)

However, I have done some vitally important travel preparation, such as transferring all my friend’s mobile numbers into Skype, so that I can call them at inappropriate times of the morning and blame it on getting confused about the time difference, and printing out directions from my hostel to Garden of Eden, Whole Foods, and the cheap Broadway ticket sales office near Times Square. If it weren’t for this silly toe and its post-surgery state, I’d also be working out distances to shoe stores, but alas, alack, I shall have to avoid the temptation of buying heels this time around.

Regardless, I now feel confident that even if I forget to pack a toothbrush, my camera battery charger or, you know, pants, I’ll still be able to find artisan chocolate and people who shall sing and dance for my amusement. And really, what more could a girl want?